No more trembling, no more shaking, no longer struck with dumbness, she could talk with animation; she was able to join a dramatic class and able to sing solo in a charity performance at the church, which she had been too nervous to do for years. Later on Thuja was worked out and her symptoms pointed to Pulsatilla, which is closely related to Thuja and frequently follows.


Glonoin and Trinitrin covered all these alarming symptoms and speedily enabled her to face her long columns of figures with renewed energy. Only in cases of absolute emergencies should a surgeon be sent for. the poor woman is mutilated unnecessarily and suffers endless pain.


Diphtherinum is a nosode or disease product, modified and prepared according to the homoeopathic rules of preparing remedies as laid down by Hahnemann. The membrane from a diphtheria case is diluted and mixed with sugar of milk, and triturated carefully up to the medium and highest potencies. The lower potencies of a nosode are too dangerous for use, as they might reproduce the actual disease.


Thus Thuja has some very distinctive mental symptoms and would cure a certain number of insane people. One rather odd symptom in the Materia Medica reads: “thinks he is made of glass, thinks he is brittle and cannot be touched.” As I have mentioned before in this Journal, I came across this peculiarity in a funny old man, who had been an inmate in a private asylum for years.


This man was filled with an immeasurable hatred and seemed to feel the need of something to heat. Almost anything might suddenly inflame his wrath and his anger. The transition from anger to sentimentality or enthusiasm might be quite sudden. Specially among intimate friends he let himself go. The slightest contradiction threw him into a rage. I often her him shout and stamp his feet.


This is what homoeopathy can do; voiceless over six weeks, even a specialist could do nothing without hospitalization, and as soon as the correct homoeopathic medicine was given in minutest doses, the voice returned, as if by a charm. His mother asked “But why could Mr. —, the specialist, not do the same ?” Ask me another. It is because they have not got the key to unlock the treasure house of rational medicinal treatment.


Comfreys reputation as a vulnerary may be considered to be due to the fact that it reduces the swelling round the fracture and the mucilage or gum gives the necessary support afterwards. The allantoin is said to play not an inconsiderable part in its capacity of wound healing, as the Scotch surgeon Macalister claimed in one of the leading medical papers before the world war. He stated that allantoin acted powerfully in strengthening epithelial growth and was valuable in external ulcerations.


Dr. Clarke, however, gives another explanation of the derivation. He claims it comes from hypo-below or sub-and erica- meaning heather- therefore sub-heather, indicating its relation to Ledum-the marsh heath-which is also of great use in certain types of wounds. I am not an authority on derivations of words, or a philologist; so I prefer the more romantic explanation of the fear this St. Johns Wort was said to cast over evil spirits.


Some time or other I hope to give the records I have collected, on the value of Drosera in suitable cases of marasmus and malnutrition. Mind you, these were cases in poor, undernourished children of casual labourers, who could not be given extra nourishing food, extra milk. All the change that was made, was an occasional dose of Drosera and the gain in weight followed.


This is the hysterical individual who faints at the slightest provocation, collapses into the arms of the nearest male for protection; is tearful, nervous, full of twitches and jerks, full of grief; her husband is away, she is always sighing, she has a feeling of emptiness in the stomach and abdomen, along with trembling, is continually sighing, sad at having said good-bye to her son, or her fiancee or her husband.


They would say hard things about me for having tried to treat by medicinal means; and what about my reputation in that particular neighbourhood? She was a poor woman, it is true, and a dispensary patient; all the same she mattered to me, and I was sorry for the sake of homoeopathy that this should have happened. Thus ran my thoughts. The to prove my fears wrong, she turned up smiling.


The result was peace and comfort, another patient saved from the operating table, saved from a futile operation, and the case of nerves was cured, not by suggestion, not by faith; but by the indicated remedies. The pain went, the retroverted uterus cleared up and the vision improved; and the homoeopathic remedy built up the health and strength of one of the worlds workers, who depended on her own efforts to keep going.


The bite of the spider produces objective symptoms, the boil and it also removes rapidly and painlessly the objective, the visible sign of the disease, the boil in the sick individual not only now and then, not only occasionally, but in every case. I have had many cases of cure and so have other doctors who have tried it. It is something which cannot be explained away.


The great man was in too much of a hurry. I asked the patient whether she felt any difference after taking Arnica and she affirmed positively that each dose relieved the discomfort and made the pain bearable. The nursing home sisters were also agreeably surprised how wonderfully well the arm got on. The movements at the elbow joint are almost perfect; and there is no disfiguring swelling, and the union of the fragments is sound.


It is equally valuable to experienced homoeopaths, both professional and lay. Every homoeopathic doctor will be charmed and delighted by the experiences related by the writer, and will profit greatly by studying the methods employed by our contributor. The books is outstanding value, and it should be read, re-read, studied and re-studied, pondered over and annotated by every reader.


Burnett again used it frequently in case of weakness and bruised feeling in the muscles after an attack of gout. Now to go back to the statement that Bellis as a remedial agent in tumours caused by blows or knocks. Some may deny that tumours are caused by blows, but I have come across several cases. I remember a doctor friends of mine, who knocked his knee inadvertently against an open drawer of his desk.


