Headache in occiput and nape with pain as if they were opening and shutting, is unable to lie on back of head, has to turn to the side; worse mental effort, eating drinking, sleeping, taking, riding in cold air; better indoors, by rest, by turning head back, putting hands to the back of the head. Menstrual headache or during pregnancy.


Woke with pains in occiput and loins, better lying on back, passed off after rising.

Dull headache, across eyes, better outdoors, worse left side.

Before menses violent tearing in forehead and sense of fatigue, better lying down, and on menses appearing.

Pain through base of brain from eyes to occiput, worse at night, better eating, gentle motion.

Headache before and during menses; right eye to occiput, better heat, pressure, lying down, eating, gentle motion; worse noise.

Always hungry with headache.

Burning in forehead during stool.

Intense headache from emotions and physical efforts.

Headache morning on awaking, with vomiting of sour phlegm; making eyes unable to bear light.

Pain across forehead and into both temples.

Neuralgic pain at base of brain and upper spine.

Sensation of band round forehead just above eyes.

Heavy dull pain over eyes as if brain would expand but for cranial bones.

Sharp darting pains over left orbit.

Neuralgia over right parietal eminence.

Worn-out nursing mothers.

Worn out professional and businessmen.


Type: Gastric. Menstrual. Rheumatic.

Location: Forehead. Over eyes. Over left eye. Occiput. One side of head. Left side of head. Temples. Vertex.

Character of pain: Bursting, drawing, pressing, pressing asunder, sore, bruised, tearing.

Extension: From forehead to nose or from temple to jaws.

Aggravation: Morning; morning in bed; morning on waking; noon; afternoon; night; open air; coffee; during dentition; after dinner; after eating; exertion of body; pressure of hat; before menses; during menses; after menses; mental exertion; motion; in school-girls, heavily stepping; stooping, thinking of pain; changes of weather.

Amelioration: Cold application; lying; mental exertion; washing head with cold water; tobacco smoke.

Attending Symptoms: Diarrhoea

Flatulency in abdomen.

Face and head hot.

Indolence and ill-humour.

Craving for tobacco smoke.

Rheumatic pain in body.

Sensation of coldness and numbness.

Gastric symptoms.

Uterine ailments.

Symptoms: Headache of school girls, diarrhoea.

Headache, worse near the region of sutures, change of weather, of school children at puberty.

Headache with abdominal flatulency; head hot.

Headache of school boys and girls, now and then increased to violent attacks particularly after mental or bodily exertion, sometimes most severe near the sutures with diarrhoea.

Headache, with gastric symptoms, with uterine ailments or following other sensations, in peevish or forgetful children, worse from change of weather, extending from forehead to nose or from temples to jaw with some rheumatic ache from clavicles to wrists.

Worse when thinking about it and in morning, from riding in a railroad car.

Better from cold washing, from mental occupation.

Sensation of coldness and numbness.

Headache of children from going to school, from change of weather; with other rheumatic pains.

Head compressed, heavy and painful on waking in the morning.

Painful sensation of fullness in the head as if the brain were pressed against the cranium, worse movement, by change of position; better lying still.

Headache with craving for tobacco smoke which ameliorates.

During the headache face and head hot with indolence and ill- humour.

Headache is worse in open air or stooping.

Headache on vertex, behind ears, with drawing in muscles of neck to nape and occiput.

Headache of school girls with diarrhoea.

Headache with flatulency in abdomen.


Type: Neuralgic. Periodical.

Location: Brain. Forehead. Left side of forehead. Over eyes. Occiput. One side of head. Left side of head.


Character of pain: Throbbing, boring, digging, sore, bruised, stunning, stupefying, dull, aching, expansive, pulsating.

Cause : Malaria.

Extension: Occiput to forehead.

Aggravation: Daytime; morning; morning in bed; morning on rising; forenoon; noon; afternoon; 4 P.M. 5-6 P.M. evening; 7 P.M. night; after dinner; after eating; excitement; emotion; flatulency; moving eyes; rising; raising head; reading; after sleep; stooping; exposure to sun; walking in open air; at regular hours; left side, walking in sunshine; on awaking in night; turning head; turning eyes; moving till evening.

Amelioration: Pressing head against cold things; cold application; lying.

Attending Symptoms: ringing in ears with deafness.


Heat in face.

Closes eyelids involuntarily.

Whirling in head.




Anguish, sweating.

Trembling in limbs.

Paleness of face.

Violent thirst.


Sparks before eyes.

Increased appetite.


Pulsation of arteries.

symptoms: Intermittent headache day after day, week after week, the brain in one continued ache.

Intermittent neuralgia at regular hours.

Ringing in ears with deafness, vertigo, heat in face, closes eye-lids involuntarily from sheer oppression; whirling in head.

Pain in forehead and temples increasing gradually at noon, of malarial origin, with vertigo and pulsation, worse left side.

Inability to remain standing.

Headache extending from occiput to forehead; worse evening, walking in sun-shine, afternoon; occiput, on awaking in night, forehead, orbits, turning the head, turning eyes; morning till evening, temporal region, motion, open air, night, lassitude, yawning, drowsiness, moroseness, deafness, anguish, sweating, trembling of limbs, paleness of face, violent thirst, nausea; better pressing head against things (cold.).


Type: Hysterical. Nervous. Gastric, Menstrual. Migraine.

Location: Bones. Forehead. Right side of forehead. Left side of forehead. Over right eye. Occiput. One side of head. Temples. Vertex. Brain.

Character of pain: Boring, digging, burning, crushing, cutting, darting, stabbing, pressing, pressing as if in a vise, pressing inwards, stitching, tearing.

Extension: Extends to spine.

Aggravation: Forenoon; afternoon; 7 P.M.; night; cold air; open air; loss of animal fluids; from riding in a boat; coffee; during dentition; drinking; during eating; after eating; excitement of emotions; depressing or sad news; after intoxication; jar; laughing; lifting; light; lying on back; during menses; mental exertion; motion; violent motion; on moving head; noise; during pregnancy; reading; riding in a carriage; riding in cars; after sleep; loss of sleep; late hours; night; watching; stepping heavily; stooping; exposure to sun; talking tobacco smoke; vexation; walking; cold weather; after eating; smoking; riding in a train; working in the sun; riding through sun in hot sun; thinking; at each menstrual period.

Amelioration: Lying on side; sitting; warm room; indoors; rest; turning head back; putting hands to the back of the head.

Attending Symptoms: Sense of emptiness and hollowness of the head.

Opening and shutting sensation especially in occiput.

Trembling of head.

Nausea as if at sea.

Violent vomiting and cramps.

Dysmenorrhoea always followed by haemorrhoids.

Cramps in stomach after eating and drinking with oppressed breathing.

Excessive hunger.

Repugnance to food accompanied by hunger.

Symptoms: The pain is aggravated after eating, drinking, smoking, and attended with a sense of emptiness and hollowness of the head.

Headache in occiput and neck worse lying on back of head.

Sick headache from carriage riding, cannot lie on back part of head.

Opening and shutting sensation especially in occiput.

Trembling of the head.

Headache in nape and occiput; extending to spine; as if tightly bound by a cord; with nausea as if at sea; at each menstrual period; worse on back part of head.

Sick headache form carriage, boat, on train riding.

Nervous and gastric headaches with nausea as if at sea, violent vomiting and cramps.

Sick headache from riding in a carriage boat or train cars.

Headache returns at menses regularly.

Headache from working in the sun, or from riding through sand in hot sun.

Thinking fatigues the head.

Pressing pain in forehead from without inward and outward with nausea.

Dull and undulating sensation in brain.

Pain in head as if something forcibly closed the eyes or as if eyes were being torn out.

Headache in occiput and nape with pain as if they were opening and shutting, is unable to lie on back of head, has to turn to the side; worse mental effort, eating drinking, sleeping, taking, riding in cold air; better indoors, by rest, by turning head back, putting hands to the back of the head.

Menstrual headache or during pregnancy.


Type: Chronic

Location: Occiput. Forehead. Temples.

Character of pain: Sticking, compressive, shooting, pulsating, throbbing, beating, lancinating. A ball rising from throat to brain, as if.

Aggravation: Morning on awaking.

Attending Symptoms: Giddiness.

Heaviness of head.


Sensation of intoxication.

Depressed spirits.


Great dryness of hair.

Paralysis with wasting of tissues,

Falling off of hair of scalp, also of eye brows and whisker (moustaches).

Symptoms: Pain as if a ball rose from throat into brain.

Giddiness when stooping, heaviness of head.

Violent headaches with vomiting and sensation of intoxication.

Frequent headache especially in morning when awaking.

Shooting pains across forehead.

Temples feel compressed as if in a vise.

Sticking inwards in upper part of parietal bone.

Pressure in occiput forward towards forehead with feeling as if eyes would close with heaviness.

Chronic dull headaches with depressed spirits and constipation.

