Homoeopathy is to prevention what it is to cure-the only effective method. We challenge any doctor to produce its equal. Its opponents and others have accused its supporters of making it a fetish. A fetish is something made by art, artificial, factitious. Homoeopathy is a stern reality built on the firm rock of natural law and as firm as the rock it stands on. Homoeopathy is indeed exotic.

The greatest curse affecting humanity today is that trinity composed of ignorance (the mother) and fear and superstition (the children). That trinity is the modern doctors chief stock in trade and the foundation on which vaccination so firmly stands. We act as though man had no natural immunity and therefore must depend on artificial means. Can you conceive of anything more ridiculous than that?.

Creighton shows in the ninth English edition of the “Encyclopaedia Britannica” that at Leignitz, in 1870, 224 vaccinated persons came down before the first unvaccinated. Can you find a parallel in the last twenty years since sanitation has become more widely practiced. where 224 unvaccinated people came down before the first vaccinated person? If vaccination protects,why cant you ?.

Surgeon General Cumming (who just knows that pollen causes hay-fever), reports (according to “Squibs Memoranda”) the following: “A careful study was made of an outbreak of malignant smallpox,beginning in Duluth in January,1924. The first case was that of a male nurse who had never been successfully vaccinated,and who died within a few days. A total of 182 cases developed. Of these 139, or 76 per cent. had never been successfully vaccinated. Of the remaining forty-three individuals who had had smallpox, thirty-nine had not been successfully vaccinated within seven years”.

In this Duluth epidemic you have not a single individual who had never been vaccinated. Can you produce a single parallel to that where the firebrand and every individual composing the epidemic had never been vaccinated and which epidemic occurred during the last twenty years? If vaccination protects, why cant you?.

That Duluth epidemic was vaccinations very own and refutes vaccination as a protection from every angle. What made that epidemic “malignant”? What difference did it make if the 76 per percent. were “unsuccessfully vaccinated”? did the other 24 percent. who were fully protected share any better fate? Vogt found that out of 4000,000 cases of smallpox but 1.6 per cent. repeated, while in Duluth in that epidemic all forty-three of those who had small pox repeated, even though four of them had been successfully vaccinated., Why? Simply because the vaccine virus had rekindled the latent predisposition. Here we have four men fully protected by vaccination and by having had the disease, coming down with smallpox as nonchalantly as their “unsuccessfully vaccinated” brothers. The firebrand in that epidemic was a men whose natural body defenses had broken down by vaccination and who in the natural order of things came down with the disease.

Why Vaccine Virus Cannot Protect.

That vaccine virus is impossible is not hard to see,but that “there are none so blind as those who will not see” is a sad truth. The present-day vaccine virus, we are informed, “is a mixture of the malanders virus, Greys virus and Bordeaux virus (all akin to syphilis) and the virus of a Russian vaccine producer in 1838, who claimed to have passed smallpox through a cow.

The Germans mixed all of them and that is our present source.” A fine mixture, dont you think,. to pollute a healthy blood stream with?.

There are two immutable laws governing all therapeutic agents-the laws of similars and the law governing the relation of action to reaction. The law of governing action and reaction is that the re-or curative action of the drug is capable of eliminating or preventing only such pathogenetic results as the action of the same drug is capable of producing on the healthy human being. Therefore, if the agent does not produce a pathogenesis similar to smallpox in its action on the healthy human being its reaction is incapable of either preventing or curing smallpox. The very fact that Malandrinum or Vaccininum may have been prescribed or vaccination performed as a preventive and the patient having escaped the disease thereafter is not positive proof that they were the cause of this escape.

The deduction is merely an assumption as they are entirely dissimilar, besides,how did you know they were not already immune? Vaccine virus conforms to neither of these two laws. Creighton says the results of vaccine virus are similar to syphilis, Osler, to cowpox, both of which are dissimilar to smallpox, therefore vaccine virus is not similar as a nosode, is not similar in its action to smallpox virus and therefore its re- or curative action cannot prevent a dissimilar disease. The only thing that vaccine virus can do is to suppress the trouble physiologically which it too often does only to crop out latter in a more virulently destructive form.

Again even though the vaccine virus were the similar and logical agent, its mode of application is in direct violation of natural law. Only men who have a wrong idea of human physiology can condone its method of application. The body, like the builders of King Solomons temple, has no means of shaping the crude material put directly into it. the creator sealed the body against outside intrusion and gave the digestive apparatus to perform the task of preparing everything that enters therein, knowing full well the injury that would accrue from foreign matter, let alone septic matter. The digestive apparatus has the power to reject this, but not so after it has once circumvented this apparatus. Again, this agent in its crude state could only be pathogenetic and not eliminative. So that from every angle vaccine virus is ruled out as valueless in the protection against smallpox.

Variolinum, the Real Logical Protection.

While we have always doubted that there would ever be universal protection from any disease, Variolinum complying with the laws of similars and action and reaction is the only logical agent for the protection against smallpox. Give in the 30x or cc potencies it is taken away from its pathogenetic state and goes right down to the predisposition, which it will either allay or remove entirely.

It is logical, sanitary, prompt in its action and, above all, effective. It does away with the unsightly syphilitic scar that mars the beauty of any arm. It is devoid of all evil after effects. In those not predisposed to smallpox it seems to have little or no action, its action increasing in those whose predisposition is more active, Where the predisposition is extremely active vaccination will not take and inserting vaccine virus in such cases is likely pouring oil on a raging fire.

Homoeopathy is to prevention what it is to cure-the only effective method. We challenge any doctor to produce its equal. Its opponents and others have accused its supporters of making it a fetish. A fetish is something made by art, artificial, factitious. Homoeopathy is a stern reality built on the firm rock of natural law and as firm as the rock it stands on. Homoeopathy is indeed exotic.

If it has become esoteric it is because its enemies have made it so. The term fetish is applicable not to homoeopathy but to allopathy which the modern homoeopath bows down to in worship to the extent of annihilating homoeopathy for its (allopathys) favor. When looking for a curative or a preventive agent, to look upon homoeopathy as either a fetish or as esoteric and to outside the object sought is true admission of ones lack of knowledge of homoeopathy. Homoeopathy is the truth of God or it could not survive the follies employed by modern homoeopaths o defend it.

In conclusion-as we have sop often stated before-it is one thing to be vaccinated,but quite another thing to be protected against smallpox.

Alfred Pulford
Alfred Pulford, M.D., M.H.S., F.A.C.T.S. 1863-1948 – American Homeopath and author who carried out provings of new remedies. Author of Key to the Homeopathic Materia Medica, Repertoroy of the Symptoms of Rheumatism, Sciatica etc., Homeopathic Materia Medica of Graphic Drug Pictures.