The bite of the spider produces objective symptoms, the boil and it also removes rapidly and painlessly the objective, the visible sign of the disease, the boil in the sick individual not only now and then, not only occasionally, but in every case. I have had many cases of cure and so have other doctors who have tried it. It is something which cannot be explained away.

BOILS, carbuncles and furuncles are different degrees of the same condition, a septic infection of the skin and the integuments with the staphylococcus; they are due to being “run down”, and are often associated with diabetes and kidney diseases. They are very painful, unsightly and have a disconcerting habit of appearing in consecutive crops. They belong to the borderland between surgery and medicine and the physician more or less successfully deals with it by ordering yeast internally or vaccines or injections with some preparation of manganese. Usually the treatment is a lengthy one, alas, under the orthodox methods.

One of the latest attempts of dealing with this troublesome complaint is by means of the modern cure-all and latest panacea for all septic or semi-septic infection; the famous prontosil. A well-known dermatologist recently developed a boil in his nose with malaise and high temperature. He managed to subdue it and cure his boil within a few days with repeated doses of prontosil, and he claimed this method as being superior to the usual method by vaccines.

One swallow does not make a summer, and whether this preparation of sulphonamide would always work in the same manner one does not know. Modern medicine only works by trials and precepts; there is no scientific foundation on which they can test their various treatments; so they are ever changing and altering. I have read lately several medical books which had been published at intervals of a decade, and each book recommended something different for boils !.

I have seen many cases of boils and such like in my time, and like the famous dermatologist mentioned previously, I experienced them on my own self. At the end of the war, after the time of stress and strain and insufficient food and wrong food such as lack of fat and the enforced use of fat made from clarified cocoa butter, I also developed carbuncles; at least three I can recall, which I treated surgically with foments and self-administered ethylchloride local anaesthesia, and incision of the septic focus, followed by the internal administration of Hepar sulph. and later Silica in isolated doses.

I managed to clear up this condition in a little over a week, and there was no recurrence; so judging from the record of our famous colleague, I did not do so badly with my unorthodox treatment. But still I suffered great deal of pains, and in my own mind Hepar sulph. and Silica helped only moderately. Since then, in the last three years or so, I have discovered a method of dealing with carbuncles which is almost miraculous; it is like waving a wand, hey presto ! and it is gone. And this not only in isolated instances; it has never failed me yet and I dont expect either that it will fail, for its action is founded on invaluable scientific laws.

The fame of this treatment has spread in various directions; I know a lady, for example, who has very little use for doctors and their medicines and less than no use for our method of minute doses; but she does believe in this treatment for boils and carbuncles, and wherever she can, she recommends it and indeed there is in her house now a stock of this medicine, in case it should be wanted urgently.

I must tell you two of her recent cases. On one of her shopping expeditions she noticed that the assistant behind the counter looked ill and her face was disfigured with an enormous boil on her chin. She complained that she had had it for nearly a week and that her panel doctor could or would do nothing for it, and has just ordered some lotion for it, probably magnesium sulphate ! My lady friend energetically enlarged on the wonders of the special pills she knew of, which cleared up boils very quickly, and the assistant, worn out with much pain and suffering, was only to willing to try anything, especially as her holiday was due the next week and she did want to enjoy it and not have to spend it repairing a damaged body.

Unfortunately it was Saturday mid-day and the remedy could not be procured until Monday, and by that time the carbuncle had at last opened itself and was discharging; but a second one had developed in its vicinity, and she was dreading another week of pain, and the idea of an enjoyable holiday seemed farther away than ever. The pills were given to her, she was ordered to take them three times a day, and nothing more was heard from her for at least three weeks, until after her return from her holiday.

She then joyfully reported that the first boil ceased discharging almost at once and that the second boil came to nought; it vanished without giving any further trouble, and her holiday worked out according to plan, and no return of the boils all the time she was away. And, furthermore, there has not been any recurrence of boils up to date, which must be about a year now.

