Paralysis – 4

The hands perspire profusely. Itching of palms. Great dryness of the finger tips, in the afternoon. Rough yellow finger-nails, brittle and corrugated. Heaviness of the legs. Knee feels bandaged too tightly. Coldness of legs upto knees in the warm room. Calves feel too short when walking Cramp in right calf. Coldness of feet. Burning of feet and soles. Profuse sweat on the soles of the feet and between the toes.


TYPE: Post-diphtheritic.

LOCATION: Optic nerve. Right side of face. Palate. Throat. Pharynx. Rectum. Bladder Diaphragm. Upper limbs. Forearm. Hand. Lower limbs.

CAUSES: Diphtheria, Convulsions. Defective nutrition of nervous system. Checked foot sweat.

CHARACTER: Painless. With stiffness of parts. Painful. With atrophy and numbness of fingers. With heaviness of head and ringing in ears.

AGGRAVATION: New moon. Morning. Washing. Uncovering. Lying down. Lying on left side. Cold Night. Open air. After eating. After drinking. Wine. Outward pressure. Reading. Stepping heavily on the ground or floor. In stone cutters. When the weather changes. From getting feet wet. From worm troubles of any kind. When writing. Full moon. Touch, contact. Motion. Walking. Before and during a storm. Approaching winter. Mental exertion. Milk.

AMELIORATION: Rest. Heat. Warm room. warm wraps. Warm drinks (cough). Magnetism and electricity. Summer. In wet or humid weather.

LOCAL SYMPTOMS: Paralysis of the hands. Paralysis of forearm. Paralysis of forearm. Paralysis from defective nutrition of nervous system. Paralysis as a sequel to convulsions. Paralysis of left hand with atrophy and numbness of fingers. Paralysis of legs worse morning with heaviness of head and ringing in ears. Paralysis from checked foot sweats. Symptoms of paralysis or paralytic weakness are aggravated by cold and relieved by heat. Paralysis in the sacrum.

ATTENDING SYMPTOMS: Moroseness and despondency. Self- willed. Capricious and disposed to take things ill. Loud talking is oppressive to him. Sensitiveness to noise. Very much inclined to start. Longing for home. Peevishness. Discontent Sullen. Quarrelsome. Vexed at trifles. Very irritable, angry. Forgetfulness. Uses wrong words in speaking. Mental work difficult.

Vertigo ascending from the neck to the head, with nausea. Vertigo from looking up. Vertigo as if he were being raised up. Vertigo, as if some thing was moving to and fro in the head. Vertigo while fasting. Thinks only of pins, fears them searches and counts them. Headache worse mental exertion, stooping, talking and cold air, better in warm room, from wrapping the head up warmly. Much hair comes out in combing. Forehead feels numb. Lachrymation in the open air. Itching in the ears especially during deglutition. Ears feel as if closed. Oversensitive to noise. Bloody mucus from the nose. Roaring in left ear before and after meals.

The skin of face cracks. Ulcerated corners of the mouth. Paleness of the face. White spots on cheeks. Red spots on the cheeks. Red nose especially after meals. Constant dryness of mouth, and lips. Sensation of hair on tongue. Numbness of tongue. Hawking up of salty mucus. Expectoration of yellow, very fetid little balls by hawking. Bitter taste of everything he takes even of water. Oily taste in mouth. Taste of blood in the mouth. Acidity in mouth. Aversion to warm, cooked food, desires only cold things Colic with yellow hands and blue nails. Repugnance to meat. Lack of appetite with clean tongue. After eating very sleepy.

Very fetid flatus. Stool with mucus. After stool burning pain in prepuce. Repeated burning pain in perineum, especially after coition. Constipation; difficult hard stool. That feces are large and if partly expelled, slip back again; even the soft stool is expelled with much difficulty. Formication on scrotum. Itching moist spot on scrotum. Perspiration of scrotum it itches all over. Hydrocele of testes. Discharge of prostatic juice at every stool. After coitus a sense of paralysis in the right side of the head.

After coitus bruised sensation of the whole body. Pain in the back in the morning after awaking, on starting to move; it goes off afterwards. Severe stiffness in back and sacrum, after sitting he could not straighten himself, chilliness in the back. Formication in the left scapulae. The arms are heavy as if full of lead. Trembling in the right arm. The skin of the arms and hands cracks.

The hands perspire profusely. Itching of palms. Great dryness of the finger tips, in the afternoon. Rough yellow finger-nails, brittle and corrugated. Heaviness of the legs. Knee feels bandaged too tightly. Coldness of legs upto knees in the warm room. Calves feel too short when walking Cramp in right calf. Coldness of feet. Burning of feet and soles. Profuse sweat on the soles of the feet and between the toes. Fetid sweat of feet. Fetid feet without sweat. Sour feet. Cramp in soles, Very chilly all day. Takes cold very easily. Very chilly even in a warm room. Palpitation and pulsation in the whole body while sitting.

Trembling of all limbs in the morning especially of the arms which feel paralyzed. Careless, clumsy gait. The upper and lower limbs feel heavy as if full of lead. Talks in sleep. Dreams of robbers. Dream of occurrences in his youth. Dreams of distant journeys. Dreams of practising coitus. Dreams of marriages. Perspiration only on head or of head and face. Light haired people. White spots on nails.

Wandering pains passing quickly from one part of body to another. Skin tender and sensitive to touch. Ailments caused by suppressed foot sweat. Bad effects of vaccination. Fidgety. Debility, wants to lie down. Psoric persons. Intolerance of alcoholic stimulants. Suppurative processes. Cracks at end of fingers. Every little injury suppurates. Suffering parts feel cold. Hands tremble when using them. Icy cold and sweaty feet. Soles sore Fistula in ano.