Great dryness of hair.

Paralysis with wasting of scalp, also of eyebrows and whiskers (moustaches)

Pulsating pain.


Location: Forehead. Over eyes. Root of nose. Occiput. Nape of neck. Brain. Vertex. One side of head. Bones. Temples. Right side of forehead. Over left eye.

Character of pain: Boring, digging, burning, bursting, pricking, crushing, drawing, pressing, shooting, sore bruised, stitching, stunning, stupefying, lancinating.

Extension: Extends to forehead, neck, through whole head from neck.

Aggravation: Morning; morning in bed; morning on rising; forenoon; after noon; evening; open air; binding up the hairs; feet becoming cold; coughing; after eating; from becoming heated; from becoming heated; from becoming heated by fire or stove; jar; lifting; lying; moving head; moving eyes; noise; external pressure; raising head; shaking head; after sleep; stepping heavily; stooping; summer; exposure to sun; walking; warm room; washing head; yawning; in aged persons; aged people who are childish; heat of stove; mentally and physically dwarfish persons.

Amelioration: Open air; standing; stooping; walking in open air.

Attending Symptoms: Buzzing.

Singing in ears.

Catches cold easily when washes head.

Stiffness of neck.

Bald head.

Loss of hair from the crown of head.

Scalp very sensitive to touch especially on the side on which he lies.

Symptoms: Aching pains in the head principally in forehead, over eyes, and the root of the nose or with tension on the occiput towards the nape of the neck.

Pricking lancinating pains in the head especially provoked by the heat of the stove.

Pressure in brain under vertex towards occiput, on waking, with stiffness of neck.

Digging in the head with a sensation of looseness of the brain.

Painful sensibility in the scalp.

Scalp is very sensitive to touch especially on the side on which he lies.

Baldness, loosing hair from the crown of the head.

Headache of aged people who become childish; sensorium not clear, loss of speech.

Headache in persons mentally and physically dwarfish.

Headache as if head were compressed in a vise.

Pressure in brain under vertex, towards occiput on walking with stiffness of neck, extending through whole head when standing in the sun.

Pressure over forehead and over eyes.

Catches cold easily when washing the head.

Headache with buzzing and singing in ears.


Type: Chronic. Catarrhal. Congestive.

Location: Forehead. Right side of forehead. Left side of forehead. Over eyes. Occiput. One side of head. Right side of head. Temples. Vertex.

Character of pain: Throbbing, band-like, sore bruised, pressive, beating, shooting, stitching, stunning, stupefying, tearing.

Aggravation: Morning; morning on rising; forenoon; afternoon; open air; fasting; before menses; at the commencement of menses; from mercury; motion; quick motion; moving head; noise; riding in a carriage; lying; pressing at stool; talking; walking; walking rapidly; warm room; wrapping up head; warm air; hot air; fatigue; in old people.

Amelioration: Open air; closing eyes; cold application; motion.

Symptoms: Chronic headaches.

Dizziness on exertion.

Brain feels as if stirred-around with a spoon.

Head heavy as if foreign substance were in brain; worse in warm air, by fatigue; wants to support head.

Throbbing; rushing of blood and feeling of a tight band.

Chronic congestive headache of old people.

Headache in hot air as well as from prolonged movement of a carriage or from a long walk and worse by noise and speech.

Pain as from a bruise in the brain with want of strength in the body, as from paralysis.

Acute pressive pain in forehead.

Beating in brain.

Headache at if a tape or band were tightly drawn around the head.

PRessure on a small spot above the root of the nose. Throbbing in head with every motion.

Hair falls out.


Type: Rheumatic. Hysterical. Nervous. Catarrhal. Menstrual. Location: Forehead. Brain. Over eyes. Occiput. Right side of head. Left side of head. Left temple. Vertex Eyeballs.

Character of pain: Boring, digging, bursting, drawing, pressing, shooting, sore bruised, stitching, dull excruciating.

Extension: Occiput to vertex. Vertex. down both eyes, occiput down spine to eyeballs.

Aggravation: 10 A.M. after noon; evening 2 A.M. open air; ascending steps; before breakfast; after dinner; from becoming heated by fire or stove; lying; before menses; mental exertion; motion; moving head; reading; after sleep; spirituous liquors; straining eyes; warm room; damp cold weather; debauch; indoor; in students; in drunkards; moving eyes; worry.

Amelioration: Open air; after breakfast; external pressure; walking in open air.

Attending Symptoms: Inability to think.


Hysterical crying.

