Dimness before the eyes, ringing in ears, sense of relaxation in stomach, better eating, drinking, worse coffee, or the pain is half-sided, in one of the frontal protuberances or close to the side of the glabella near the supra-orbital ridge or in one of the temples, sometimes extending down into the bones of face. The pain is of a pressive, screwing throbbing nature, and is always preceded by general indisposition.


Aggravation: Morning; morning on waking; afternoon; evening; night; night on waking; after midnight; loss of animal fluids; ascending steps; binding up the hair; after breakfast; during eating; after eating; excitement of emotions; fright; grief; jar; light; lying; lying on painful side; mental exertion; motion; moving head; music; noise; external pressure; reading; in school girls; sexual excess; shaking head; after sleep; stepping heavily, staining eyes; while talking; touch; turning head; walking; warm room; changes of weather; cold weather; meditation; rest; on side lain on.

Amelioration: Open air; bending head backward; lying; wrapping up head; motion.

Attending Symptoms: Anaemic condition.

Individuals of originally strong constitutions, which have been weakened by loss of animal fluids, by excesses, violent acute diseases, discharges, or a long succession of violent emotions, inability to think, hairs turn gray early, especially after grief or sorrow.

Blurring of vision.



Symptoms: Headache usually from behind forward.

Constant headache which compels to lie down, worse to an insupportable degree by the slightest commotion, or by noise.

Cramp-like and hard pressure in head worse by pressing on head, turning head, meditation; going upstairs, midnight, in the part which presses the pillow.

Tearing headache, lancination in temples or above eyes, stitches over on eyes; jerks, shocks, blows and hammering in head.

Drawing pains in bones of occiput.

Pains as if temples were crushed together, worse shaking, noise, crushing headache, pressure on top.

Dull headache after coition, from eye strain.

Headache of school children.

Pain with blurring of vision.

Pains disappear during vacation and return when studied are resumed.

Headache from occiput forward; better lying down, worse from least shaking or noise especially music.

Pain in head worse on side lain on.

Occipital headache and pain in nape of neck from neurasthenia.

Headache of school children and young ladies, diarrhoea.

Dreadful pain on top of head as though the brain were crushed, after long continued grief; for youths who grow very fast and slender.

Headache, crushing weight on vertex, from long lasting grief, or exhausted nerves; in occiput and nape usually from behind; worse motion, noise, music, better lying.

Headache of school girls from eye-strain or overuse of eyes; of students who are growing too fast.

Type: Chronic. Periodical. Paroxysmal.

Location: Brain. Occiput. Vertex. Forehead. Right side of forehead. Left side of forehead. Over eyes. Over left eyes. One side of heat. Temples. In a small spot.

Character of pain: Bursting, throbbing, boring, drawing, shooting, hammering, cramp-like, intermittent, pressive, blinding, pulsating.

Causes: Suppressed menses; suppressed skin eruptions.

Aggravation: Morning; morning in bed; morning on rising; morning on waking evening; after midnight; cold air; ascending steps; coughing jar; lying on side; mental exertion; motion; every other day; every seven days; every fourteen days; after sleep; stepping heavily; pressing at stool; suppressed eruptions; talking; changes of weather; exposure to cold wind.

Amelioration: Wrapping up head; perspiration; motion; mental exertion; epistaxis; after eating; during eating; cold application; bending head; washing; breakfast.

Attending Symptoms: Hungry during attack.


Nose bleed.

Dim vision or blindness.

Black spots or rings before eyes.

Red hot cheeks and nose.

Great anxiety.

Formication in head.



Coldness and dryness of mouth and lips.

Symptoms: Awakens at night with pain as from blow on head.

Chronic headache, hungry during attack with vertigo.

Hammering pains, brain feels too large, worse change of weather.

Dull pressive pain in occiput.

Headache; chronic, at every change of weather; awakened from sleep with pain; hungry during headache; better while eating, by washing, by nosebleed.

Headache, preceded by dim vision or blindness or black spots or rings.

Is always hungry during headaches.

Headaches from repelled eruptions, the pain is preceded by spectres, by dimness of sight, and spots before eyes.

Congestion of blood to the head with red hot cheeks and nose, with great anxiety, every afternoon, after dinner (during pregnancy).

Fullness in vertex as if brain would burst, with formication in head and flickering before eyes, afterwards very deep sleep.

Pains as if brain had not enough room in forehead when rising in the morning; better after washing, eating.

Peculiar pain in occiput, as if a piece of wood were lying on back of head, from right to left.

PAin like hammers striking the head from within outward; worse mental work.

