Wonders Of Homoeopathy

In conclusion I want to say a few words about the use of Ignatia in Meningitis. I was wonderfully benefited in one more case of meningitis by Ignatia I have often found in cases of meningitis, that patients develop certain peculiar nervous symptoms particularly towards the period of recovery- symptoms which are very difficult to account for by the meningeal condition alone.

Editorial – Law Of Similars

This infant system of medicine, the new healing art, within this short period of one hundred and fifty years, has recorded a tremendous speed of progress even in the face of strong opposition, adverse criticism unmerited ridicule and state negligence. Un-aided and ridiculed, the homoeopathic system has advanced near to perfection and has saved many an unfortunate sufferer from the very jaws of death.

Remedy Diagnosis In Duodenal Ulcers

Corresponding to the stage of nervous irritation we find, due to increased peristalsis, inclination to diarrhoea, which is painless and weakening. In the paralysed second stage we find constipation with stool thin as lead pencil. Phosphorus acts primarily on the accompanying duodenitis and hyperchlorrhydria in duodenal ulcers, but it also acts directly on the ulcer.

Argentum Nitricum

The fear of death of Argentum nit. is also present in other remedies, notably Aconite and Arsenicum, although here again the differentiation is quite pronounced. Arsenicum does not hurry ; it is weak and exhausted; and its aggravation comes shortly after midnight. Fear of death is connected with this remedy, which is quite different from the fear of death as described in Argentum nit.

Bogus M D Degree

Once that is conceded, the accused come under exception 1 to sect. 499 and other exceptions, too. Indeed, they have done a public service by exposing the hollowness of the vaunted degree. It is not of the least materiality that the complainant was exposed first and then enquiries were made in the Consulate and in the Govt. of India What is of materiality is if the imputations made are true. And I hold that the imputation in regard to the degree being a bogus one is true.

Excerpts from Clinical Experiences

Following an attacks of facial erysipelas in a boy of eleven, which also involved the interior nose, leaving the mucous membrane swollen, closing the nostrils entirely. After the accompanying headache and fever were cured homoeopathically, a painless swelling protruded from the left nostril . Using the triturated fresh leaves of Teucrium as local application the trouble was remedied in six days.

Paralysis – 3

Vertigo with white stars before the eyes. Vertigo, everything turns around with him, worse stooping, better after breakfast. Vertigo on opening the eyes. Dimsightedness which obliges her to wipe her eyes constantly, to see better, eyelids thickened, dry, burning, granular lids. Sensation of coldness in the eyes and eyeballs. The eyelashes fall out. Lachrymation. Much dry eye-gum in morning on awaking. One ear hot and red in evening.

Paralysis – 4

The hands perspire profusely. Itching of palms. Great dryness of the finger tips, in the afternoon. Rough yellow finger-nails, brittle and corrugated. Heaviness of the legs. Knee feels bandaged too tightly. Coldness of legs upto knees in the warm room. Calves feel too short when walking Cramp in right calf. Coldness of feet. Burning of feet and soles. Profuse sweat on the soles of the feet and between the toes.

Random Notes On Materia Medica

While orthodox medicine is utterly helpless in the case of cancer, and is unable to relieve sufferers except by poisonous dopes which naturally weaken the power of resistance of the body. homoeopathy can in practically all cases relieve the cancerous. Besides, and this is most important, homoeopathy has a large number of actual and unchallengeable cancer cures to its credit.

Thuja Occidentalis

The skin looks unhealthy everywhere about the body, and there is a copious sweat on first going to sleep, like Arsenic. If you had only the waxiness such as Arsenic and Thuja produce with the sweat on first going to sleep, you might prescribe Arsenic. Arsenic is often the acute and Thuja the chronic. Arsenic is a chronic remedy in the psoric and syphilitic miasms.