Correct astrological calculations has often given this kind of information to the expectant mother. The Ayurvedic physicians of old India who gained legendary reputation in the culture of the science of Pulse Reading, could inform the pregnant woman by an examination of her pulse that she was going to deliver a male or female baby at a particular time of a particular month of the year.


Man forgets that the same soul exists in him as well as in other creatures of God and that the root cause of sympathy is oneness of soul. If we do not bear this in mind, we would be selfish and unsympathetic and we will try to do harm to others. If our thoughts are bad, naturally outbursts of psora will take place and we will suffer from some sort of disease or the other.


The cause of this is undoubtedly the invisible cloud that hovers closely around the sailors who have remained free from the disease composed of probably millions of the miasmatic (meaning, developed from miasm) animated beings which at first developed on the broad marshy banks of the tepid ganges always searching out in preference the human being to his destruction.


Constant desire to eat which gives ease momentarily, but the hunger is never assuaged and pain and distress may be again relieved by eating. He has to get up at night to eat something. Flatulence form emptiness. Patient hungry, better while eating, but worse afterwards. Relief while eating or from eating but the trouble soon returns. Dyspeptic pains return two hours, after eating.


Theoritically there is no difficulty in understanding the spirit of his statements but we often come across with tremendous difficulties in the actual field. He has mentioned about repetition of drugs at proper intervals both before and after the commencement of the action of a drug but he has not definitely pointed out how to know those proper intervals; how long to wait after administering the first dose of a well selected drug?


Difficulty to concentrate upon or to follow conversation. Bad humour, desires to be left alone. Superficial burning in various parts of face and lips. Nasal and buccal pricking. Tickling in various parts of face and lips. Numbness of lips. Muscles of face feel stiff. Fibrillar jerks visible in various muscles of face and periorbital muscles. Itching in various parts of body and in external auditive ducts.


Antim tart, Apis, Gelsemium and Pulsatilla are thirstless as a rule. Arsenicum, Calcarea, Mercurius and Phosphorus often have extreme thirst. Arsenicum may want frequent sips of cold water but the Arsenic patient often desires hot drinks and is better from heat in general, both internally and externally. Bryonia has thirst for large quantities of water at infrequent intervals. Phosphorus wants ice cold drinks and to chew cracked ice.