Headache and eruption increase in changeable weather.

Headache in evening with eructation.

With thirst, coldness and dryness of mouth and lips, intermittent, spasmodically contracting as if a hammer were beating in head; as if everything would protrude though forehead towards evening.

Fullness during mental labour; congestion of brain; better, nosebleed.

Pain in sinciput worse in temples, steady mental exertion; better motion, especially in open air, worse morning, evening; better washing, breakfast.

Always hungry during headache.

Headache worse changes of weather.

Headache from suppressed menses, better by nose bleed.

Headache better by eating.

Discharge of pus from the ear, with headache.

Morning headache with pressing in the forehead, with stupefaction, vertigo and soreness of the eyes.

At night (1 A.M.).

Sensation as if one received a heavy blow on the forehead, awakens him.


Type: Neuralgic. Chronic. Tubercular. Periodical.

Location: Forehead. Temples. Brain. Vertex. Neck. Occiput.

Character of pain: Burning, piercing, band-like sharp, cutting.

Causes: Study; eye strain.

Extension: Neck to forehead, right eye to occiput.

Aggravation: Reading; straining eyes, in school girls; study; slightest mental exertion; when using eyes in close work; 10 to 3 p.m. every afternoon; morning; every seven days; every 14 days.

Attending Symptoms; Obscuration of sight.


Bleeding of nose.

Swollen lids.

In the morning.

Tubercular history.

When well selected remedies fail to ameliorate.

Cold feet.

Symptoms: Deep brain headache and intense neuralgias.

Intense pain as if an iron band around head.

Headache; chronic, tubercular, pain intense, sharp, cutting, from above right eye to occiput; as if an iron hoop around head.

When the best selected remedies only palliates.

School girls headaches worse by study or even slight mental exertion; when using eyes in close work and glass fails to ameliorate; with a tubercular history.

Frontal headache, worse 10 to 3 P.M.

Headache deep in forehead, deep in temples, on vertex with sensation of heat; from neck to forehead, in morning, passing away in afternoon.

Sensation of heaviness in vertex.

Headache with obscuration of sight.

Headache with vertigo.

Piercing headache.

Piercing pain in forehead from 10 A.M. to 3 P.M.

Headache in evening, in afternoon.

Frontal headache in morning.

Headache with rushing in ears.

Headache in morning with bleeding of nose.

Headache from neck to forehead, burning, piercing.

Headache with swollen lids in the morning.


Type: Syphilitic. Neuralgic. Migraine. Chronic. Periodical.

Location: Over right eye. Across base of cerebellum. Through temples. Both angles of forehead. Eyes, Occiput. Bones of head. Whole head. Vertex. Deep in brain. Temples. Nerves of scalp.

Character of pain: Lancinating, stupefying, pressive, pulsating, throbbing, bursting, crushing, cutting, piercing, excruciating.

Cause: Syphilis.

Extension: Deep into brain, backwards, occiput, temple, down spine, neck.

Aggravation; Night; exposure to sun; syphilis; excitement; 4 P.M. 10 to 11 P.M ; heat of sun; after sunstroke; exertion; protruding the tongue; light; effort of speaking, or being spoken to; excitement of emotion.

Amelioration; Warmth; day; sitting at stool; walking; wrapping up head; profuse urination; rapid and constant motion.

Attending Symptoms: Before headache choking on stooping as though throat closing.

After headache neck and between shoulders stiff.

Subjective trembling, hungry.

Much urine is passed as the headache is relieved.

Nervous chills.


General nervous erethism.

Red face.

Enlarged veins of face.



Falling off of hair.

Innumerable small enlarged cervical glands.

Losing continuity of thought and memory.

Makes repeated mistakes in figures.

Frequent retching or trying to vomit.

Menses regular but very scanty.

Soreness of eye-ball.

Cold sweat of back, arms and feet.

Progressive emaciation, deep wrinkles forming on forehead.

Skin dingy, feet dirty all the time and was constantly washing hands.

Very restless during headache; walking about rapidly and constantly.

Throbbing carotids.

violent heart action.

Wildly delirious.

Much empty retching, with loud eructations and finally bilious vomiting.

Tubercles all over head.

Hair dry, tangles “stand out.”.

Symptoms” Severe headaches, lancinating, pains in occiput, worse at night causing sleeplessness and ceasing with coming light of morning, worse after excitement.

Pains increase and decrease gradually, require frequent change of position.

All symptoms worse a night.

Headache neuralgic in character causing sleeplessness and delirium at night.

Falling off of hair.

