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This anonymous manuscript was found among some old material that had b…

This anonymous manuscript was found among some old material that had been submitted to the Recorder. Addition rubrics will be welcomed. – ED.


H.R. JUNE, 1938.

APPROACH OF – Agar, Aur., Bry., Caust., Ced., Gels., Hyper., Kali bi., Lach., Lyc., Med., Meli., Nat.c., Nat.m., Nat. p., Nit. ac., Petr., Phos., PSOR., Puls., Ran. b., RHOD., Rhus t., Sep., Sil., Sulph., Syph., Thuj., Tub.

DURING – Agar., Aur., Bry., Carb. v., Caust., Gels., Lach., Med., NAT. C., Nat. m., Nat. p., Nit. ac., Petr., Phos., Psor., RHOD., Sep., SIL., Syph., Thuj.

AILMENTS, many, aggr. before and during – Petr.

CHOREA, before – Agar., Rhod., Sep.

after – Sep.

CONVULSIONS aggr. – Agar., Gels.

heat, any exposure to, set her in nervous spasms so that she had to go into cool place; after being struck by lightning – Morph. s.

spasmodic jerking through body when storm is raging – Phos.


FAINTNESS before – Petr., Sil.

NERVOUSNESS aggr. during – Nat. p.

cannot bear music – Nat. c.

screaming or shrieking after heavy thunder – bolt, continued it without cessation, could not be quieted – Gels.

PAINS, old, appear again before – Ars. h.

RESTLESSNESS in his blood days before, and during – Psor. with attacks of anxiety during, aggr. by music – Nat. c.

and anxiety during – Gels., Nat. c., Nat. m., Phos., Psor.

TREMBLING before and during – Morph. s.,

of legs and hands, with general debility, before – Agar.

and palpitation during – Nat. p.

WEAKNESS (debility, fatigue, prostration) before – Agar. during – Caust., Nat. c., Nat. p., Nit. ac., Petr., Rhod., Sil.

and sleepiness during – Sil.

after – Caust., Nit. ac., Phos., Rhod., Sil.


CHEERFUL when it thunders and lightens – Sep.

FEAR OF – Bry., Gels., Hep., Lach., Nat. c., Nat. m., Nit. ac., Phos., Rhod., Sep., Sulph.

at approach of – Gels.

during, at night: anxious sweat drives her out of bed – Nat. m., of the thunder – Rhod., Sulph.

SADNESS amel. by – Sep.

SHRIEKING during – Gels.


VERTIGO from lightning – Crot. h.


HEAT of head aggr. on approach of – Nat. c.

ICE on vertex before, sensation of – Med.

PAIN, aching, aggr. before – Med.

during – Nat. c., Phos.

aggr. during – Nat. p.

cutting, before – Sil.

drawing, during – Rhod.

and tearing, violent, in cranial bones and periosteum, during – Rhod.

stabbing, before – Sil.

tearing, during – Rhod.

PERSPIRATION, cold, on forehead during approach of – Nat. c.

SYMPTOMS aggr. by the air just before – Agar., Ars. h., Bry., Gels., Lach., Nat. c., Petr., Phos., Psor., Rhod., Rhus t., Sep., Sil.


PAIN, boring stinging over right, aggr. during – Sep.


PAIN, aching, before – Rhod.


PAIN in, before – Rhod., Sep., Sil.

tearing, before – Rhod.


PAIN in, before – Rhod.

Cutting, before – Rhod.

drawing aching, before – Rhod.


FAINTNESS or goneness at, during – Nat. p.


DIARRHOEA before – Rhod.

during – Nat. c., Phos., Rhod.

DYSENTERY in summer renewed or aggr. before – Rhod.


ABORTION from, tendency to – Nat. c., Rhod.

MENSES copious from – Nat. c., Phos.

suppressed from – Nat. c.

MENSTRUAL troubles before – Nat. c.

PAIN in ovaries before – Rhod., Rhus t.

PROLAPSUS of uterus before – Rhus. t.


ASPHYXIA after lightning – Nux v.

ASTHMA, spasmodic bronchial, during thunderstorm or at night

after lying down, with intense nervous insomnia entirely

preventing sleep for days and nights – Syph.

ASTHMATIC attacks during – Sep., Sil., Syph.

COUGH before – Phos.

aggr. before – Sil.

DIFFICULT breathing before – Sep., Sil., Syph.

breathing during; eyes seem to protrude from their sockets and windows must be opened – Sil.

OPPRESSED respiration before; when the storm comes he is aggr. – Sep.


PALPITATION during – Nat. p., Rhus t.

and trembling during – Nat. p.


CRICK in neck aggr. during – Nat.p.

PAIN in, sore, during – Agar., Rhod.

sore, in spine before – Agar., Phos.

aggr. before – Agar.


PAIN in aggr. by – Med., