THE NEW VOGUE IN HOMOEOPATHIC PRACTICE. Unlike many other vogues which come and go, it appears that this new vogue of injection therapy has come to stay unless we, who are willing victims of this modern medical torture. some day decided to get rid of it; or wisdom dawns upon our homoeopaths to stop this torture in the name of science; or the Almighty God sends a saviour to save us from our medical tormentors.


HOMOEOPATHY AND SURGERY. The author refers particularly to conditions in his native land-ED. He begins to advise an operation for any ailment for which a surgical and the ignorant patient both come to grief. Although in the primitive past barbers used to practice surgery in India as well as in the West, modern surgery is a highly specialised art and as such the knife should not be allowed to be handled by anyone except a specialist.

Drugs Cause Disease

Two centuries of British rule backed by the subtle propaganda of the vested interest of drug manufacturers has created a psychological belief in the public mind. Whenever we are ill we think only of DRUGS and injections as the surest and quickest way of cure. Right from our cradle we have been taught that the doctor would come and would give us some good medicine to make us well.