In old incurable cases when we give a remedy that fits the whole condition, the result is one of three things: first, aggravation of the symptoms with advance of the disease; second, no action, and third Euthanasia. Unless the inner nature of the remedy corresponds with the inner nature of the disease the remedy will not cure the disease but simply remove the symptoms which it: covers; that is, suppress them.


Dimness before the eyes, ringing in ears, sense of relaxation in stomach, better eating, drinking, worse coffee, or the pain is half-sided, in one of the frontal protuberances or close to the side of the glabella near the supra-orbital ridge or in one of the temples, sometimes extending down into the bones of face. The pain is of a pressive, screwing throbbing nature, and is always preceded by general indisposition.


Leptandra Virginica has been used empirically in the form of a decoction of fresh roots, for the purpose of producing purgative effects, originating copious transpirations, especially in pleurisies, having in the same way a popular reputation as a remedy for bilious fever and typhoid fever, notwithstanding its use as a cathartic it is considered very dangerous because it is capable of originating serious intestinal haemorrhages, vertigo, abortion and even death.


Ledum covers a great many of the eruptions on faces of young people, with dry pimples or red lumps; also the pimply eruptions of hard drinkers. There are noises as of ringing of bells in the ears; roaring, often as from a heavy wind. There is burning or burning pain in the interior of the nose, as from red-hot coals, which is < by pressure and blowing.


The mental capacity is amazingly affected. There exists an incapacity to think, poor comprehension, forgetfulness. The mind is a picture of malaise and torpidity. If the patient attempts to read or listen to a speaker he has great difficulty in graspings the ideas and connecting the thoughts of what he reads or hears. There is slow conduction and lack or coordination of ideas, an inability to harmonize and systematize the parts of a paragraph.


In such a case the homoeopath endeavours to get an exact knowledge of the course of the special neuralgia attack, of the circumstances which provoked it and influenced its development. In other words, he has to find out where the pain starts, how it moves, where it settles down, what site of the body it attacks, whether the pain is throbbing, boring, stitching or otherwise, whether or not it appears at certain hours of the day.