“There are more things in heaven, and in earth, Horatio…



“There are more things in heaven, and in earth, Horatio than are dreamed of in thy philosophy”.

The trite sayings and maxims of the days of yore in reference to the philosophy of nature and human existence, have left and sustained a truthful impress.

While the masses of mankind herd along the way, and live a life made up of material customs, habits and conventionalities, and thus grovel with the worm among the clods of the valley, there grovel with the worm among the recognize nature as their alma mater, who elevate themselves upon the platform of the universe, look aloft and, after the manner of Socrates, exclaim: “it must be so; it must be so, Plato, or whence this longing for immortality?”.

The first faint light which broke the darkness of heathen philosophy, sprang from the altar of the Universe; an emanative dawn from the in material prototypic soul of Nature- the amazing reality of all things; the great immaterial sensorium from which proceeds the absorbent attributes of delegated life and motion to material, animated organisms, the growth force, life force, the supreme moulder of all things (in a vital dynamic, absorbent sense), of all material elements and systems.

It is this immaterial dynamic life and growth force which absorbently unites and blinds mind with matter, and which is so supremely elective in the institution of that divine league of federacy, which provides for the physiological demands of animated corporeal organisms-absorbently and correspondingly; and conversely, is none the less respondent and obedient to legal statutes, in supplying from its provisional, immaterial, vital dynamic laboratory, an exhaustless fund of individual pathogenetic correspondences, which, by vital dynamic absorbent uses, restores health, cures diseased bodies by concordant, characteristic, absorbent like and similars.

If we are obedient to the mandates of natural laws or methods, we cannot detach ourselves, if we would pursue the only true art of healing, from the psychological cause of all things.

Granting that this position implies much which is hard to be understood, and very much which seemingly cannot be practically elucidated and demonstrated; yet it marks the only true line of progress, and is the only distinguished mark of the lightest elevation of human beneficence.

Nature has given us a law of cure. Down, can we, understand this law? We know that this law exists invariably, and that in prescribing for the sick, obedience to law always produces successful results.

It is not truthful to assert that this law dwells in material provinces, but that it has originated and lives in the immaterial psychological sensorium of the Universe; and that it, per se, is related conservatively to the whole of the vital tenantry of nature?.

It follows from this proposition, that the material department of nature absorbs all of its support from the immaterial department of the universe, and that when we give this fact legitimate we shall find that it opens up a limitless fund of invaluable truth.

In this duality, of tenant and house-in our work of cure-we do not appeal to the “house beautiful,” but to the living Caesar tenant, from whom the house or corporeal castle absorbs its support.

Hence it follows, that the mind must be consulted in the cure of all of the diseases of the body, and that the healing power of nature is always dispensed dynamically, reactively, and absorbently from the psychological sphere of the human organism; or, in other words, from the immaterial living, incarnating, nutritive growth force-the intelligent architect of the corporeal house.

Now, in diseased states and conditions of the body, it is the office of the physician to assist this vital dynamic tenantry in the adjustment of its absorptive, physiological environment. he can never do this, if he does not conform to the dual behests of natural law. Certainly, if be does this, he shall live; and his patient shall have all possible opportunity to recover, allowing the case to be what it may be.

He then shall have no cause to lament over “fatal errors,” for he has been vigilant and able in providing a due environment by the best known homoeopathic resources, based upon a correct interpretation of natural laws of affinitive, absorptive likes which he has found pictured in his cases-but not t all, in any diagnostic name of a disease-which latter means no more than to give soot tea for colic because the days of yore said it was good for doubling up, or, as when the boy said; “Doctor, I am sick all over, daub your medicine on any where, you can’t miss it”.

Seriously, then, we are daily taught the hard fact that we must meet the natural remedial correspondence of the cases which are committed to our charge.

If we fall short of this, we are not as well versed in true and pure homoeopathic science as we should be. We shall be disappointed. Nature’s demands for her remedial similitudes, her corresponding “likes,” are inexorable. Sanative, absorbent, dynamical reaction, is pivotal. It turns to the right when the similimum is given to the left (wrong) always without abatement and mercy, when it is not discerned, and given.

Apparent miracles of success often proceed from the use of a truly corresponding remedy-miracles of shameful blunder and disaster (which should seem unpardonable) hover over the dark way of the ignorant prescriber-and the tears and anguish of the widow, and the wail of the orphan follow in the wake of-“all was done which could be done(?).

Placing ourselves as we do, squarely upon the platform of Nature, we proclaim her vital dynamical absorbent attributes and in therapy we recognize her vital, reactive dispensations, in the sense relatively and physiologically, by which from the federacy of a divine league of affinitive and nutritive juxtaposites, and elective correspondences, the oak is grown and reared from its acorn germ.

The oak is a habitat of a world-wide domain, and is representative only of the character, individuality and peculiar temperament of its species, one only in a community of species the diversified nature as to peculiarity and individuality is endless, and embracing every natural substance, and which we further find epitomized absorbently in that microscopic universe called man.

If we would, therefore, we cannot escape from this infinite range of environment by which our dual existence is supported by the absorption of correlative likes and elementary correspondences, their continued rhythm and physiological psychology furnishing the absorbtive bonds which blind mind to matter.

Our work consists in so understanding and in so manipulating the legitimate fruits of these facts of firm foundation, as to be qualified in our efforts successfully to repair and strengthen the absorptive bonds which connect mind (the man) to matter. Samuel Hahnemann, in this immortal Organon, has pointed out the way in which this can be, and is, accomplished.

The modus operandi is established upon philosophical grounds. The whole method of procedure is shown, proven and abundantly verified and demonstrated. it is alive with the immortality of indestructible truth, and the beat that we can do, is to steadfastly work out way up to the supreme eminence of the truths which the legal statutes of nature endorse and own.

There can be no more noble work than this, and no work which can so richly bless the bestower and they who receive. It is the glory of our cause that in thousands and thousands of truthful examples it has raised up the sufferer to newness of health and life, and we continue on doing over and over the same thing, as the law directs.

Follows workers, let us continue to be up and doing. Let us always than the Great First Cause and take courage. How beautiful, how symmetrical, how sublime is the way and the means which God in his ordinances and handiwork has given us to do, and shown us how to do.

We should feel imbued with wonder, love and praise, to our God for every fresh light and truth He unfolds to us, whether it glimmers forth from Sirius, Arcturus, or the Kind of Day; or from the open book filled with the treasures of His unspeakable beneficence.

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