Man, Wisdom and Immortality

Man, Wisdom and Immortality. MANKIND has at present a mortal beginning at conception and a final climax in death. Between the alpha and omega the human body is subjected…

MANKIND has at present a mortal beginning at conception and a final climax in death. Between the alpha and omega the human body is subjected to many vicissitudes, manifesting their effects in many abnormal conditions called pathologies or diseases. These outward and visible effects of abnormality are but symbolic manifestations of the defeat of those powers which normally maintain harmony’ in. the tissues at a local site, or in the body as a complex system of harmony maintaining organs. From conception to death all the tissues of the body are. undergoing two great processes, those of wear and repair, the outward and visible evidences of destruction and recreation. These processes go on concurrently and only when repair outstrips wear, is health maintained.

When wear or destruction outruns repair or recreation, then the downward path to mortal death or the final act of destruction is in sight. It cannot be denied that if repair always outbalances wear, then destruction or mortality cannot be possible. Reason ‘how man will, blinded as man may be by pre conceived ideas and view points handed down from dark ages, the idea of man’s inevitable mortal destruction is completely at variance with the logical viewpoint that man’s death is only the visible result of the victory of destruction over creation. Man from the foundation of his habitation of the world has suffered death and therefore has considered death to be inevitable. Tacitly man has agreed that the forces of destruction are greater than the forces of creation.

Ignorance has been replaced by wisdom in many spheres of men’s material endeavours, yet man is satisfied to remain in ignorance of the wisdom through which he can prevent “his material destruction. To the ancient, even to those who have been overcome by the forces of destruction within the memory of men now living, the conquest of the air, the out distancing of space and out running of time, the collecting of music and human speech and song from the so called void, would have appeared as figments of the unbalanced mind because such things had never before been accomplished because mankind had never previously accomplished the so-called absurd and impossible because man had never gained the wisdom whereby they could be accomplished. The question can well be asked: Is it more wonderful that wisdom given to man should make the void render up music or harmony, than that mankind through wisdom should maintain harmony or health within his mortal body, maintain the balance of creative power always greater than that of destruction, should control through wisdom the charging of his mortal body with power so that its discharge can never cause avirility or death? Man has always looked upon death as inevitable because all men in the past have died, but nothing is more certain, in the future, that the acquisition of wisdom whereby man can overcome the forces which at present encompass his mortal body’s destruction, will make man the conqueror of death. To believe otherwise is to worship destruction as greater than the powers of creation.

To the inhabitants of this earth in the centuries of the past the void was void because it had always been considered void and man was prepared to accept what his knowledge could not at the time disprove. Man at this stage of human wisdom considers his mortal destruction inevitable. The question is now asked when man obtains the wisdom necessary to prevent his body’s destruction by cardiac failure, cancer, tuberculosis, and the many present specific causes of death, when man attains wisdom whereby senescence or decay cannot occur because recreation or revitalization will always be kept in advance of disease, destruction and devitalization, what will destroy the body? Man with wisdom must live for ever. To those with logical illumination such must be the inevitable attainment of wisdom. Without wisdom man can attain nothing, with sufficient wisdom man can attain everything, but everything is nothing if it ends in death or nothingness. Marconi never made the void speak because he believed it impossible, he knew it was possible and the earth speaks from end to end without any visible intervening evidences of its accomplishment.

Man suffers mortality because he believes that mortality is inevitable. When mankind believes that wisdom is all powerful Omnipotent, Omniscient, then the gate will be open through which he will gain the wisdom necessary for the accomplishment of his belief. Disbelief is the hand maiden of failure, disbelief in the inevitable mortal life eternal is the handmaiden of death. Man can only accomplish the seemingly impossible by wisdom and the door for the entrance of wisdom is kept closed by disbelief. What man believes he can do, he will, but again, what man believes he cannot do, be that ever so simple, he never will do.

Creation’s greatest earthly production is the mortal body of man, with the attainment of mental, intellectual and sense potentialities. From the dust of the earth this marvellous machine has been created to attain maturity and the fullness of its powers. This is the work of creation constructive wisdom. Then man sinks under decay and destruction to return to the dust from which creative wisdom has raised him, because of his own ignorance. Wisdom is creative and constructive, ignorance is destructive and through ignorance alone is man destroyed.

All animate creation except man is unconscious of the facts of living the dog does not understand that it must inevitably die unless it prevents the forces from destroying it. Man alone in all creation has changed creation from the jungle to the manifested evidences of his victory through wisdom over inanimate and other forms of animate creation. Man alone has mentality, such is the attribute of mankind, but very few make use of it. Thought is the hardest work of the great percentage of the human race, it is the latest evolved acquisition, and the one which consequently is least developed. Yet when developed, mentality is dictator over all the other sources of human power. The man of mentality must rule mankind, just as mankind rules the lower animals. The electric light manifestation of man’s increased wisdom, will dim the candle of his ancestors, but the electric light is outshone by the brilliance of the sun. So it is with mankind some shine as candies, others as electric globes, and others as suns. And through wisdom alone can man shine. The man with the wisdom of the candle light must die even as the candle burns out, with greater wisdom man will last longer and shine brighter. When the sun of man’s wisdom has risen, then like the sun, his light will shine for ever and he will overcome the forces of his present destruction.

To individual men the curtain of ignorance will be drawn aside and the radiance and power of wisdom will be manifested. Cancer, tuberculosis, rheumatism, heart failure all the multitude of names with which man has draped his destroyer will disappear when man has wisdom, and wisdom can only enter into consciousness for man’s mortal manifestation, when disbelief is removed. Man will live for ever when he knows from belief he will because then ignorance will disappear and all vitalizing creative knowledges will sit enthroned.

Man’s mortal body is the manifestation of law, law is the manifestation of harmony or love, and love is creation. Man must inevitably live for ever in the fulfilment of time, otherwise ignorance is greater than wisdom.

“Let he who has eyes to see, see and understand, and understanding live for ever.”

Wisdom is the way, the truth and the light which leadeth unto immortal life.

With wisdom ‘mankind cannot taste of death the manifestation of ignorance.

Life is manifested wisdom, death is symbolized ignorance. Wisdom and ignorance cannot abide together, so with wisdom, ignorance must vanish, life must remain for ever and man must conquer death. When the barrier of disbelief opens the ways to wisdom, then wisdom will be gained and life eternal mortal life retained.

Edward Henty Smalpage
Edward Henty Smalpage (1895-1962), was an Australian doctor. He netered medical school at Sydney at age 16. He went into Military service after that. After leaving services on medical grounds (epilepsy), he cleared FRCS from England in 1921. In 1940 he published the book Cancer, it's Cause, Prevention and Cure.