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Mrs. – asked me to prescribe for the fo…


Mrs. – asked me to prescribe for the following symptoms.

(1) Redness of eyes.

(2) Constant and profuse lachrymation.

(c) Agglutination of eyelids, esp. in the morning.

(4) Headache.

(5) Constipation, obstinate, hard stool.

The trouble continued for six weeks under allopathic and Homoeopathic treatment. Loss of eyesight was feared.

Two doses of Nat. mur. 200 cured the disease completely in 15 days.

Bronchial Asthma.

Boy, 15, gave me the following symptoms.

(1) Fever, temperature 102.

(2) Cannot lie in any position. He can only sit bending forward. Aggr. lying amelioration, sitting. Worse nights.

(3) Breathing very fast, suffocative, very noisy, can be hard from a distance. Rattling, wheezing.

(4) Anxious look, cannot sleep.

(5) Wants to remain covered.

(6) Expectoration, white, difficult, scanty.

(7) No appetite, no thirst.

(8) Sweat, general.

(9) Throat ulcerated.

The symptoms were very severe and made the parents very anxious : Ant-ars. 6. Every three hours cured him fully.

Varicose veins

(1) Woman, 8th month of pregnancy.

(2) Whole right leg very much swollen, heavy, hard, movement difficult.

(3) Poor appetite

(4) Constipation, no desire for stool.

(5) Irritable mind.

Three years back she had this sort of trouble and continued for several months even after the delivery.

Arnica 200 removed the swelling in a week.

Swelling of Scrotum.

Boy, 6, was brought to my office, with a considerable swelling of his scrotum. The scrotum was distended like a bladder with bluish discolouration. Prepuce also was swollen. Urine almost suppressed, urine scanty, hot, high coloured. Albumen and casts in urine. Leg, hands, face and abdomen were swollen. Diarrhoea, stools watery, 10 or 12 stools a day, often involuntary, offensive : Hot palms.

Sulphur in the 200th and 100th potency helped the patient and removed the swelling. The diarrhoea ceased and urine became free.

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