Difficulty to concentrate upon or to follow conversation. Bad humour, desires to be left alone. Superficial burning in various parts of face and lips. Nasal and buccal pricking. Tickling in various parts of face and lips. Numbness of lips. Muscles of face feel stiff. Fibrillar jerks visible in various muscles of face and periorbital muscles. Itching in various parts of body and in external auditive ducts.

Reprinted from Journal of the American Institute of Homoeopathy Jan. 1952


Pain or discomfort in one or both ears, propagating to surrounding region; to neck; to lower jaw and temporal region; to forehead; to lower jaw, cheek and anterior region of ear; to neck and forehead; to upper maxillary; to submaxillary region; to occiput and superior part of neck; to part of superior part of neck; to maxillary and occipital region; to neck, maxillaries and occipital region of the same side; to inferior canine and one side of head; to jaw and neck of the same side.

Painful compression at base of ears, propagating frequently to neighbouring regions.

As if a foreign body would press base of ears one against the other.

As if head was compressed laterally at the ears and part of surrounding brain.

As if a finger was introduced in each ear pressing.

As if a base of ear was being compressed causing pain in neighbouring regions.

As if there was air at pressure in the base of ears.

As if the whole zone surrounding the ear was being compressed.

As if a bathing – cap was compressing the lateral part of the head at the height of the ears.

Pressure from inside outwards at both ears.

Painful compression at mastoid region, propagating sometimes to neighbouring regions.

Ears obstructed.

Both ears obstructed at the same time, or one of them, or alternating one and the other.

Obstruction and alternate clearing of ears.

Ears obstructed with sensation of compression at the base.

Sensation of fullness in ears.

Ears humming, like deaf for some moments.

Buzzings and whistlings.

Buzzings, and obstruction of ears previous to pressing pain from inside outwards at one side of head.

When swallowing saliva, ears are humming, with relief of the obstruction.

Pains, stitching, tearing, dull.

Contractions of particular muscles.

Drawing in external auditive duct.

Red and burning ear.

Pricking in ear like by chillblains.

Itching at entrance of external auditive duct; in both duct or only in one; or lobe of ear.

Concomitants: Superficial burning sensations on head and face. itching on lids and other parts of body. Heat in face. Picking at left frontoparietal region. Pricking at internal side of thigh. Burning in eyes. Stitches in eyes. Superciliar pain. Compression of the whole head. Sensation of dullness in head. Burning occipital headache. Heavy supraorbital headache. Odontalgia. As if a forceps was compressing root of nose from outside.

Sensation of nostrils being dry and wide open. Drawing at zygomatic region. Pain in throat. Dryness of throat and larynx. Myalgiae and arthralgiae. Partial numbness of limbs. Toes, swollen red and hot. Sensation of electricity running through the hand. Weariness.

Lack of strength and will. Tremor of hands. Dizziness. Pain in chest wall. Oppression and difficulty to breath. Cough. Precordial pains. Palpitations. Queer precordial sensation. Pains in hypogastrium. Pain in left testicle. Burning at stomach.

Modalities: Better by cold.


Itching without eruption, fugitive, on the whole back or half of the nose; on one of the wings; on the tip of the nose.

Superficial burning at the back of the nose; on its tip.

Pricking at one half of back of the nose.

Sensations of drawing skin or as if skin was contracting at back of the nose; at one of its halves; at back of nose and right frontal region.

Visible and repeated contractions of skin at one side of nose.

Drawing at back of the nose.

Sensation of pinching at root of nose.

As if a forceps was put on root of nose, compressing it from the outside.

Painful tension at root of nose.

Contusive bruised pain at nose.

Jacob Gringauz