4. During Day

4. During Day.  

In General:- Am-M., Cimic., FER., Nat-Arsenicum, Natrum carbonicum, NAT-M., Nit- Ac., PULS., RHUS-T., Sanguinaria, SEP., SULPH.

5. Morning

5. Morning.  

4 A.M. TO 9 A.M

ABIES-N., Abrotanum, Absin., ACON., AGAR., Aloe., AMBER., Am-C., AM-M., ANAC., Ang., ANT-C., Ant-T., ARG-M., AR…

6. Morning until noon

6. Morning until noon.  

Heat:- Ang., APIS., Arnica, Calc-C., Causticum, Chamomilla, Hepar, Kali-I., Natrum muriaticum, Rhus toxicodendron, Sulphur

Bed …

7. Noon

7. Noon.  

Aggravation:- Apis., ARG-N., Carbo vegetabilis, Kali bichromicum, NUX-M., Nux vomica, Paeon., Sepia, Stramonium, Sulphur, Valer., …

8. After-noon

8. After-noon.  

(12 Noon to 6 P.M.).

Aconite, AGAR., All-C., ALOE., ALUM., AMBR., AM-C., AM-M., Ang., ANT-C., APIS., Arg-M., Argentum nitricum,…

9. Evening

9. Evening.  

(6 P.M. to 9 P.M.)

Abrotanum, Aconite, Agn., ALL-C., ALOE., Ambr., AM-C., Am-M., Anacardium, ANG., ANT-C., ANT-T., Apis., ARG-M…

10. Night

10. Night.  

9 P.M. to 4 A.M

Acet-Ac., Aconite, Aloe., Am-C., AM-M., AMMO., Ang., ANT-C., Ant- T., Apocynum, ARAL., Argentum nitricum, Arsen…


The table of Moon Phases consists of an enumeration of the times, at which a particularly successful prescription has been made; thereby accentuating the importance of the time period in which the remedy has been found more useful….


The Moon Phases refers exclusively to cured cases and was undertaken in order to determine the relative standing of the remedies in this respect. …