Proving Symptoms of homeopathy medicine Colocynthis, described by Richard Hughes in his book, A Cyclopedia of Drug Pathogenesis, published in 1895….


Citrullus Colocynthis, Schrad. Bitter apple or cucumber. Nat. Ord., Cucurbitaceae.


I. HAHNEMANN, Materia Medica Pura, vol. vi of original, vol. i of translation. Contains 26 symptoms from self, 195 from 6 fellow – provers, and 29 from authors.

2. IBID., Chronic Diseases, Part 3 of original, vol. of translation. Contains a few additional symptoms only, from self.

3. Dr. ARNETH, aet. 25, choleric temp., strong and healthy.

3 a.In November, 1842, took increasing doses of tinct. up to 25 dr. from 1st to 13th, without result. On 14th and 15th took 45 dr. twice daily. From 16th to 23rd, without repeating medicine, had (contrary to habit) two pappy stools daily, with slight abdominal griping. Stools having become natural again on 24th and 25th, on 26th took at 1 p. m. 50 dr. Pappy stool that evening and next morning, and abundant urination, were only results. 27th. – 70 dr. At 11 a. m. increased urine, and on following day there was griping in epigastrium after each meal, worse towards evening, and pretty severe drawing in left testicle for 1/4 hour 29th. – 80 dr. at 2 p. m. Next morning furuncle on face, and on December, 2nd another on back. Both disappeared in a few days.

3 b. All traces of former action of drug having disappeared. A took, December 7th, morning and evening, 3j of 3rd (aqueous) dil. After it two pappy evacuations. 8th. – Repeated dose at bedtime;had scarcely got into bed before he experienced in epigastrium more violent griping than from tinct., but without evacuation following. 9th. – Same dose morning and evening. After each two pappy stools. From 10th to 14th took daily 3j of 2nd dil. about room. 11th. – Towards evening began irritability of larynx, and voice became rough and hoarse. 12th. – Besides these symptoms, distressing dryness of air passages, and on 2 next day sensible and unpleasant fatigue in affected parts. Remarkable aggravation after each dose. Two pappy stools daily. Foregoing symptoms having subsided, 21st – 23rd took twice daily same dose. For first 2 day only usual griping (lasting 4 days more) and pappy stools. On night of 22nd, in bed, drawing in right shoulder. 23rd. – In afternoon, violent drawing pain in all teeth (quite unprecedented). 24th. – Besides the toothache (which lasted all day) in evening moderate tension of ant. sup. spinous process of left ilium, which next day changed to violent drawing, extending to groin and upper third of inner aspect of thigh, pretty violent all days, and not disappearing till 26th; with singular feeling of stiffness in left great toe. No toothache since night of 24th. ON 26th, 3j in evening, and next day a noon 3iss and in evening 3j of 1st dil. without result save for a slight conjunctival irritation not uncommon with him.

3 c. From December 27th to January 6th great inclination to looseness, often 3 stools a day. On 9th (being quite well) and 2 following day took at noon 3j of 4th dil. Soon after first dose violent eructations for 1/2 hours 10th. – Drawing and tearing in right shoulder – joint in morning, lasting all day. Painful tension in left patella in evening 11th. – Pain in patella so considerable that walking was painful; heat and swelling found there on undressing in evening, with indistinct pulsation. Itching at anus all day; stools natural. By 12th symptoms had disappeared; and no result could be obtained from 5th dil. ( CEsterr. Zeitsch., left)

4. BOHM, aet. 40, atoning for every error of diet by a violent fit of colic, took on several occasions small increasing doses of tinct. Upto 3 dr. no effect was noticed, but whenever dose exceeded this there came on after eating cutting in umbilical or hypogastric region, with tenesmus or fluid stool. On October 3rd he took 12 dr. in forenoon. Soon afterwards slight colic in umbilical region; little appetite at noon; violent eructation after eating, cutting in hypogastrium, and fluid stool with tenesmus. Cutting and tenesmus lasted till in evening he got warm in bed. Slept well, and felt well on waking while in bed; but soon after rising had fresh attack of umbilical colic and frequent eructations. On going out felt very weak; had little appetite at noon; fluid stool after eating, with discharge of flatus and painful feeling in abdomen whole afternoon, only removed (as before) on getting warm in bed. These symptoms were daily renewed till 13th, when, after cocculus taken as antidote, they rapidly disappeared. (Ibid.)