Quite a different tale compared with the following : A nurse I know well and meet often, has been plagued with crops of boils and carbuncles all over her body for over a year; she is faithfully carrying out all the treatments ordered. At times she is so ill she has got to stay away from work, and then she crawls back more dead than alive. She has had courses of injections of various kinds, stock vaccines and auto-vaccines, manganese and iron injections, and still these plaguey things come back ! She has attended hospital and had private doctors; and that is all they can do for her.

I do not know whether prontosil has been tried out on her or not. She is still hoping that some day the boils will leave her. I cannot coax her away from her doctor and his nostrums, though I feel sometimes like saying to her, “For goodness sake give it up and let me have a try.” But medical etiquette forbids.

Now another case of my good Samaritan lady friend, who works good by stealth. She went into a chemists and heard that the nurse attending to one of the counters was very seedy with a carbuncle at the back of the neck, a huge thing, the size of a small plate. This nurse had a similar one six months previously, with crops of smaller ones round it, which had been very troublesome.

She felt so ill that she thought she would have to go off duty. Ma chere amie immediately sang the praises of this wonder-worker among pills for this complaint and promised to get them for her. By the next day they were procured and nurse took a pill at 11 a.m. and then went off duty. I think it was a Saturday and the usual half holiday. As she felt so rotten she went to lie down, and then took another pill a little while later.

By 4 p.m. she woke up and to her surprise felt ever so much better, indeed so well that she got up and played tennis all the evening. By the next morning the carbuncle was gone without discharging, without any further bother. She could hardly believe her eyes, and she also has had no further trouble, and this is several months ago.

Both these girls are most enthusiastic about the rapid and painless way these pills work, and so grateful at being relieved so quickly.

Now for the name of this medicine, which should really be proclaimed from the house-tops; and it is also a very good example of the truth of Homoeopathy. This remedy is obtained from the Cuban spider, the Tarentula cubensis, which lurks in underground cellars and dark places and pounces upon its unsuspecting victim, the healthy experimental prover of the Hahnemannian lore.

Find a healthy person and try out your medicine on him and notice his reactions Hahnemann ordered; and from the reactions and symptoms you will get a picture of what a drug can do and produce; and if you get similar symptoms in a sick person, you will be able by giving the similar remedy, to cure the disease.

Now this Cuban spider bites a person and this person develops promptly without fail in a few hours a boil on the bite which gets worse and worse and may spread and last for weeks and may even kill weakly children through septic absorption. Here is the septic boil developing after a bite; Hahnemann says “like cures like”; therefore, if you get a person who has boils or a carbuncle, or a crop of them, give him some doses of this spider poison or spider virus, and if the law is correct this spider virus, this Tarentula cubensis will cure it.

The bite of the spider produces objective symptoms, the boil and it also removes rapidly and painlessly the objective, the visible sign of the disease, the boil in the sick individual not only now and then, not only occasionally, but in every case. I have had many cases of cure and so have other doctors who have tried it. It is something which cannot be explained away.

You need not believe in Homoeopathy; it is not a faith cure; the two people I mentioned above did not know what they were given; they had no particular belief in it, they were cured in spite of themselves ! Yes, I always maintain that Tarentula cubensis given in exceedingly small doses in an object lesson, and a proof of the truth of Homoeopathy. Like cures like. The spiders bite is followed by a boil, and the boil in another individual is cured by the spider in the minutest dosage, of the 6th potency, 12th potency, or the potency I myself usually give, the 30th for a few days, until the boil has gone.

If you want to convince anybody that medicines given according to homoeopathic principles work, give Tarentula cubensis for boils. It leaves no bad after effects; the boils do not recur and the patient feels well. What more can you possibly want ? It is almost too simple; but seeing is believing, or should be. Alas ! that so many should be so blind !.

Dorothy Shepherd
Dorothy Shepherd 1885 – 1952 - British orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy. Graduated from Hering College in Chicago. She was a pupil of J.T.Kent. Author of Magic of the Minimum Dose, More Magic of the Minimum Dose, A Physician's Posy, Homeopathy in Epidemic Diseases.