Headache in occiput and nape with pain as if they were opening and shutting, is unable to lie on back of head, has to turn to the side; worse mental effort, eating drinking, sleeping, taking, riding in cold air; better indoors, by rest, by turning head back, putting hands to the back of the head. Menstrual headache or during pregnancy.


Woke with pains in occiput and loins, better lying on back, passed off after rising.

Dull headache, across eyes, better outdoors, worse left side.

Before menses violent tearing in forehead and sense of fatigue, better lying down, and on menses appearing.

Pain through base of brain from eyes to occiput, worse at night, better eating, gentle motion.

Headache before and during menses; right eye to occiput, better heat, pressure, lying down, eating, gentle motion; worse noise.

Always hungry with headache.

Burning in forehead during stool.

Intense headache from emotions and physical efforts.

Headache morning on awaking, with vomiting of sour phlegm; making eyes unable to bear light.

Pain across forehead and into both temples.

Neuralgic pain at base of brain and upper spine.

Sensation of band round forehead just above eyes.

Heavy dull pain over eyes as if brain would expand but for cranial bones.

Sharp darting pains over left orbit.

Neuralgia over right parietal eminence.

Worn-out nursing mothers.

Worn out professional and businessmen.


Type: Gastric. Menstrual. Rheumatic.

Location: Forehead. Over eyes. Over left eye. Occiput. One side of head. Left side of head. Temples. Vertex.

Character of pain: Bursting, drawing, pressing, pressing asunder, sore, bruised, tearing.

Extension: From forehead to nose or from temple to jaws.

Aggravation: Morning; morning in bed; morning on waking; noon; afternoon; night; open air; coffee; during dentition; after dinner; after eating; exertion of body; pressure of hat; before menses; during menses; after menses; mental exertion; motion; in school-girls, heavily stepping; stooping, thinking of pain; changes of weather.

Amelioration: Cold application; lying; mental exertion; washing head with cold water; tobacco smoke.

Attending Symptoms: Diarrhoea

Flatulency in abdomen.

Face and head hot.

Indolence and ill-humour.

Craving for tobacco smoke.

Rheumatic pain in body.

Sensation of coldness and numbness.

Gastric symptoms.

Uterine ailments.

Symptoms: Headache of school girls, diarrhoea.

Headache, worse near the region of sutures, change of weather, of school children at puberty.

Headache with abdominal flatulency; head hot.

Headache of school boys and girls, now and then increased to violent attacks particularly after mental or bodily exertion, sometimes most severe near the sutures with diarrhoea.

Headache, with gastric symptoms, with uterine ailments or following other sensations, in peevish or forgetful children, worse from change of weather, extending from forehead to nose or from temples to jaw with some rheumatic ache from clavicles to wrists.

Worse when thinking about it and in morning, from riding in a railroad car.

Better from cold washing, from mental occupation.

Sensation of coldness and numbness.

Headache of children from going to school, from change of weather; with other rheumatic pains.

Head compressed, heavy and painful on waking in the morning.

Painful sensation of fullness in the head as if the brain were pressed against the cranium, worse movement, by change of position; better lying still.

Headache with craving for tobacco smoke which ameliorates.

During the headache face and head hot with indolence and ill- humour.

Headache is worse in open air or stooping.

Headache on vertex, behind ears, with drawing in muscles of neck to nape and occiput.

Headache of school girls with diarrhoea.

Headache with flatulency in abdomen.


Type: Neuralgic. Periodical.

Location: Brain. Forehead. Left side of forehead. Over eyes. Occiput. One side of head. Left side of head.


Character of pain: Throbbing, boring, digging, sore, bruised, stunning, stupefying, dull, aching, expansive, pulsating.

Cause : Malaria.

Extension: Occiput to forehead.

Aggravation: Daytime; morning; morning in bed; morning on rising; forenoon; noon; afternoon; 4 P.M. 5-6 P.M. evening; 7 P.M. night; after dinner; after eating; excitement; emotion; flatulency; moving eyes; rising; raising head; reading; after sleep; stooping; exposure to sun; walking in open air; at regular hours; left side, walking in sunshine; on awaking in night; turning head; turning eyes; moving till evening.

Amelioration: Pressing head against cold things; cold application; lying.

Attending Symptoms: ringing in ears with deafness.


Heat in face.

Closes eyelids involuntarily.

Whirling in head.




Anguish, sweating.

Trembling in limbs.

Paleness of face.

Violent thirst.


Sparks before eyes.

Increased appetite.


Pulsation of arteries.

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