Headache especially in forehead. Headache in forehead with sense of pressure, fullness, vertigo, drowsiness, nausea, eyes red, and glistening, head feels large, aggravated by stooping, noise, heat, motion, looking at shining and glistening object; photophobia. Tension and pressure in left vertex and in forehead. Tensive pressure in left temple and forehead. Throbbing headache in forehead. Throbbing in head, in forehead, in temples, in vertex, in occiput, worse when moving, better when sitting still, lying and from pressure.


Type: Nervous. Neuralgic. Congestive. Catarrhal. Uterine. Gastric. Rheumatic. Arthritic. Hysterical. Migraine.

Location: Forehead. Occiput. Vertex. Brain. RIGHT SIDE. Left side. Sides of head. Temples. Right temple. Above eyes. Above right eye.

Character of pain: Boring, digging, burning, bursting, crushing, cutting, drawing, jerking, lancinating, pressing, shooting, sore, bruised, stitching, stunning, tearing, pulsating, throbbing, hammering, blinding, intermittent, dull, aching, splitting, distentive, excruciating, stabbing.

Causes: a current of air: Chill; cold; concussion; cutting hair; heat; intellectual labour; abuse of opium; overheating; abuse of spirituous liquors; suppressed catarrh. Abuse of coffee.

Extension: Extends to back, forehead, jaws, occiput, above root of nose, behind eyes, neck, down back of neck, temple to temple.

Aggravation: Morning: morning in bed; noon; afternoon; 3 P.M., 4 P.M. to 3 A.M. evening; from cold air; from draft of cold air; open air; on ascending steps; after bathing; after cold bathing; from beer; while bending head backward; binding up the hairs; blowing nose; clothing about the neck; from coffee; from becoming cold, from getting cold on head; from taking cold; from concussion; from suppressed coryza; on coughing; after cutting hair; during dentition; on descending; after eating; after excitement of emotions; from becoming heated; after mechanical injuries; after intoxication; from jar; from light; working under gas light; from looking upward; while lying; before menses; during menses; from mental exertion; from motion; from noise; every day; from suppressed perspiration; during pregnancy; from external pressure; from lying; from sitting; in school girls; shaking head; after sleep; sneezing; from spirituous liquors; from heavily stepping; from pressing at stool; after pressing at stool; stooping; straining eyes; summer, exposure to sun; while talking; from tobacco; from touch; from walking; while walking; from walking in open air; while walking rapidly; while warm in bed; in warm room; warmth; from washing head; in cold weather; from getting cold; from wetting head; from wine; from bright object.

Amelioration: Open air; while bending head backward; binding head; on closing eyes; cold application; leaning against something; while lying; lying in a dark-room; external pressure; lying; sitting; after sleep; walking in open air; warm room; wrapping up head; lying on painful side with head high. During menses.

Attending Symptoms: Heavy, drooping eyelids, and blindness or flushes of light before eyes.

Flushed face, hot head, sense of burning in the eyeballs. “Intolerance of light and noise.”.

Vertigo, stupefaction, partial loss of sight, redness of face, cold feet, roaring in the ears, partial deafness, dilatation of pupils.

Pulsating carotids, face pale, cold, vomiting, eye itself is often bloodshot and there is much lachrymation..

Takes cold from every draught of air, especially when uncovering the head.

“First blind, then unconscious.” Heat hot, feet, cold.”.

Sleepiness but cannot sleep.

Great restlessness with sudden starting.

Ill humour, with paroxysms of rage with desire to cut or tear things or to stab some-one, “mild temper, blue eyes, blonde hair, delicate skin, and mild complexion.”.

“Women where the menses are early with bright red blood. Pressure as though all the contents of the abdomen would issue through the genital organs, especially felt in morning.”.

Stiff neck, delirium.

Symptoms: Aching in orbital region with redness of eyes and face.

Intense headache, aggravated by light, noise, motion, contact, by moving eyes and when coughing.

Headache relieved if hair hangs loosely, aggravated if it is done up.

Frontal headache, better sitting or lying, returning on rising; but on going into open air forehead seemed pressed in by heavy stone.

Headache worse from draft of air, in open air.

Headache pressing asunder.

Headache relieved by bending head backward.

Pain as if brain were pressing toward forehead, better bending head backward.

Violent throbbing in brain from before backward and toward both sides, this throbbing terminates in painful stitches.

Headaches better from covering.

Headaches better when sitting up.

Frequently obliged to stand still when walking from violent pain in forehead, at every step seemed as if brain rose and fell in forehead, brain relieved by pressing strongly on forehead.

Headache above orbits as though brain were pressed into a smaller space obliging him to close his eyes.

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N C Das