5. FLEISCHMANN, aet 41, strong but gouty, took on 1st day 5 dr., and on 2nd day 10 dr. without effect. On 3rd days 15dr.; violent griping in umbilical region all day, feeling of coldness in abdomen, looseness of bowels. These symptoms lasted with more or less intensity for several day, and he too no more for three weeks. Beginning then again with 10 dr. besides previous very troublesome symptoms he had discharge of blood from anus, which continued for more than a year afterwards, with violent sticking and burning pain in small of back and anus. Before this proving he had never had anal haemorrhage. (Ibid.)

6. FROHLICH, aet. 32, liable to furuncles on face, laryngeal catarrh, constipation, and haemorrhoids. November 21st. – Took 5 dr. at 6 a. m. and 10 dr. in evening without effect. 22nd. – 10 dr. in morning, fasting. At 1:30 p. m. umbilical colic, with painful stitches in bladder, subsequently alternating with same in rectum, disappearing on discharge of flatus; also transient headache, feeling as if temples were screwed into, with heaviness of eyelids without sleepiness. Symptoms disappeared after cafe noir. Copious urination during days, and one soft but not copious stool. 23rd. – Woke with slight griping round navel; took 20 dr., and in 1/2 hours had loud rumbling and discharge of flatus; griping round navel, increasing after fruit; stitches, transient in upper jaw, frequent in left flank and along outer border of left sole; cramp-like drawing in right calf. These symptoms lasted all day, and did not diminish after coffee. At 7 p. m. 20 dr. N. quiet, but all next day (which was foggy) he felt uncomfortably chilly and had continual griping about navel. In evening very weak; sacrum and lower limbs painful as after a forced march, and a tearing-sticking pain encircled right inner malleolus. On evening of 24th took 20 dr., and on following morning 25 dr. After some beer at 11 a. m., violent griping, coming on in paroxysms and only disappearing after dinner. In evening 40 dr. At 3 a. m. awoke by violent constrictive pain in umbilical region, lasting 15 morning. No med. or symptoms till 28th and 29th, on which day he took 40 dr. in morning, fasting. In forenoon, griping and slight urging, both much increased after dinner till 4 p. m., with 2 stools, second having mucus in it. On 30th took 60 dr. in morning fasting, and 40 in evening. Same abdominal symptoms, but less marked; in evening painful lassitude in sacrum and lower extremities; flying stitches in humeri. December 1st – Pain in ankle while walking, as if from a false step, ceasing at rest; feeling of stiffness in hands, continuing longer. 2nd – 7th. – Stitches in ankle; tearing in shoulder; occasional deep stitch in left flank; weary feeling in sacrum and viscid soft scanty stool every 3 days (Ibid.)

7. A young woman, slightly chlorotic, took April 29th 2 globules of 3rd dil. Soon, inodorous eructations and unusual discharge of flatus; later, drawing tearing pains in whole abdomen and in finger-joints of left hand. May 1st. – Three globules. Same eructations; drawing in nape and dorsal muscles. 3rd. – Same; pain in sacrum; tearing drawing in both thighs and in left arm down to finger-joints. 5th. – Four gl. Drawing in left hypochondrium; tearing in left calf a far as heel. 9th. – Six gl. Stitches deep into abdomen; tearing in joints of left hand.

Similar doses, with similar effects, were taken every 3 or 4 days till June 6th. Symptoms generally appeared 6 – 7 hours after dose, lasted 9 -10 hours, and even manifested themselves slightly on following day (Ibid.)

8. A sister of the above took same dose, with corresponding effects. She had, however, more frequent isolated deep stitches as from a needle, sometimes in right sometimes in left flank, apparently connected with ovaries. Neither experienced any other symptom connected with genital system. (Ibid.)

9. Dr. GERSTEL, aet. 38, stout, full-blooded, in good health, save that he is liable to dyspeptic difficulties, cramp in stomach, and diarrhoea (after taking cold in feet), besides slight rheumatism, permanent palpitation, and moderate haemorrhoidal bleeding every 4 – 8 weeks.