TYPE: Post diphtheritic. Rheumatic. Infantile.

LOCATION: Optic nerve. Left side of face. Rectum. Bladder. Lower limbs. Right lower limb. Thigh. Foot.

CAUSES: Diphtheria. Rheumatism. Suppressed eruptions. Convulsions. Mercury. Sexual excesses. Onanism. Habitual drunkenness. Typhoid. Cholera. From cold.

CHARACTER: Painless. Painful. When other remedies fail, with total retention of urine and numbness extending upto the navel. With turbid and offensive urine.

AGGRAVATION: At rest. When standing. Warmth of bed. Washing. Bathing. Changeable weather. On waking. After eating. From exertion of body. From leaning against anything. From taking milk. During sweat. From suppressed perspiration. From wet poultices. From abuse of Mercury. During and after sleep. During stool. On stretching limbs. From talking. Evening. After midnight. During full moon. From touching the affected parts. Stooping. Every step.

Ascending, 11 a.m. open air. Warmth. Sun. Cold damp weather. Before a storm. Sweets. Alcohol. Looking down. Crossing running water. In red haired persons.

AMELIORATION: Dry warm weather. Lying on right side. From drawing up affected limbs. During motion. By heat. In dry weather. After rising. Cold water (whitlow) Warm food.

LOCAL SYMPTOMS: “In these different forms of paralysis Sulphur holds a complementary relation to Rhus tox.” Farrington P.236 “Sulphur is the main antidote when paralysis results from over doses of Aconite.” Farrington P. 322. “Cannabis Ind. and Staphysagria should be remembered in paralysis with tingling in affected parts: Rhus Tox Sulphur and Causticum are preferable later especially in paralysis from cold.” Farrington P. 322. Paralysis of both legs with total retention of urine, and numbness extending upto the umbilicus, urine turbid and very offensive not well indicated in far advanced cases resulting from either Sclerosis or Softening of the cord or from chronic inflammation of its meninges (Farrington 472) Paraplegia with numbness and tingling; heat in spine; retention of urine.

Paralysis after Typhus, exanthematic fevers suppressed itch or chronic eruptions and spasms; also when other remedies seem to fail. Paralysis from cold. Paralysis of the limbs (right side).

ATTENDING SYMPTOMS: Dejected, indifferent to others. Sad. Anxious. Lachrymose. Timid. Inclined to start, to weep. He is restless and hurried, undecided. Aversion to every occupation. He imagines he is getting thin. Gets vexed about everything. Peevish. He has no pleasure in anything. Forgetfulness as to proper names. Selfishness. Absence of gratitude. Philosophical mania. Imagines himself to be great man. Dulness and confusion of mind, lack of concentration. Foolish happiness and pride, thinks himself in possession of beautiful things, even rags seem beautiful, takes a coat for a jacket a cap for a hat.

Lean lank hungry, dyspeptic fellow with stoop shoulders. Persons who lead sedentary lives who take no exercise. Dirty shriveled red-faced persons. “The ragged philosopher” who works day and night in threadbare clothes and battered, hat, has long, uncut hair and dirty face, has unclean and untidy surroundings. Cleanliness is unnecessary to him. He is always dirty in his dress and habits. A filthy man. Offensive and excoriating discharges Burning; every part burns; burning of the soles of the feet, in the palms of the hands and on the top of the head. Heat and burning of the soles at night in bed; must uncover his feet.

Vertigo while stooping. Vertigo when walking over running water; vertigo with vanishing of sight. Falling off of the hair on head, with great dryness of the hair. Sensation of emptiness on the back part of head when in open air. Cold spot on top of head. Itching in the eyebrows and on the tip of the nose. Burning in the eyes, in the eyelids. Dryness of eyes in the room, lachrymation in open air. Dryness of nose. Loss of olfaction. He can not bear any smell. Smell in the nose, as from burned horn; as from old fetid coryza.

Pale, wretched look of face. Sunken eyes with blue margins. Yellow colour of face. Red spots on cheeks. Red lips. Lips dry, rough and cracked. Burning of lips. Trembling and twitching of the lips. Cold perspiration on the face. Peeling lips. Swelling of upper lip. The skin on the innerside of the cheek peels off. Dryness in the mouth after eating. Mouth dry and sticky in the morning. Taste of blood in mouth. Bloody saliva, with sweet taste in throat and mouth. Salty saliva. Bad smell from mouth. Tongue red, white.

Tongue white with red tip and borders. Bitter taste of mouth in morning. Very dry tongue in the morning. Sweetish taste in the mouth while fasting. All food tastes bitter; too salty like straw. Sensation of emptiness in the stomach at 11oclock in the afternoon. Aversion to meat, she feels like vomiting after it, aversion to sour and to sweets things. After milk sourish taste in mouth and sour eructations. Milk disagrees. Irresistible craving for sweets, sugar. During a meal perspiration in the face. After a meal redness in the face and perspiration.

After eating but little, the abdomen at once feels full, as if overloaded. After a meal chilliness; burning in hands Heartburn all the day. Nausea every morning. Diarrhoea after midnight painless, driving out of bed early in morning, involuntary. Very offensive stool, the odor of stool follows him around all day. Constipation, unsuccessful desire for stool, stool hard, knotty; insufficient. Parts around anus red, excoriated, all the orifices of the body are very red. Throbbing or pulsation in rectum after stool continues all day. Increased urination at night. Redness of the orifice of urethra. Coldness of genitals in the morning. Male impotence, watery semen. Pollution in aged men.

N C Das
N C Das