Divine symbolism & Cancer Question

Divine symbolism & Cancer Question…

“Now we see things partially because of our limited faith in God’s goodness.”

“Remember life (God) sleeps in the mineral, breathes in the vegetable: dreams in the animal and comes to full consciousness in Man.

To the materialistic scientist who has sought the aid only of his mentality, intellect, and five senses, and the material instruments of operating theatres, and laboratories which have been evolved from the exercise of these purely human attributes, the suggestion that such a question as that of cancer mortality will only be solved from a higher source of man’s attainment of power than these mundane attributes will be met askance if not with scorn.

Mankind for decades was cast into superstition, from which he succeeded in the early years of this century into pure materialism materialism the symbol of man’s seven earthly or mundane attributes of power over the sky, the earth, and the waters of the deep.

This materialism and what it symbolizes mentality, intellect, seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and feeling constitute the age of reason because reason is a mortal attribute with mortal finiteness, and its materialistic symbol- ships, ‘planes, buildings; all material modern civilization, of which mankind is at present so proud is distinguished by the same finiteness. There is nothing infinite about these material accomplishments of man’s finite reason dependent on his finite power attributes for accomplishment.

But in reason, in the pride of intellectual and sensual materialism, mankind has forgotten that with all his universities and colleges, with all his books and lectures, through his telephone, radio or telegram, there is no man, or body of men, picked ever so carefully from the highest sources of reason throughout the earth today who could write such a book as the Bible. The combined intellectualism of the modern world, embracing by teaching the writings of the ages, could not write this one book. The profundity of its truths staggers the human mind. Human mentality could never have given its messages to mankind through the avenues of human reason alone. The Bible can have only one source the source of inspiration for what reason? for the guidance and salvation of mankind. Who wrote the book of Genesis? No man knows the hand which made the inspiration manifest does not matter only the lessons made manifest are of supreme importance to all mankind.

As man’s mortal sources of power or vitality in mentality, intellect, and the five senses are all symbolized by the material manifestations of their presence, although the nature of each and every one of them is completely unknown, so, the higher or inspirational avenue through which the Divine Creator, who also made the seven mortal avenues of power, seeks to guide, protect and save mankind by even greater wisdom and its power, is symbolized for mankind to see, and seeing understand, and understanding follow the guidance given and find salvation.

Materialism, the symbol of the age of reason, has led mankind through one world conflict and has brought civilization to the brink of another destruction.

Reason has failed to bring peace on earth, so mankind in ever increasing numbers is seeking the interpretation of the symbolism of inspiration.

Civilization as symbolized by the material cities of bricks, steel and mortar, which man’s material attributes and senses have built up, are meaningless without their inhabitants of men and women. The destruction of civilized cities therefore symbolizes the destruction of civilized mankind.

Today, and during the past two decades, there has been an ever increasing destruction of civilized men, women and children by the scourge of cancer. A scourge a burning scourge, and in the inspired book of Genesis, civilization as symbolized by the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed by burning not by pestilence, not by flood but by burning, and modern civilization is being devastated by a burning disease a malignant disease cancer. But inspirational symbolism goes further a woman, Lot’s wife, turned back against the dictates of Divine wisdom and she became a pillar of salt of salt not stone, not earth but salt! Can man read this symbolism and learn its inspirational lesson and guidance? Burning of civilization and salt destruction the answer can surely be only one thing the destruction of civilization by burning salt is the lesson given to man by inspiration for his guidance and salvation.

What is burning salt a caustic mineral salt, which, when placed in or on the tissues of the human body, rapidly causes their burning destruction.

Today civilized man in annually increasing numbers is being destroyed by cancer which has reached the proportions of a burning scourge of mankind.

Is Divine inspired symbolism written in many millions of books and read by untold human eyes the key to unlock the answer to one of the greatest questions affecting mankind today?.

To my readers, whether against what I have written or not, I leave the answer. To me there is only one answer. In symbolism, through which alone everything is manifested to humanity, through which man received all his vitality and power, without which man cannot have life, cannot live, the Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent, has given mankind the answer to this great problem of the burning cancer scourge, the answer ‘which has defied all the powers of man’s mortal senses, attributes and reason to find the answer which being seen with the eyes of understanding and understood, will alone save civilization from a burning scourge whose devastation gradually but surely must overwhelm civilization if mankind hidebound by prejudice, blinded by materialism, trusting only in the finite power of his mortal senses, deaf to the groans of those best, and the anguish of those bereft, mankind sitting in the seats of intellectualism, refuses to see the simple truth by which the cancer flames be put and cancer devastation become thing of the past.

Can the surgeon, X-ray therapeutist and radium expert stand their futilities not conjectural but proven futilities in the way so that the inspired lessons can be misunderstood and the flames of cancer be allowed to continue their widening trail of human destruction?.

To those who askance at these I ask only one question what other meaning can this Divinely inspired symbolism have, in the light of the knowledge to which mankind has already attained in regard to the cancer problem, and I would give one word of warning to those who would seek to destroy the truth and all that the truth in this instance carries for mankind.

Why are you afraid of the truth, when ignorance means death to countless men women and children?.

Edward Henty Smalpage
Edward Henty Smalpage (1895-1962), was an Australian doctor. He netered medical school at Sydney at age 16. He went into Military service after that. After leaving services on medical grounds (epilepsy), he cleared FRCS from England in 1921. In 1940 he published the book Cancer, it's Cause, Prevention and Cure.