Superficial knowledge of Materia Medica can never aid a cure; on the other hand, it brings Homoeopathy into disrepute. It is not true that the advent of certain new drugs of the Old School has crippled our therapeutic activities especially, in the field of acute diseases. We must admit that our frequent failures to give satisfaction to our clients have brought us to this state of uselessness.


Hot hands after midnight, while in bed: Magnetis Polus Australis. H. C. Allen. Lightness of the whole body: Mag. Pol. Aust. H.C. Allen. We consider it a deep long acting remedy, to be repeated not oftener than once a fortnight: Malandrinum. Allen. Where the skin has an unnatural color between the pustules, and smallpox takes on the confluent form, it is always serious and often dangerous. When the eye-ball becomes congested and red, it enables the physician to prognose danger.


Pain in stomach after meals. Chilliness after meals. Sensation of pressure in throat as from food after meals. Headache after meals. Great anxiety about epigastric region. Aversion to butter, to broth to sweets, to puddings; to a meal and flour and dishes made of it. Cannot bear cold water but can take it warm. Desire for sour things, brandy, coffee, lard. Soreness of stomach with burning heat. Burning like fire in stomach.


The most favourite site of these bacilli to settle down is the pharynx on and around the tonsils, other common seats being nose, soft palate and larynx. They do not enter into the blood but poison the blood from their original seat in the throat. They also poison the nervous system and heart in consequence of which prostration and cardiac exhaustion are noticed all through the course of the disease.


Fever: Worm fever. Remittent fever, from worms. Infantile remittents. Violent fever, frequent pulse, dry, hot skin. Restless sleep. Tongue deep red. Grinding of teeth. Hands cold. Extremities cold. Great restlessness. Milky urine. Bloated abdomen hard or soft; abdomen very sensitive; diarrhoea with abdominal pains. Constipation.


Vital force nearly exhausted, cold surface, especially from knees down to feet, lies motionless, as if dead; breath cold; pulse intermittent, thready, cold sweat on limbs. Blueness, coldness and ecchymoses; wants to be constantly fanned; gasps. Fan me, Fan me; haemorrhage of dark decomposed, unclotted blood, blood oozing from gums, nostrils, indescribable paleness, not only of the hippocratic face, but also of the skin of the whole body.