Linear pains from temple across of from eyes backward.

Cause sleeplessness and delirium at night.

Pains in bones of head.

Top of head feels as if coming off.

Stupefying headache.

Headache Linear, from or near one eye backward; lateral; frontal, from temple to temple, deep into brain from vertex; as from pressure on vertex; in either temple; extending into or from one eye; better by warmth.

In bones of head worse heat of sun, after sun-stroke.

Sick headache, pains intolerable, arteries of head full and pulsating, violently.

Lancinating pain in occiput, invariably worse at night.

Burning sensation in vertex as from severe cold.

Pain from eyes through to occiput with sensation of weight in occiput drawing head back or as if it were pulled back; eyes ache and smart.

Constant linear headache commencing at both angles of forehead and extending in parallel lines backward.

A precursor of epileptic attack.

Heavy crushing, cutting pain across base of cerebellum.

Headache through temples, then vertically like an inverted T.

Constant headache.

Headache, sleeplessness and general nervous erethism.

syphilitic headache for many months, piercing, pressing excruciating over right eye, extending deep into brain.

Loss of hair.

Warmth ameliorates headache.

Location; Cerebellum, Brain. Occiput. Forehead. Over eyes. Temples.

Character of pain: Intense burning, pressing, band-like sharp pain, tensive, aching.

Extension: Extends down whole length of spine, extends over brain to neck.

Aggravation: Jarring of cars; exhaustion; hard work; leaning head forward; on waking; sun-light; evening; meditation; when wind blows on head; coughing; light; reading; using mind; during menses; riding on cars.

Attending Symptoms; Swelling of cords of neck.

Continual rubbing of head on pillow.

Continuous and violent vomiting.

Aching in sacrum and down back of legs to feet.



Symptoms: Intense burning pain in head worse in cerebellum; extends down spine.

Head feels heavy and is drawn backward.

Sensation of tightness and contraction; extends down whole length of spine.

Headache and diarrhoea from jarring of cars.

Burning pain in brain worse occiput.

Headache from jarring of cars.

Exhaustion or hard work.

Weight and pressure in vertex.

Frontal headache with nausea, feeling of tight band across forehead; worse leaning head forward; as if skin were drawn tight; with fluent coryza; with pressure back of eyes as if they would be forced out.

Extending over brain to neck.

Brain seems weary; slightest sound annoys and fatigues her.


Wakes with headache over eyes and in temples.

Worse from sun-light.

Pain in centre of brain; in evening sharp pain through temples.

Pains commence and cease suddenly.

Brain exceedingly tender.

Pain in left parietal bone when the wind blows on it.

Pain circling through head and around crown.

Terrible pain all through head in every direction with continuous and violent vomiting, followed by aching in sacrum and down back of legs to feet.

Constant headache when coughing.

Light seems to hurt it.

Intense cerebral suffering causing continual rubbing of head i pillow, rolling from side to side.

Tensive pain in head as if she would go crazy; could not read or use mind.

Aching in base of brain with swelling of cords of neck.


Type: Syphilitic. Sycotic. Nervous. Chronic.

Location: Vertex. Temples. Right temple. One side of head. Right of head. Left side of head. Occiput. Forehead. Over eyes.

Character of pain: Boring, bursting, drawing, dull, nail-like, pressing, shooting, sore, bruised, stitching, stunning, stupefying, tearing, stabbing, lancination.

Causes: Syphilis or sycosis.

Extension: Back, face, occiput.

Aggravation: Sexual excesses; overheating; tea; night; afternoon; 3 to 4 p.m. soon after midnight; 9 p.m. to 4 or 5 a.m. Morning; stooping; after too profound a sleep; overlifting; morning on waking; 3 a.m.; at rest; mastication; wrapping up head; pressure of hat; at night when lying down and when touched; morning in bed; after midnight; ascending steps; closing eyes; after dinner; fasting; fat food; from becoming heated; jar; looking upward; before menses; after menses; motion; raging head; riding in a carriage; false stepping heavily; pressing at stool; summer; smoking tobacco; walking in open air; chronic coryza.

Amelioration: Open air; bending head backward; after eating; looking upward; after perspiration; pressing at stool; touch; walking in open air; warmth; wrapping up head.

Attending Symptoms: Hair falls out or grows slowly and splits.



Restlessness, must get out of bed after the attack; paralytic weakness of face.

Redness of face.


Dislike to conversation.

Internal shivering.

Eyelids heavy as lead.

Wants to have head and face wrapped up warm.

Scalp very painful to touch and the parts on which he lies.

cannot bear that on head.

