Thus Thuja has some very distinctive mental symptoms and would cure a certain number of insane people. One rather odd symptom in the Materia Medica reads: “thinks he is made of glass, thinks he is brittle and cannot be touched.” As I have mentioned before in this Journal, I came across this peculiarity in a funny old man, who had been an inmate in a private asylum for years.

THE tale about Thuja is not half told as yet. I feel like the late Dr. James Burnett who coined the word “vaccinosis” and claimed that many chronic maladies were based on the after effects of vaccination, and who described the cures of many of such cases after the exhibition of Thuja.

He could never say enough about vaccination, and the more I follow up clinical histories, the more I am inclined to agree with him that vaccination, instead of being a blessing, has proved to be a wolf in sheeps clothing and has produced more misery, more ill-health in its wake than almost any other method of treatment. A strong saying to boot, never the less a true one.

Consider vaccination impartially. What is it after all, but the induction of the products of disease into the human body, the disease being cow-pox which produces a pustular eruption at the point of inoculation, with crust formation. If you take off the crust, you can see a deep abscess with most unwholesome looking pus, which eventually leaves a typical pitted scar. The incubation period of this cow-pox is 5 days; it therefore beats small-pox-the incubation period of which is 12-114 days, and the argument is, if you vaccinate a person in contact with small-pox within 2 or 3 days of infection, the cow-pox races the small-pox infection and the hidden cow-pox kills the small-pox.

This is quite correct, but all the same you introduce something into the bloodstream and into the lymphatic system and through the bloodstream circulating all round the cells, which produces local abscess formation and therefore poisons the whole body. It must be so, for are we not told, once we have had this local abscess, certain anti-bodies are produced in the circulation which protect the vaccinated person for anything from 5-7 years against small- pox. Another example of the “laudable pus” which the surgeons liked to see in the pre-Listerian days, when every surgical wound, every amputation became septic and it was only by the grace of God and extra strong constitution that a victim survived the onslaught of the surgeons lancet and scalpel.

The vaccinator deliberately introduces these pus cells, this devils broth of glycerinated calfs lymph into the human body and there it stays and secretly does its damned to undermine the health of thousands of its victims. Because it does its work in the dark, secretly hidden, very few realize or believe it can do the damage it does. You ask people again and again, how many times have you been vaccinated – you find this specially amongst doctors and nurses and people who have lived abroad great deal, – they will answer four or five times or even more often, and in variably the retort is: “Do you want me to be done again? I did not take the last two or three times.”

And in these people you usually find a long history of ill-health, going back for years and years; they present quite a picturesque mosaic of the most abstruse illnesses which nobody could diagnose and certainly nobody could diagnose and certainly nobody could cure in a life time. And again and again, I am told that as the vaccination happened so many years ago, it would not still be active after such a long time, and produce such dire results. And yet this delayed action of vaccination shows itself over and over again. I had a very interesting confirmation of this delayed action presented to me some years ago.

A young lad, about 17, was brought to me for asthma which had troubled him for some six or seven years. He was a proper mothers darling, delicate, puny, narrow-chested, without any spunk. There were no symptoms pointing to any particular remedy, except an attack would always come on after inhaling dust. He slept on kapok pillows, he went in for specific exercises for asthma, and yet his attacks continued-I enquired about vaccination, but was told he had never been vaccinated, so he was given Photos foetidus for asthma after inhaling dust-which relieved the individual attacks without preventing the recurrence.

At the next visit, the parents had been thinking to a good purpose and I was informed that the maternal grandfather had been a vaccination fiend and had been vaccinated at least six or seven times, that the mother had also been vaccinated several times, that the interesting fact was elicited that she had been vaccinated just before the birth of the boy. Therefore vaccinosis was the diagnosis in my mind and he was given Thuja 30 in repeated doses with a most gratifying result, namely a cessation of the asthma attacks.

The lad developed rapidly, his disposition changed, he became more self- reliant, less dependent on his mother, more grown-up in his ways, suddenly took to going out more and having friends of his own, instead of hanging on to his mothers apron strings.

