9. Evening

9. Evening.  

(6 P.M. to 9 P.M.)

Abrotanum, Aconite, Agn., ALL-C., ALOE., Ambr., AM-C., Am-M., Anacardium, ANG., ANT-C., ANT-T., Apis., ARG-M…


(6 P.M. to 9 P.M.)

Abrotanum, Aconite, Agn., ALL-C., ALOE., Ambr., AM-C., Am-M., Anacardium, ANG., ANT-C., ANT-T., Apis., ARG-M., Argentum nitricum, ARN., ARS., ASAF., ASAR., BAPT., Belladonna, BOR., Bovista, Bromium, Bryonia, CALAD., Calc-C., Calcarea phos., CAPS., Carb-A., Carbon sulph., Carbo vegetabilis, Causticum, Cedr., CHAM., CIMIC., COCC., COLCH., COLOC., Com., CON., CROC., Cuprum, CYCL., Digitalis, Drosera, DULC., EUPHR., FER., GAMB., Graphites, GUAI., HELL., Hepar, Hyoscyamus, Ignatia, IOD., IPEC., JATR., Kali bichromicum, Kali carb., KALI-N., KALM., Lachesis, LAUR., LED., Lycopodium, Magnesia carb., Mag-M., MANG., Mar., Meny., Merc-I-R., Mezer., Mosch., NAT-C., NAT-M., Acid nitricum, NUX- M., PAR., PETR., Phosphorus, PHOS-AC., Phytolacca, PLAT., PLB., Pulsatilla, RAN- B., RAN-S., RHOD., RHUS-T., RUMX., RUTA., Sabad., SABI., SAL-AC., SAMB., SANG., Sarsaparilla, Selenium, SENEG., Sepia, Silicea, SIN-N., Spigelia, STAN., Staphysagria, Stict., STRONT., Sulphur, SULPH-AC., TAB., THUJ., Valer., Verb., Vib.

6 P.M.:- Natrum muriaticum

6 P.M. to 7 P.M.:- Hepar

6 P.M. to 6 A.M.:- Kreosotum, SYPH.

8 P.M.:- Belladonna, Causticum

9 P.M.:- Anacardium, Bryonia

9 P.M. to 10 A.M.:- Anacardium

Sunset, after:- Bryonia, Ignatia, PULS., Rhus toxicodendron

Symptoms begin at 6 P.M., increase until night, and disappear toward morning:- Lil-T., Syphilinum

Pains appear in the morning and last until day-break:- Colchicum, Kalm.

Twilight, worse at:- AM-M., ANG., ARS., Berberis, Bryonia, Calc-C., CAUST., Digitalis, Drosera, IGN., Natrum muriaticum, Phosphorus, Plb., PULS., RHUS-T., Staphysagria, Sulph-Ac., Valer.

Anxiety:- Calc-C., Phosphorus, RHUS-T.

Chill:- Ignatia

Headache:- ANG., PULS.

Pressure in the eyes:- Natrum muriaticum

Sadness:- PHOS.

Better:- Alumina, Bryonia, Phosphorus

Evening, after lying down, worse in the:- Apis., ARS., Ignatia, Ledum, PHOS., Pulsatilla, Stront., Sulphur, Thuja

Evening, toward, worse:- Aethusa, LAC-C.

Night air aggravates:- Carbo vegetabilis, MERC., Nux-M., Sulphur

Sensitive to:- CARB-AN., Carbo vegetabilis, Sulphur

Amelioration toward evening:- Kali bichromicum, Kali carb.

Rheumatism:- Kali carb.

Evening, in the:- Arnica, Bryonia, Calc-C., Ferrum, Lycopodium, Mercurius

Pain in the stomach:- Sepia

Supper, after:- Sepia

Taking warm soup, from:- Alumina

Lying down, after, in bed:- Kali-N., Magnesia carb.

Anxiety:- Magnesia carb.

Amelioration: evening until mid-night:- Cantharis

In the evenings she can work best and is cheerful:- Natrum muriaticum

Symptoms cease:- Ang., Kali-N., Pic-Ac.