9 a. November 20th, at 4:30 p. m., took 15 dr. of tinct. 1 1/2 hours after a moderate dinner. A few morning after dose a slow stitch on right beneath navel; soon after on left of navel; colic only perceptible when walking, disappearing when standing still or even when going downstairs, but disappearing when standing still or even when going downstairs, but returning on walking on a level; drawing in upper right teeth, with feeling as if upper lip was swollen; constant ringing in right ear; slight inflation at epigastrium with pulsation in sacrum, ameliorated by emission of flatulence; general hot flush, especially in face, with sweat on forehead; constriction round middle of left leg as if from a narrow ribbon; free discharge of flatus. All these symptoms appeared within 1.1/2 hours. On 22nd took 25 dr. morning fasting, but after usual stool. Soon after dose rumbling in abdomen and deep-seated Pulsation in it, not perceptible to hand laid upon it; sticking in public region; transitory tickling itching on thigh, and same repeatedly in face, shoulders, flanks, as well as at extremity of glans penis, with tendency to urinate; feeling of numbness down outer side of right calf as though in track of nerve, increasing to sensation as if nerve were swollen, passed into dull pressive contraction, and slowly disappeared; soon after same feeling in great toes; constrictive pressure in dorsum and ankle of left foot and in right upper arm. All these symptoms appeared in course of 1 hour while lying in bed. Half an hour later griping in hypogastrium, going off in stitch towards left pubic region, with rumbling and sense of inflation; immediately after, dulness of right head, especially temple; numbness of right forearm; dull stitches of left leg; yawning; lassitude; copious urination. On 23rd, at 7 a. m., fasting, 40 dr. A tearing in left nape, experienced yesterday before taking drug, aggravated during its action and then entirely disappearing, becomes again excited; sticking pressure in various parts of body; some swelling of abdomen about navel, accompanied by slight dulness in forehead and temple; sensitiveness of incisors; unusual thirst; burning in urethra after urinating; burning and sore pain with moisture at anus as if after diarrhoea, and stitches in rectum. At 11 p. m., just before going to bed, 23 dr. Immediately, pressive pain in vertex and left eye; colic with violent borborygmi; copious discharge of flatus; drawing twitching with dull throbbing in left iliac region, and in right loin over crista ilii towards buttock; pressive pain on both eyeballs from above downwards; burning of under lip; prickling at end of glans; heat, especially in upper limbs. 24th. – In morning soon after waking, sticking-drawing pains, now here, now there; usual normal stool, soon followed by one of pappy consistence, and this by burning in anus, and at same time prickling in orifice of urethra after maturating. Towards noon, colic only when walking, disappearing every time he stood still; pain, starting from upper abdomen, when more severe extended upwards towards chest, and then became constrictive, sensibly aggravated by any shock (as violent hawking); bowels painful on strong pressure on abdomen, as if excoriated; unusual thirst; another pappy stool. Soon after dinner, when walking in open air, oozing at anus and discharge of moisture from rectum instead of expected flatus; oozing continued whole afternoon; at 6 p. m. another pappy stool, with much mucus, and subsequent burning at anus. Soreness of abdomen continued all evening accompanied by thirst and early sleepiness. At night very sound sleep. 25th. – Dullness of head early in morning especially in frontal region, with unusual weakness of memory. Normal evacuation. Frontal headache returned in forenoon when walking. Towards noon, after violent exercise, colic of yesterday returned, less violent, with dull pain in right temple, aggravated by stooping, and gloomy mood. Finally, strong heat rising from abdomen, towards chest, ending in partial sweat on abdomen and chest, with prickling at, and oozing from, anus, and very copious urination. Some slight intimations of colic were perceived, principally about noon, on next 2 days.

9 b. On December 8th, 60 dr. at 7 a. m. He had had for 2 days some catarrh, with swelling of right ala nasi. Immediately after dose moderate epigastric pinching; frequent empty eructations; dryness, heat, and roughness in throat (Continuing till afternoon), with constant hemming; dulness of left head, with pressive-burning pain in left face and forehead, and feeling as if eye and nose were swelling (clearly marked and lasting); stitches above right eye, with itching of scalp. Soon after breakfast, when walking rather rapidly, some vertigo; frontal dulness; constriction and pressure in left cheek, extending into eye; warmth in abdomen, increasing to griping and ending in sweat; burning on tip of tongue, for several hours; slight burning and moisture at anus, after diarrhoea; prickling stitch like lightning from point of glans through abdomen to left flank. Towards noon, while walking, some colic with inflation (clothes tight). Immediately after dinner, pappy stool, with horripilation over head and back; soon after, while lying down, pain and rumbling in abdomen, with urging to stool and general horripilation; in 1/2 hour watery stool with griping, followed by continued and almost irresistible tenesmus. He became exceedingly sensitive to the damp weather legs were unusually weak; it was hard work going upstairs. On waking during night tearing in left tibia and ankle. In morning empty eructations; stool soft, pappy, having tickling in rectum; subsequently sensation of ball as large as fist rising up in pharynx, with oppressed respiration. In afternoon, continued sensitiveness, and griping and commotion in abdomen for several hour; another pappy stool after eating, with subsequent burning at anus and cramp in left calf. Exceedingly increased sexual impulse for several days.