So you see this boy shared the delayed action of repeated vaccinations in grandfather and mother, which so undermined his constitution that he had severe asthma for years with poor muscular development of his chest, which improved as soon as Homoeopathic antidote to vaccination-the “Tree of Life”, Thuja-was given. All the other recommended adjuvants towards a cure had not helped-the Kapok pillow, nor the much lauded asthma exercises.

Yes, the effects of vaccination go deep as this case shows, and are passed on through the maternal blood-stream into the budding life of the coming child. I repeat again, the effects of vaccination are long lasting. A woman in the early thirties came for treatment many years ago. She had some asthma attacks for which had been almost a weekly occurrence. For 8 months she was free, then a mild recurrence following a chill which cleared up in a few hours with Pulsatilla 30.

And the next four or five years, with occasional doses of Thuja, she remained entirely free of trouble. After that I lost sight of her, as she moved out of London. But she always acknowledged gratefully that she had never been so well before, and had never been able to do as much active physical work until she had homoeopathic treatment. Here again, you see the long-lasting effect of vaccination, 20 years of suffering from asthma, for which she received skillful treatment from one of the best hospitals in the metropolis, and Thuja wiped out the chronic effects of vaccination, even after 20 years.

Yes, many cases of asthma could be cured with Thuja – when there is a history of vaccination in the background – or at any rate, Thuja may be the key to unlock the door and make it possible for other remedies to finish the cure.

Migraines and periodic sick headaches are frequently due to the long delayed action of vaccine poisoning.

A woman in the early forties came for relief from left-sided chronic neuralgic headaches, she was a chilly mortal, felt miserable in the mornings, could not eat her breakfast. All these are strong Thuja symptoms, and she had been vaccinated several times, the last twice without it taking.

The damage to the constitution is always more serious when the vaccination does not take, and you can look out for trouble, serious trouble which goes on for the rest out for trouble, serious trouble which goes on for the rest of the life of the particular individual, unless the cause is recognized and the antidote is given. You usually find Thuja symptoms are left sided, for the left arm is more frequently chosen for vaccination, but dont be led astray if the symptoms are right-sided, once in a while a person gets vaccinated on the right leg or right arm.

Well, this lady had her headaches for nearly 12 years and had much treatment one way and another. Thuja 30 a very few doses wiped to the headaches entirely.

Just the other day a hospital sister was sent along for prostrating headaches which had laid her low for years, ever since she was twenty. She had taken hundreds of Aspirin tablets, she lived on coffee and for the last two or three years she had been obliged to take Luminal and Medinal for relief, and all these different drugs had upset her digestion. She did not expect ever to get rid of her headaches and the bilious turns.

“Had she ever been vaccinated.” “Oh, yes, at least five times.” One dose of Thuja M, and the headaches left her for six whole months to her great joy. Then a mild return which brought her promptly back and another dose of Thuja had the same-to her- miraculous effect. How easy it is, when you know what to do!.

Quite a young woman, only just 30, was sent along as a last resort for left-sided neuralgia of shoulder and arm, which had never left her for seven years. She was a which had never left her for seven years. She was a martyr to a chronic cough and bronchitis all through the winter and what troubled her and her relatives most, was her appalling nervousness, her fear of company, of strangers and particularly her fear of doctors. She was nearly “mental”, out of her mind with this fear. Her eyes were starting out of her head when she came along tom e and I could get almost nothing out of her.

She was shaking like an aspen leaf, and she acknowledged alter, that many times she used to go to her panel doctor later and get as far as the door and could not get any farther. A true case of “threshold fear.” She had been to various nerve hospitals, had been admitted tot he Maudsley Nerve Hospital for treatment and was terrified of going insane. All the trouble dated back, not to vaccination this time, but to severe attack of diphtheria for which she had been given large doses of antitoxin in the hospital seven years ago, and as soon as she left the hospital the neuralgia started, a tightness and oppression of the chest wall was always with her as well and this ghastly fear, this terrible inferiority complex.

Dorothy Shepherd
Dorothy Shepherd 1885 – 1952 - British orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy. Graduated from Hering College in Chicago. She was a pupil of J.T.Kent. Author of Magic of the Minimum Dose, More Magic of the Minimum Dose, A Physician's Posy, Homeopathy in Epidemic Diseases.