Brain feels too large for cranium, as if vertex opened and let in cold air.

Soreness of occipital region.

Nervous and hysterical women.

Faintness and sinking at the pit of stomach.

Sleepless from nervous irritation.

Eructations with nausea and vomiting.

Pain in back and along the spine.

Symptoms: Headache of drunkards and students.

Rush of blood to head, brain feels too large for cranium.

Waving sensation in the brain, top of head feels as if it would fly off.

Aching pain in head, especially in occiput and down the spine or from vertex down both eyes only while indoors, relieved by the open air, increasing during the afternoon and severe in the evening.

Intense pain as if a bolt were driven from neck to vertex, worse at every throb of the heart.

Great pain in head and eyeballs with hysterical crying, increased by slightest motion.

Severe pain in right side of head, back of orbit.


Type: Gastric. Nervous. Chronic.

Location: Forehead. Right side of forehead. Left side of forehead. Vertex.

Character of pain: Shooting.

Aggravation: Smoking tobacco; spirituous liquors; stooping; abuse of tobacco; opium; coffee or alcohol; chronic gastric irritation.

Symptoms: Headache from abuse of tobacco, opium, coffee or alcohol.

Headache by chronic gastric irritation, nervous cephalalgia.

Heaviness of head with sense of drunkenness, confused, dull aching over frontal region and vertex.

Shooting through temples.

Temporal vessels distended.

Pain across root of tongue.

Nervous headache from abuse of narcotics.


Type: Gastric. Haemorrhoidal. Neuralgic.

Location: Forehead. Over eyes. Occiput. One side of head. Temples. Vertex.

Character of pain: Tearing, bursting, cutting, dull, lancinating, pressing, pressing asunder, stitching, sore bruised.

Aggravation: From a cold; stooping; haemorrhoids; morning; sitting; after sleep.

Attending Symptoms: Drowsiness.

Too weak to walk.



Stitches in right hypochondria.

Flying pains in epigastrium.

Haemorrhoidal pain.

Rectal or sacral symptoms.

Symptoms : Gastric and Haemorrhoidal headaches.

Feeling as if a board were on the head, worse rising from a seat.

Severe lancinating headache at the base of brain as if too full.

Dull stupefying pains all over head, neuralgic pains in different parts of head, temples, forehead, occiput, going and coming.

Headache with drowsiness.

Too weak to walk.

Head dull, confused aching as from a cold.

Pressure in forehead with nausea followed by stitches in right hypochondrium.

Pain from occiput to frontal region with bruised sensation of scalp; worse in morning.

Neuralgic stitches from right to left through forehead, followed by flying pains in epigastrium.

Headache accompanied by Haemorrhoidal, rectal or sacral symptoms.


Type : Periodical, Migraine.

Location : Forehead. Left side of forehead. Over eyes. Over left eye. Occiput. One side of head. Temples. Vertex.

Character of pain : Crushing, drawing, jerking, pressing, pulling, shooting, stitching, tearing.

Extension : To spine.

Aggravation : Forenoon; afternoon; coughing; looking; looking upward; after sleep; warm room.

Amelioration : Walking in open air; discharge of flatus downwards; bending stiffly backward; lying down; pressure; stool.

Attending Symptoms : Unconsciousness.



Eyes appear protruded.

Face pale.

Great anxiety.


Hair feels pulled.

Cant hold head up or sit up.

Symptoms : Violent pain as if brain were dashed to pieces.

Pressing pain in forehead as if it would split, at its acme vomiting and finally diarrhoea.

Headache ceases with discharge of flatus downwards, stitches and pulsations in the head.

Dressing pain in occiput, nape and down the spine, better from bending stiffly backward.

Sensation as if she were constantly pulled by the hair.

Hemicrania driving her into open air which relieves.

Desire to have a band fastened tightly around the head. As is there were a tight hoop around the head, the eyes appear protruded and the face is pale, great anxiety and restlessness.

Head feels bound up or in a vice.

Occipital pain extending down spine, better lying down and by pressure.

Head symptoms relieved by expelling flatus and by stool.

Hair feels pulled.

Headache in whole front part of head.

Heaviness in forehead, cant hold head up or sit up,. Looking up aggravates headache.


Type : Nervous, Menstrual Hysterical. Neuralgic.

Location : Forehead. Right side of forehead. Left side of forehead. Over eyes. Occiput. One side of head. Temples. Vertex.

Character of pain : Boring, digging, burning cutting, stabbing, drawing, pressing, shooting, sore bruised, stitching, tearing, cold-needle-like, nail-like, piercing, beating, throbbing, pulsating, intermittent.