Jerks through the whole body on falling asleep:- Ignatia

Jerking and twitchings cease on falling asleep:- Agaricus, Helleborus

Chorea (<) :- ZINC.

Fainting:- HEP., Nux vomica, Sepia

8 P.M. to 9 P.M.:- NUX-V.

Neuralgia:- ANAC.

9 P.M. to 10 P.M.:- ANAC.

Paint, biting:- Gambogia, Ran-S.

In bones:- MEZER.

Gnawing:- Ran-S.

Sticking:- Ind.

Tearing:- Ind.

Restlessness:- Alumina, Am-C., Calc-C., Carbo vegetabilis, CAUST., MERC., Rumx.

4 P.M. to 8 P.M.:- Carbo vegetabilis, LYC.

8 P.M.:- Calc-C., MERC.

Spasms, cramps:- Alumina, Calc-C., CAUST., Gelsemium, Kali-N., Laur., Mercurius, OP., Stramonium, Sulphur

8 P.M.:- Arsenicum

Starting up, as if in a fright, on falling asleep:- ARS., Belladonna, Sulphur

Trembling:- SIL.

Walking, after:- SIL.

Weakness:- Am-C., Causticum, CROC., IGN., KALI-B., NAT-M., PETR., PULS., Sepia, Silicea, Sulphur

Weariness, relaxation:- Am-C., CAUST., Petroleum


Anger: Am-C., BRY., Cina., Croc., Kali-M., Nicc., Opium, Petroleum

Anxiety:- Alumina, AMBR., Arsenicum, Bovista, CALC-C., Carbo vegetabilis, CAUST., Cina., Digitalis, HEP., Laur., LYC., Mercurius, Acid nitricum, Nux vomica, Phosphorus, RHUS-T., Sepia, Stannum, SULPH.

And shuddering, as soon as evening draws near:- Aconite, ARS., Calc-C., Mercurius, Rhus toxicodendron

Bed., in:- Ambr., Arsenicum, Bar-C., BRY., Calc-C., Carbo vegetabilis, CAUST., Cench., Cocc., Graphites, LYC., MAG-C., SULPH.

Disappearing in bed:- Magnesia carb., Sulphur

Relieved:- Am-C.

Cheerfulness:- China, LACH., Sulphur, Zincum met.

Complaining:- Veratrum

Confusion:- Carbo vegetabilis, Euphr., NUX-M.

Death, fear of:- Aconite, Arsenicum, Calc-C., PHOS.

Delirium:- Arsenicum, BELL., Calc-C.

On falling asleep:- Belladonna, BRY., Calc-C.

Despondent:- PULS., Rhus-t.

Discontented:- Pulsatilla, RHUS-T.

Fear:- Aconite, Calc-C., CAUST., Phosphorus, PULS.

Forgetness:- Form.

Ghosts, fear of:- PULS.

Irresolute:- Pulsatilla

Irritability:- Kali-M., SULPH., Zincum met.

Lamenting:- Veratrum

Liveliness:- Ferrum, LACH., Valer.

Lively memory:- Coffea

Midnight, until:- Coffea

C.M. Boger
Cyrus Maxwell Boger 5/ 13/ 1861 "“ 9/ 2/ 1935
Born in Western Pennsylvania, he graduated from the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and subsequently Hahnemann Medical College of Philadelphia. He moved to Parkersburg, W. Va., in 1888, practicing there, but also consulting worldwide. He gave lectures at the Pulte Medical College in Cincinnati and taught philosophy, materia medica, and repertory at the American Foundation for Homoeopathy Postgraduate School. Boger brought BÅ“nninghausen's Characteristics and Repertory into the English Language in 1905. His publications include :
Boenninghausen's Characteristics and Repertory
Boenninghausen's Antipsorics
Boger's Diphtheria, (The Homoeopathic Therapeutics of)
A Synoptic Key of the Materia Medica, 1915
General Analysis with Card Index, 1931
Samarskite-A Proving
The Times Which Characterize the Appearance and Aggravation of the Symptoms and their Remedies