9 c. December 26th. – 80 dr. of tinct. at 5:30 a. m. In course of 7 1/2 hours while seated and quietly employed, he experienced empty eructations, sometimes amounting almost to sobbing; nausea, with scraping in throat, former departing after drinking water; frequently recurring sharp pinching at epigastrium, with slight frontal dulness; constant roaring and throbbing in both ears, especially left; palpitations, and pulsation in whole body, most felt in back and left chest; itching with smarting and burning at various spots, especially of left side; prickling over right cheek-bone, as if eruption would come out, and exceedingly painful sticking burning on edge of left upper eyelid; sneezing; pressing and dull throbbing in left temple, with similar sensation about left shoulder, and itching of scalp; toothache on left side, with twitching extending into left arm as far as elbow; pressure on left scalp, increased by turning, as in rheumatism; aching in left sacro-iliac commissure, with formication in left sole, afterward in right; paralytic pressure in whole left arm, and fine shooting in skin in back of hand; persistent pressure in right malar bone and eye; heat and swelled feeling in roots of right lower teeth, similar sense of swelling in arms; heaviness and oppression in sinciput; intimations of vertigo and nausea; burning on dorsum of tongue; urgency to micturate. Immediately on taking only a few steps into room pain in bowels and excitement of right toothache; on sitting down again, pressing inwards and dull throbbing in right lumbar region; palpitation; feeling in right foot as if asleep; pulsation in left popliteal space; rumbling in abdomen; flying pains in left side of epigastrium; burning at anus. Subsequently, constant crawling and itching on whole left side of head; continuance of right toothache; dulness in forehead; feeling of warmth in right ear; burning on fore part of tongue; burning and feeling of swelling in under lip; scraping and burning in throat and hard palate (as from pepper) frequent erections. After 5 hours urgent inclination to stool, almost irresistible, and-in quick succession-two loose motions, with sore pain in bowels, better on bending forward, worse when upright; frequent yawning weariness of thighs, especially noticed when going upstairs; legs feel as if asleep; moisture at anus and perinaeum. Burning pain at stomach, even when eating; chills after eating, especially in upper arms, and repeated yawning. Pain in stomach and tongue, and eructation, continued all day and grew worse towards evening when another yellow, pappy stool took place, with griping; abdomen continued tender and inflated even after the evacuation.; little appetite at noon, none in evening; frequent micturition. 27th. – In morning pressive spasmodic pain in stomach, rising into throat; sense as of foreign body in throat, as though he had to swallow over a lump; pappy, but otherwise normal, stood. Burning on tongue and eructations continued all day, but less intense; moisture in perinaeum all forenoon; want of appetite in evening with nausea and malaise after eating; sleep disturbed by frequent walking. 28th. – Better feeling and appetite at first; towards evening burning in tongue and stomach again; empty eructations, causing burning in pharynx; twitching in left 5th and 6th ribs; in all upper teeth fine shooting and drawing, varying in intensity, with aching in left orbit, and same peppery sensation in mouth. Subsequently, sensation as of a coil in stomach and pharynx; sobbing eructations; salt taste or mucus hawked up; burning in stomach; pressing in abdomen; discharge of much flatus; prickling and crawling on different parts of body; feeling of numbness, swelling and heat in left foot, gradually invading whole leg, with itching and tickling, and lasting some time; pressing throbbing pain at inner and upper part of left leg, extending along back thigh to ischium (when sitting and walking). 31st. – The scalded feeling at tip of tongue, gastric troubles, occasional eructations, diminished appetite and depression of spirits have continued, with evening exacerbations. TO them was added a frequently-repeated throbbing, finally twitching pain in right upper arm at insertion of deltoid, whence it extended through shoulder towards upper teeth, and as far as temple and vertex; pain seemed in periosteum, and after its frequent recurrence arm there became sore to pressure. Every exacerbation, without exception, began with burning at apex of tongue. The gastric pains were always accompanied by pains in face and teeth. It was particularly observed that the symptoms appeared in groups, and were aggravated in evening and during rest. (Ibid.)

