Editorial – Law Of Similars

This infant system of medicine, the new healing art, within this short period of one hundred and fifty years, has recorded a tremendous speed of progress even in the face of strong opposition, adverse criticism unmerited ridicule and state negligence. Un-aided and ridiculed, the homoeopathic system has advanced near to perfection and has saved many an unfortunate sufferer from the very jaws of death.

Law of Similars was not a discovery of Dr. Hahnemann but he made its practice possible safe and permanent. One hundred fifty years ago Hahnemann introduced the homoeopathic system of medicine, the true healing art, a pure science of experience. It is a perfectly simple system of medicine and it always remains fixed in its principles. According to this system of medicine the physicians high and only mission is to cure the sick in the shortest, most reliable and most harmless way. Restoration of health should be performed with the help of a single medicine in a very small dose which cannot be repeated unless it becomes absolutely necessary by non-appearance or disappearance of improvement. Practice of pure homoeopathy is always innocent and harmless, but of incalculable benefit. It is a real boon for mankind.

For 150 years it has demonstrated its great value in the treatment of diseases, both acute and chronic especially the latter. The real test of a physician or of a medicine does not lie in the treatment of acute diseases most of which are often cured even without the medicinal aid. The worth of a medicine or of a doctor can be best tested in the treatment of diseases of a chronic character which defy even the most skilful hand. And homoeopathic medicines have already established their reputation in the cure of chronic and intractable diseases where all other forms of medicines remain quite ineffective and powerless. Power of Homoeopathic medicines in the management of all acute cases, simple or malignant, is wonderful and miraculous, they are always quick and sure in their action.

This infant system of medicine, the new healing art, within this short period of one hundred and fifty years, has recorded a tremendous speed of progress even in the face of strong opposition, adverse criticism unmerited ridicule and state negligence. Un-aided and ridiculed, the homoeopathic system has advanced near to perfection and has saved many an unfortunate sufferer from the very jaws of death.

There are many instances where Traditional medicine failed to relieve or mitigate or cure and the poor victim was doomed to suffering or to death but right and judicious application of homoeopathic medicine either relieved or effected a cure as if by magic. Records of such miraculous cures can be produced for evidence from individual practice as well as from our literature which is exceedingly vast and rich. Homoeopathy has travelled into almost every corner of the earth and has paid its visit not only to the poor mans hut but also to the house of those “who sit on thrones.” Homoeopathy is a bliss from heaven especially on account of its cheapness, if not for its wonderful efficaciousness.

The poor section of our people who cannot purchase costly treatment of the old school of medicine always receive the inestimable benefit of Hahnemanns Homoeopathy. Moreover it is a treatment of no grandeur. Inexpensiveness and lack of grandeur are no negligible qualifications for Homoeopathy which can reduce the expenses of a government hospital or of a private individual to a very considerable degree.

A charitable hospital or a dispensary can distribute Homoeopathic medicines to nearly five hundred patients a day when the total cost may not exceed five hundred rupees a month. What can be cheaper than this? If Homoeopathy receives governmental recognition and favour it can make further progress in no time and serve people, especially the poor people, with greater efficiency and ease. With government aid and superintendence it will b e capable of making unforeseen and unheard of headway and of doing universal good to the people, rich and poor, alike.

Homoeopathy is a Truth and truth can never be suppressed, Truth establishes itself notwithstanding human opposition long- continued hatred and ill feeling. The usefulness of Homoeopathy has been very widely known and people, both rich and poor, have come to known that Homoeopathy is a very valuable form of treatment without which they can not often by any means manage in the hours of their sickness and suffering.

The people have already recognized Homoeopathy as a very useful form of medicine and now it remains for the Homoeopathic physicians to prove themselves worthy of the trust. They are to shake off their indolence and love of ease in favour of the practice of the true system of medicine. They should take if for their sacred duty to make a thorough study of Homoeopathic literature and arm themselves with the vast knowledge of medicines so that in times of need they can give immediate help to the people.