Symptoms: Headache as if a nail had been driven into parietal bone; or as if a convex button were pressed on the part; worse from sexual excesses, overheating; tea, chronic or sycotic or syphilitic origin.

Pain as if pierced by a nail.

Neuralgia from tea; left sided headache.

Headache of sycotic origin; hair falling out or grows slowly and splits.

Headache on left side as if a convex button were pressed upon part.

Pain in vertex as if a nail were driven in, better by motion in open air, by looking upward, and by bending head backward; worse from tea, sexual excesses, overheating.

Painfulness of the part of the head on which he lies, worse at night, with sleeplessness from severity of pain.

Clavus hystericus with sensation as if a nail were driven into vertex or into one or the other of the frontal eminence; worse, afternoon, 3 to 4 a.m. better motion, after sweat.

Intense stabbing neuralgic pains nearly unbearable even producing unconsciousness, pains begin about the face about malar bones and eyes and go back towards head.


Hemicrania of sycotic origin mostly worse soon after midnight.

Intermittent from 9 p.m. to 4 or 4 a.m., commencing slightly on crown of head, gradually expanding over whole head and increasing to an excruciating height with restlessness, must get out of bed.

After the attack paralytic weakness of legs.

Headache in morning as after stooping or after too profound the head backwards.

Headache worse from sexual excesses, overheating, overlifting, better exercising in open air.

Dull, stupefying headache.

Headache worse by stooping, better by bending head backward.

Heaviness of head, especially in morning on waking in occiput with ill-humour and dislike to conversation.

Headaches as if forehead would split with internal shivering, by walking in open air.

Pressive headache with shocks in forehead and temples.

Compressive headache especially in temples; pain as if a tight hoop encircled forehead on walking.

Headache as if a tight hoop encircled forehead; until noon; eyelids heavy as lead.

Pain in head as if a nail were driven into vertex; after noon and 3 a.m.; worse when at rest, better after perspiration.

Headache as if a nail driven in right parietal bone and and left frontal eminence.

Neuralgia going from before backward.

Excessively painful tenderness of left side of head and also of hair, at night when lying down and when touched.

Pressive drawing in temporal muscles especially during mastication.


type: Rheumatic. Syphilitic. Catarrhal.

Location: Brain. Forehead. Right side of forehead. Left side of forehead. Over eyes. Occiput. One side of head. Right side of head. Left side of head. Temples. Left temple Vertex.

Character of pain: Boring burning, bursting, crushing cutting, drawing, dull, jerking, pressing, sore, bruised, stitching, tearing, pulsation, throbbing, beating, band-like.

Cause: Suppressed coryza.

Extension: Ear, eyes, neck, teeth, throat, root of nose.

Aggravation: Morning; morning in bed; morning on rising; noon; evening; night; draft of air; open air; loss of animal fluids; going to bed; beer; coffee; from becoming cold; from taking cold; from concussion; while constipated; coughing; during dentition; after eating; exertion of body; from becoming heated by fire or stove; mechanical injuries; jar; lying; before menses; mental exertion; motion; noise; perspiration; suppressed perspiration; reading; sexual excesses; onanism; shaking head; sitting; after sleep; spirituous liquors; stooping; talking; talking of others; touch, walking; walking in open air; washing head; cloudy weather; cold weather; damp cold weather; wrapping up head; by warmth of bed; contact; hot things; cold things; suppressed coryza, drinking.

Amelioration: Leaning against something; lying; lying on side; pressure; riding in a carriage; sitting; sitting up erect; warm room.

Symptoms: Feeling of fullness as if skull would split, as if the head were tied up with a bandage.

Head feels as if constantly getting larger, worse at night.

Violent headache which forces compression of head between the hands.

Nocturnal headache.


Type: Neuralgic. Catarrhal. Rheumatic.

Location: Forehead. Right side of forehead. Left side of forehead. Above eyes. One side of head. Temples. Vertex. Occiput.

Character of pain; Bursting, drawing, dull, pressing, tearing, pulsating, beating, shooting.

Extension: Occiput to forehead.

Aggravation: Morning; morning on rising; morning on waking; forenoon; noon; afternoon; evening; open air: ascending steps; from becoming heated; mental exertion; motion; touch; open air.

Amelioration: Cold application; pressure; profuse urination; washing head with cold water.

Symptoms: Beginning in occiput, going over forehead; comes on at sunrise gets worse towards noon and declines as sun sets.

Neuralgia, every afternoon and night, begins back of neck and runs up, affects also face, worse right side, open air.