10. a. Dr. HAUSMANN began, November 8th, with 30 dr. of tinct. After 6 hours, symptoms appeared in following order: – continual tensive pain in bowels which feel as if they had been gathered into a ball, had fallen down, and now by like a pressive weight in hypogastrium, with also sense as if anterior wall of abdomen were wanting, and bowels would fall out forwards; occasional urging at anus as though a quantity of faeces were about to be discharged, with escape of only a little fluid mucus; diffusion of pleasant warmth, which seemed to deprive limbs of strength; weakness of all joints, especially knees and elbows; disinclination to bodily or mental exertion, even to visiting his dearest find; pressing pain in right hypochondrium, at arch of diagram, oppressing breathing. Nothing being felt on 9th, on 10th hours took 3ss at 12:30 p. m. In 1/2 hour sudden violent pressure on bladder, which was full, passing off as rapidly on emissions of abundant flatus in rapid succession, driving before them some mucous fluid. These emissions of wind frequently recurred in midst of following symptoms:- noises as from breaking of large bubbles in various parts of abdomen; frequent urging towards anal sphincter which caused at once an escape of slightest quantity of wind sphincter which caused at once an escape of slightest quantity of wind or mucus; pressure and tension at occiput, worst at inferior lateral protuberance 11th. – Very slippery, soft stool about 11 a. m. tensive pressure over whole forehead during its evacuation. Same symptoms as before, p. m., vesical alternating with rectal tenesmus; finally, entire relaxation for an hour, during which he was incapable of bodily or mental exertion. Spasmodic yawnings occur continually 12th. About middle of forenoon both last symptoms return. Sudden shock (from behind forwards) through hepatic region and then through head. Sensation at anus, as if successive slippery bubbles were escaping; and while walking discharge of much flatulence, causing rectum to vibrate. 14th. – Took a. m. 3j of tinct. At noon, after continual gentle urging and much easy flatus, a rapidly passing stool. At 1 p. m. pressive pain in left forehead, occasionally slightly vibration along edge of frontal sinus. Towards 4, first griping about navel, subsiding, then returning as cutting as if from chisel thrust deep into abdomen thence curving into pelvis, and finally cutting its way up again. Cutting continued in hypogastrium at intervals, relieved occasionally by passage of

wind or mucus, till towards 5, after a very painful pressure, a quantity of thin bland faeces passed involuntarily at a single impulse, and thereupon pains in abdomen all disappeared. In evening while in society, violent long-continued pressure on both sides of occiput. At night much pleasant dreaming. Pressure and weight in left forehead on waking in night left eyelid feeling thick and heavy; slight pulsation in left hypochondrium. Next day, head befogged, difficulty in collecting thoughts, no interest in things. Slight exertion caused fatigue and made him perspire; morbidly sensitive to open air. Easy stool p. m.; frequent flatus as before. 16th. – While walking, drawing and tension within right knee, several times; painful tension in right shoulder on first walking, continuing and becoming worse from moving arm; at one time tensive and pressive pain at attachment of diaphragm, both sides. 17th. – Mist before right eye in morning lasting several hour, not removed by rubbing it. 18th. – Frequent, loud, and long – continued ringing in ears; sexual impulse highly excited. 19th. – At 10 a. m., shimmering before right eye, in shape of circle with rays, pressure in ball in eye, upwards and outwards, aggravated by rubbing with finger, ball feeling harder than natural. This lasted some days.

Richard Hughes
Dr. Richard Hughes (1836-1902) was born in London, England. He received the title of M.R.C.S. (Eng.), in 1857 and L.R.C.P. (Edin.) in 1860. The title of M.D. was conferred upon him by the American College a few years later.

Hughes was a great writer and a scholar. He actively cooperated with Dr. T.F. Allen to compile his 'Encyclopedia' and rendered immeasurable aid to Dr. Dudgeon in translating Hahnemann's 'Materia Medica Pura' into English. In 1889 he was appointed an Editor of the 'British Homoeopathic Journal' and continued in that capacity until his demise. In 1876, Dr. Hughes was appointed as the Permanent Secretary of the Organization of the International Congress of Homoeopathy Physicians in Philadelphia. He also presided over the International Congress in London.