Causes : Over work at desk; hysteria; spine affections.

Extension; To root of nose.

Aggravation: Daytime; morning; morning in bed; morning on rising; morning on waking; noon; afternoon; evening; night on waking; about midnight; after midnight; 3 A.M.; coition; from becoming cold; after eating; pressure of hat; light; lying; during menses; after menses; mental exertion; noise; pressure; sexual excesses; sitting; after sleep; spirituous liquors; standing; straining eyes; talking; touch; overwork at the desk.

Amelioration: Moving slowly about; moving about; closing eyes; motion; pressure; walking in open air; wrapping up head.

Attending Symptoms : Nose bleed.

Thick mucus discharge.

Complete loss of energy.

Muscular twitchings.

Grimaces of lids, face, extremities.

Itching and burning in various parts.

Sensation of constriction of chest.



Cheeks feel hot and burning.


Frequent and violent yawning.

Muscular relaxation and weariness.

Soreness over the entire body, backache.

Sensation as if joints were out of place.


Frequent slight twitching of the eye-lids or of the facial muscles.

Violent shooting, burning pains deep in the spine.

Painfulness along spinal column when stooping.

spinal column sensitive to touch worse in morning.

Sensation as if ants were creeping along the spine.

Frequent jumping of muscles in different parts of the body; general trembling.

People who are subject to chorea or who become delirious in fever or with pain.

Symptoms: Nervous headaches from overwork at the desk etc.

Pain as if sharp ice touched the head or cold needle pierced it.

Pains run from occiput through the eyes or remain confined to some small spot, as left temple.

Pain as if fine splinters were driven into the brain, into cheeks which feel hot and burning.

Head constantly falls backward, as if a weight were attached to the occiput.

Headache from spine affections, hysteria, muscular twitchings and grimaces of lids face, extremities.

Itching and burning in various parts of body.

Sensation of constriction of chest; worse sitting; better moving slowly about, after stool.

Pressing pain in right temple as if a nail were thrust in, worse sitting, better moving about slowly.

Dull. drawing headaches worse in morning, extending into the root of nose with nose bleed or thick mucus discharge.

Neuralgia with icy cold head.

Desire to cover head warmly.

Head in constant motion.

Beating in vertex with almost furious despair.

Pressure in the head to the bottom of the brain increased by pressure or contact of the hair and accompanied by complete loss of energy.


Location: Over right eye. Temples, Upper part of head.

Character of pain; Tearing, contracting.

Aggravation : In persons with derangements of womb, ovaries, testicles, or sexual organs in general; in persons given to sexual excesses or in un-married persons suffering from nervous debility; motion; evening; reading; close damp room.

Amelioration: Looking at one point.

Symptoms: Probably most suitable to headache of persons with derangement of womb, ovaries testicles or sexual organs in general.

Headache of persons given to sexual excesses or subject to seminal emissions or of unmarried persons suffering from nervous debility.

Tearing pains above the right eye and temples as if one had received a blow upon the eye, attended with soreness of touch, worse, motion and in evening.

Melancholia and hypochondriac mood, keeps repeating that she will die.

Contracting headache from reading.

Pain upper part of head as from staying in a close damp room, better by looking at one point.

Contracting headache from sexual debility after excesses, better looking at one point.


Type : Periodical.

Location : Brain, Forehead, Right side of forehead. Over eyes. Occiput. Left side of head. Temples. Right temple.

Character of pain : Boring, pressing, pressing asunder, pressing inward, pressing outward, sore, bruised, stitching, pulsating, throbbing, beating.

Extension ; To back, forehead.

Aggravation : Heat; every footstep; winter; after stool, on closing eyes, while constipated ; from becoming heated; light; during menses; motion; stepping heavily; stooping; walking; warm room.

Amelioration: Partial closing of the eyelids; cold applications; after complete stool; on closing eyes; after eating; washing with cold water.

Attending Symptoms : Heaviness of eyes.


Alternating with lumbago.

Hair falls out or gets gray in patches.

Symptoms : Headache across forehead with heaviness of eyes and nausea with feeling as if a weight were pressing eyelids down, better from partial closing of the eyelids, from cold application, worse from heat.

Headache alternating with lumbago.

Stitches in temples worse by every footstep.

Headache from insufficient defecation with abdominal pains rendering him unfit for mental labour, with perfect relief from complete stool.

Headaches worse in winter, and diarrhoea in summer.

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