Pain in forehead comes on in morning on waking.

Pulsating headache as if a pulse were beating in the forehead.


Type: Nervous. Neuralgic.

Location: Left side of head. Forehead. Temples. Bones. Brain. Between left eye and frontal eminence.

Character of pain: Dull, pressing, bursting, cutting, darting, stabbing, drawing, shooting, sore, bruised, stitching, stunning, stupefying, tearing, crushing.

Aggravation: Morning; noon; evening; evening in bed; excitement of emotion; pressure of hat; mental exertion; motion; external pressure; reading; late hours; loss of sleep; standing; touch; contact; every day at noon; mental agitation; nursing the sick; in business men.

Amelioration; Binding head; lying with head high; external pressure; wrapping up head; fresh air.

Symptoms: Dull paroxysmal neuralgia over left side, gradually increasing and ceasing suddenly.

Scalp very tender to touch.

Head feels empty, hollow.

Pain between left eye and frontal eminence.

Painful sensation of emptiness in the head; pressing burning pains in the skull, principally in the temporal bones.

Renewed every day at noon with soreness of the external head, worse pressure, contact, better in fresh air.

Left sided headache as if in the brain substance, at first only slight drawing but gradually becoming more violent at its culmination, ceasing suddenly.

Headache, worse mental agitation, nursing the sick.

Frontal headache of business men.

Headache increasing gradually and ceasing suddenly, at acme as if a nerve being torn, usually left side.

Headache of businessmen.


Type: Congestive. Migraine. Nervous. Periodical. Epileptiform. Gastric.

Location: Brain. Forehead. Right side of forehead. Left side of forehead. Over eyes. One side of head. Temple.

Character of pain: Boring, digging, burning, busting, cutting, darting, stabbing, drawing, dull, pressing, stitching, aching, screwing, throbbing.

Extension: Eyes, jaws, vertex, forehead.

Aggravation: Morning; morning on rising; morning on waking; noon; 4 p.m.; night; open air; anger; clothing about the neck; coffee; coition; excitement of emotions; fright; from becoming heated; light; before menses; during menses; mental exertion; mercury; motion; noise; strong odors; strong and agreeable odors; after sleep; straining eyes; talking; writing; dancing.

Amelioration: Pressure; tight bandaging; cold air; open air; bending head backward; binding head; after dinner; after eating; external pressure; hard pressure; spirituous liquors; wrapping up head.

Attending Symptoms: Bilious vomiting.

Coldness and trembling.

Vomiting of bile or sour fluid.

Throbbing carotids.



Dimness before the eyes.

Ringing in ears.

Sense of relaxation in stomach.

Loss of appetite.


Symptoms: Headache, congestive with fullness and heaviness; with sense of expansion; habitual, gastric or of literary men; from dancing.

Hemicrania, pressive, screwing in frontal eminence or temple; ending in bilious vomiting; worse from any exhaustive mental labour; better by pressure, tight bandaging.

Headache with coldness and trembling.

Emotional disturbance cause appearance of hemicranial attacks.

Sense of expansion.

Headache from mental exertion, dancing.

Aching in frontal eminence with enlarged feeling in the corresponding eye.

Hemicrania, bones of head feels as if separated.

Pressing, boring pains in small spots, in bones; in left temple.

Hemicrania, epileptiform; periodic; boring pain worse left frontal eminence; better tight band.

Headache from mental emotion, or strain, loss of friend, loss of sleep, sometimes pain so severe he loses senses; paroxysms frequently culminate in vomiting of bile or sour fluid.

Occipital headache.

Occipital headache decrease, frontal headache increasing.

Occipital headache with throbbing carotids, must loosen cravat, head feels much enlarged.

Sensation of constriction over scalp as if something tightly drawn over skull.

Headache worse in open air.

Aching in one side of head with enlarged feeling in the corresponding eye.

Pressing pain in the forehead on getting awake in the morning, gradually extending from the supraorbital ridge upwards to the coronal suture, with heaviness in head and vertigo which does not turn in a circle but inclines the patient to reel to one or the other side.

Dimness before the eyes, ringing in ears, sense of relaxation in stomach, better eating, drinking, worse coffee, or the pain is half-sided, in one of the frontal protuberances or close to the side of the glabella near the supra-orbital ridge or in one of the temples, sometimes extending down into the bones of face.

The pain is of a pressive, screwing throbbing nature, and is always preceded by general indisposition.

Chilliness, loss of appetite, growing dim before eyes.

At its height it is attended with trembling of the body and deadly nausea which ends in vomiting.

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