These are the two types of surgery to which the homoeopath is opposed, not the acute and emergency surgery which may often be the only thing to do. But not taking an adequate history and determining beforehand whether or no the trouble is emotional is to perpetrate upon the patient the most damnable type of surgery known. This type is really operating the inoperable.


Headache in occiput and nape with pain as if they were opening and shutting, is unable to lie on back of head, has to turn to the side; worse mental effort, eating drinking, sleeping, taking, riding in cold air; better indoors, by rest, by turning head back, putting hands to the back of the head. Menstrual headache or during pregnancy.


Owing to the rapidity with which Sulphur, Silicea and Hep. have always effected the cure of panaritium in my hands, I have never found it necessary to try other remedies. If the uterus has become prolapsed in consequence of hard labor, the prolapse most generally yields to Nux vom. or Sep.Platina has a form of constipation similar to Alumina, i.e., the stools adhere to the anus like soft clay.


Mental betterment is an outstanding indication of favorable remedial action. Where the cause of continued vexation and mental turmoil cannot be removed, do not expect cure. Ingestion of noxious substances through alimentary or respiratory tracts or skin must be eliminated, if present – lead, arsenic, phosphorus, sulphur, mercury, sewer gas, or whatever. Errors of diet must be righted.


Sulphur kids are warm-blooded with some eruptions on their skin; unhealthy skin. They cannot keep their feet covered during sleep and kicks off the covering. The child is very pleased with his position and possessions. In the absence of a clear-cut indication for any other drug Dr. Jahr recommends this drug in the 30th potency for a week and claims to have obtained success with very few exceptions.


The single remedy will do all that is required but if any see fit to alternate remedies or to give one remedy internally at the same time as another remedy is applied locally, that is their affair. But they can scarcely expect more consistent and effective results than are obtainable from the correctly chosen single remedy, while alternated remedies may interfere with each other it should be remembered.


This anonymous manuscript was found among some old material that had been submitted to the Recorder. Addition rubrics will be welcomed. aching, aggr. before – Med. during – Nat. c., Phos. aggr. during – Nat. p. cutting, before – Sil. drawing, during – Rhod. and tearing, violent, in cranial bones and periosteum, during – Rhod. stabbing, before – Sil. tearing, during – Rhod.


The scrotum was distended like a bladder with bluish discolouration. Prepuce also was swollen. Urine almost suppressed, urine scanty, hot, high coloured. Albumen and casts in urine. Leg, hands, face and abdomen were swollen. Diarrhoea, stools watery, 10 or 12 stools a day, often involuntary, offensive : Hot palms. Sulphur in the 200th and 100th potency helped the patient and removed the swelling. The diarrhoea ceased and urine became free.