THE NEW VOGUE IN HOMOEOPATHIC PRACTICE. Unlike many other vogues which come and go, it appears that this new vogue of injection therapy has come to stay unless we, who are willing victims of this modern medical torture. some day decided to get rid of it; or wisdom dawns upon our homoeopaths to stop this torture in the name of science; or the Almighty God sends a saviour to save us from our medical tormentors.

Vogue has become the order of our daily life. Vogue in dress, vogue in make-up, vogue in food and drink; it is vogue and vogue everywhere and in every facet of our life–in fact vogue has become an obsession with civilised society. It appears that man is a creature of vogue. He will take on any vogue even though his submission to it is extremely painful and harmful.

More in the past than at present, man used to submit his body to the tortures of tattoo simply because someone had created a vogue and others had taken a fancy to it. Women used to wear steel hoops and whale bones round their waists to look very slim. They suffered all the pain and its dangerous after effects simply because some one had said that it was a vogue. Again it was considered to be a vogue for women to have lovely small feet. To attain this beauty of form women used to squeeze their feet in small tight fitting shoes regardless of the pain caused by corns and frequent ankle sprains.

Vogue has taken human society by storm and we are not surprised to have a new vogue in the treatment of human ailments. And this new vogue is Injection Therapy.

The history of medical science makes interesting reading when we come across strange vogues prevailing at different periods of its development. There was a time when application of leeches was in vogue and the patient suffered terribly from all the after effects of the bite of the leeches. Sometimes the wounds became septic and were followed by death. Another vogue practiced at another period was blood letting and cupping. This also was no less painful and injurious but still it had its hey- day. Blistering plasters and skull caps were frequently resorted to by the medical men of old days irrespective of the pain the victim suffered during and after the operation.

Before the advent of the vogue of injection therapy all medicines were administered orally. Even today some specimens of the old stock of medical profession are averse to the use of injections and some use them only very sparingly. I had the occasion to hear one of these old doctors say that the practice of medicine today is no more a humanitarian and noble work; it has demoralised into a commercial art where greed and grab predominate over finer human sentiments.

Doctors find it more paying to give an injection every 3 hours than prescribing a drug to be taken orally every 3 hours for the simple reason that an injection cannot be given by any one else except the doctor, and therefore the doctor has to be called in every 3 hours and that means more money every time to the doctor and the foreign manufacturer but without any benefit to the patient.

Until recently, injection therapy was practised by the practitioners of the orthodox school only. But it passes our comprehension to see that this new vogue has caught the fancy of homoeopaths. Some of them also have started administering homoeopathic drugs and other proprietary compounds by way of injections. It is to them we want to sound a note of warning before it is too late and before they are engulfed by the stream and swept away by the rising tide of this new vogue.

Homoeopathy is still as pure as sacred as it was during the days of Hahnemann but it appears that some of us are bent upon polluting it. They are trying to convert this benevolent science into a commercialised art. But in doing this they are only trying to ape their counterparts of the orthodox school. Probably they feel that practice of Homoeopathy cannot be as lucrative as they would wish it to be. They are overpowered by a feeling of jealousy when they see their brother practitioners of the other school minting money by heaps.

It appears that these homoeopaths have fallen from the high pedestal of noble ideals of the medical profession and have become victims to the prevailing greed and graft mentality of the business world.

Injection therapy was unknown in the days of Hahnemann but our modern followers of Hahnemann want us to believe that they can improve upon Hahnemannian methods and in doing so they take cover behind such high sounding phrases as “Research in Homoeopathy” and “Development and advancement of Homoeopathy on sound modern lines.” But in doing this they forget that they are not only trying to deceive others but are practising self- deception. The use of such phrases as “Research in Homoeopathy” and “Scientific advancement” is simple mockery and make believe. They further want us to believe that homoeopathic drugs are more quickly absorbed when given by way of injection.

Chugha B R