An ignorant physician is always a great danger to our society and ignorance, particularly on the part of a physician who is to deal with human lives, is an unpardonable crime. Hence every homoeopath must take a sacred vow that he will never deceive his patient and his country, that he will prove himself worthy of the task. In this way, he will be of service to his patient, to himself and to his country.

Glorious is the name of Dr. Hahnemann who was sent among us by God for the succour of the people in distress. The death of Dr. N.C. Bose on 12th. July last, brings to all followers of Hahnemann in India a sense of irreparable loss. Dr. Bose was an excellent physician and an enthusiastic protagonist of the new art of healing. He was all through his life a great lover of Hahnemannian art of healing and always fought for the cause of Homoeopathy with determination and courage.

He made many valuable contributions to Homoeopathic literature and served the Homoeopathic Herald for years with complete success. He was a man of considerable ability and he will be long remembered for his profound learning in medicine and for his contributions to Homoeopathy. We are extremely sorry for the demise of this great doctor and we offer our sincere condolence to his bereaved family. We pray to God that the departed soul may enjoy enduring peace in his celestial abode. GLEANINGS FROM HOMOEOPATHIC


“I have been so successful in treating hypertension (high blood pressure) with Anacardium 3x. that I feel it perhaps would be of value to you in passing it along where a more extensive trial could be given. It does the work so smoothly that no one realizes it.” V.L. Getman, M.D.

The Homoeopathic Recorder

first quarter 1935, No.1.

2. Use nosodes high.

3. Two doses in the same potency are usually enough.

4. Vitality low, give the remedy low and do not repeat.

5. Ask no questions for which yes or no can be answered.

6. Have S.L. in various forms and use it first, last and all the time.

7. Withhold the hand from treating eruptions and discharges appearing while under the influence of a remedy.

8. Withhold while symptoms are changing. Wait until they become set in form.

Thomas K. Moore.

Homoeopathic Recorder

Second quarter, 1935.

9. “The Strict and conscientious Homoeopath can not attend as many patients daily as the allopath can.” Dr. Riecke.

10. “One of the common faults of Homoeopathic physicians is snap- shot or hair-trigger prescribing. While this may sometimes prove successful in clear-cut acute cases, it is certainly neither desirable nor necessary in chronic work. Key-note prescribing is only accidently correct in the vast majority of instances. Unremitting effort is necessary if consistently brilliant results are to be achieved in practice.”

Eugene Underhill, Jr.H.R.

11. “The use of Homoeopathy is science and art.”

Ray W. Spalding.

H.R. Second quarter 1935.

12. “If Nitric-acid loses its hold, what shall we do? Syphilinum is a very possible way out of such a predicament”.

E. Underhill Jr. H.R.

13. “Surgery is never 100 per cent safe by any means.”

E. Underhill Jr.H.R.

14. “The pitted face of small-pox in every case even when the disease was forty years ago, clears up to marvellous extent with a few doses of Variolinum in highest potency”.

15. “Where the symptoms point to Sulphur and it does not work I would strongly suggest trying Sulphur-Iodatum.”

Harry B. Baker, M.D.

H.R. 1934.


16. “Insanity is frequently a manifestation of the consumptive state. Tub. has helped.”

Clarke, M.M., P. 1462.

17. “If every child were given an occasional dose of sulphur, and later calcarea carb, and delicate ones Bacillinum the world would be far-healthier and the indicated remedy would be far easier to discover.”

K.M. Johnson M.D.

18. “In a case where paralysis has resulted from a combination of chronic malaria and quinine, Caust will surely cure both the malaria and paralysis”.

19. “In a case of malaria coming on every spring or late fall, especially when the weather is wet and cold, Aranea Diad, will almost be certain to cure”.

20. “For the severe skin lesions that come so often penicillin, the old antipsoric, Sulphur, is an effective antidote.”

A.H. Grimmer.

H.R. 1947. Vol. LXIII.

D C Das Gupta