The bite of the spider produces objective symptoms, the boil and it also removes rapidly and painlessly the objective, the visible sign of the disease, the boil in the sick individual not only now and then, not only occasionally, but in every case. I have had many cases of cure and so have other doctors who have tried it. It is something which cannot be explained away.


The pale and anaemic child whose case I have described needed building up. I gave her plenty of bran, especially as she was constipated, eggs, milk, cheese, an abundance of raw fruit, vegetables, salading, wholemeal bread, etc., and the diet led to the disappearance of her anaemia, to the strengthening of the body, and the strengthened body could, of course, more easily normalize the abnormal tonsils.


Sulphur 4x in chronic cough and dry cough day and night, preventing sleeping; or dry cough nights; during the day the expectoration is yellow, green, stinking; or thick mucus; bloody pus; stitches in chest during cough, on right side; sensation of crampy compression in chest, or inclination to vomit.


In a we the optician pronounced a very definite improvement and he passed successfully when the time came. Well, of course, the question is what did it : faith, glasses or medicine, and who can say ? My friend, the optician, very nicely says that he thinks that while his glasses would have done the trick in time, it is quite probable that it would not have been in the necessary time.


From Hahnemann, who for his time had superior chemical knowledge : Mercurius solubilis which we may consider the prototype of all quicksilver preparations. In its proving picture it does not differ materially from metallic Hg. From their combinations the following preparations have accentuation of certain Hg. function. But the basis of their therapeutic action is always decided by its quicksilver.


In conversation with an allopath recently I twitted him by referring to the specialization craze, that it seems as if a specialist is a person who studies more and more about less and less until he knows nothing about anything. He attempted to turn the tables on me by saying that that was exactly what Homoeopathy is. My reply on the contrary was that a homoeopath learns more and more to use less and less, so that he saturates nobody.


On the other hand, those who have been under much excitement may need a quiet time. This also is possible at the seaside. After a few days fishing or “golfing” the pulse will be steadier, the dizzy confused mind will be subdued and patients will return home at the end of their sojourn in a happier mood and with increased courage to tackle their new plans devised for the future.