CALENDULA. IN certain grey house in a certain grey street the two lower windows act as beacons of light to the whole neighbourhood by sending out rays of joy and happiness, at any rate to one passer- by, for inside the windows, lighting them up are enormous garlands of flowers, topped, practically all the year round by the golden orb of the Calendula or Marigold, which is tastefully and artistically interspersed by branches of different shades of green.


The third day she woke up and asked with a puzzled expression: “How old am I?” and when told she was nearly 30, she did not begin her crawling again, but stayed quietly in bed and there were no further scenes, no violent rages, no exhausting struggles. She took her food, whatever was given to her, and behaved like a tired but otherwise rational being, sleeping a great deal both day and night.


Unfortunately she is a busy woman and has no time to give to her ailments. If she had been attending more regularly, more than likely her constitutional symptoms would have improved more quickly. It is a triumph for Homoeopathy to cure fibroids within fourteen months, and at the same time to improve a womans health so that she can enjoy life more than she ever did before.


Lately I have lost sight of her, but she promised to come back if there should be a return. In homoeopathy one does not depend on grand sounding names, and one falls back on the materia medica, on the symptoms laboriously collected by generations of conscientious provers, doctors and lay people, who put down in common everyday language what their reaction was after taking a remedy.


The acute rheumatic fever was followed by pericarditis, endocarditis, double pleurisy with effusion; the temperature became swinging going up to between 103 and 104 every night and dropping down to 99 every morning. So it went on, week after week, month after month; several times she nearly died, but still she hung on to life with a grim persistence.


One remembers a case in a young woman where Bryonia and Rhus tox. were tried with very little benefit; then it was noticed that the patient was rather tearful, that she had to move, kept on moving to get any ease; here Puls. was prescribed, and within less than twenty-four hours this young woman was out of her bed and anxious to return to her job.


“In some experiments made by myself with gunpowder 2x severe Herpes facialis involving right eyebrow and right side of nose was developed.” Gunpowder 1x will cure Herpes as often as you like. It appeared to me, therefore, that the three essences of gunpowder were of such a nature as to be extremely active in combination.


The homoeopathic surgeon will administer before an operation a few doses of Pyrogen in a high potency, which means in an infinitely small quantity, and he will feel confident that, either no septic developments will follow, or that septic developments will be exceedingly mild, and a few further doses of Pyrogen or of any other indicated remedy, may complete the good work done by the septicity medicine.


There were very few symptoms except this utter laziness, this refusal to stir, this absolute do-nothing attitude and a refusal to be kept warm, he is naturally a beast who adores the warmest place. On these few symptoms he was given Sulphur 30 night and morning and then Sulphur m. daily for nearly a fortnight.


One remembers a case far advanced with rheumatoid arthritis, there were the typical pear-shaped swellings of the wrists and ankles: she was not able to raise her arms in order to attend to her hair even; she was brought at first in a bath chair as she could not walk.


How often does one not hear these days of mastoid trouble in the young well-to-do motoring fraternity! And yet how easily could incision of the drum, and the more serious mastoid operation, be avoided if Homeopathy was used for the early stages of middle ear disease!.


On going to his basket I saw a distracting sight; the poor we beastie was lying there practically unconscious, barely breathing, saliva was dribbling from his mouth, his body felt almost icy cold, even though he was bedded in a warm room; the skin was dry and harsh, the nose cold and dry, and very pale; no, or very little, pulse could be felt.


What ameliorates the stools, warmth or cold, pressure or bending over or stretching, what aggravates them, what foods, eating, drinking, whether day or night, walking or resting brings on the diarrhoea. Now in conclusion, just a few words about how to take a case of, or how to report on, a case of colitis.


Homeopathy would have saved her life. In a case like this the non-treating homeopathic doctor is at quite a disadvantage. He must stand by and can say nothing; the lay person can speak up and advise different treatments and change of doctors.


That is what homeopathy does in a backward child, and this is not an isolated instance. Father was not best pleased about trusting his one and only precious son to the mercy of a mere woman. Mother prevailed, however, and father now sings quite a different song.


The veriest tyro in homeopathy could guess the right remedy; so one dose of Lycopodium in the 30th potency was given to her and she was instructed to present herself again in a weeks time. There was no attempt made to diet her. I was promising myself to go into that more fully at the next visit.


The dentist reported a few days later that the patient was extremely astonished and gratified with the almost instantaneous relief she experienced after taking one of these tasteless pills. “I could open my mouth within twenty minutes of taking the first dose, and I felt better after each dose I took.


A fine state of affairs, and yet not to be wondered at, for there is nothing in orthodox medicine for colitis. In the meantime the child is still having diarrhoea, is still having an enormous abdomen, poor little thing. A few simple powders worked the miracle.


The ideals of homeopathy were rather blurred while I was a medical student. In my foolish superiority of the newly acquired knowledge I despised the tiny little globules, which I thought might be good enough for children and their simple ailments. The high dilution could have no effect.


THE number of unnecessary operations performed on hapless women in the course of a year all over England must go into many, many thousands.On examination I found a mass bigger than a cricket ball in the fork of her legs, a complete prolapse of the female organs