Such a little thing as the loss of a mere leg seems to be of small moment to many of our O.S.friends, especially if the recovery is uneventful. What a multitude of tragedies is charitably hidden by that mellifluous phrase, “the recovery was uneventful,” so much like its companion phrase, “the operation was successful, but the patient died.” Perhaps the poor man, now hobbling about minus his cancerous leg, has time to reflect upon the possible relationship between overdosing with arsenic and the development of cancer.

That the permitted himself to be fed upon arsenic for seven long years in the endeavor to cure his psoriasis,illustrates, what blind faith in the wisdom and skill of the medical man, especially if he be of the orthodox school, still holds many often laity in its grasp. That the vicious and far reaching effects of the drug continued as long as fourteen years after its season is, of course, of interest to us homoeopaths and should admonish us not to repeat too often,. even our higher potencies of the minerals and metals especially.

A dose of Arsenicum album high. in a chronic case and proved that the remedy is homoeopathically indicated,will continue to act for days, weeks and even months. Surely, Semons experience as above related serves to emphasize the fact. Furthermore,if arsenic, like the X-ray, can produce cancer,it must be capable of curing it, always, of course, in suitable cases, in which the malignancy has not progressed too long or too far. CARBOLIC ACID-Homoeopathic physicians who study their Materia medica well know the dangerous power of this drug and conversely, its opportunity to do good, when prescribed in accordance with the law of seminars and in a highly potentized form.

Allens Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica,volume II, pages 590-604, gives an exact record of he numerous provings in potency of this drug, as well as the symptoms produced by the crude drug, when taken accidentally or with suicidal intent. the symptoms recorded by Allen find verification in a most interesting case of accidental poisoning,reported in full by the LONDON LANCER of December 16th, 1922, and which we herewith publish,with greatful acknowledgment to the English journal;l., The report well demonstrates not only the lethal power of carbolic acid when applied even externally, but also the peculiar elective affinity of this drug for the kidney tissues especially.

Thus we are told by this account of poisoning that the autopsy revealed an “acute hemorrhagic nephritis.” Allen mentions, “urine very dark colored,dark greenish-brown color to the urine, urine dark, smoky color , alkaline urine, almost black.” Also, a diminished amount of urine.

These pathological or objective symptoms are in themselves sufficient to call our attention to carbolic acid as a remedy of promise, in acute parenchymatous nephritis, acute Haemorrhagic nephritis,and in haemoglobinuria and in these conditions,comparison should be made with apis mel., Cantharis, Mercuries corr and Terebinthina especially.

Herewith the :Lancets report.

Rabe R F
Dr Rudolph Frederick RABE (1872-1952)
American Homeopathy Doctor.
Rabe graduated from the New York Homeopathic Medical College and trained under Timothy Field Allen and William Tod Helmuth.

Rabe was President of the International Hahnemannian Association, editor in chief of the Homeopathic Recorder, and he wrote Medical Therapeutics for daily reference. Rabe was Dean and Professor of Homeopathic Therapeutics at the New York Homeopathic Medical College.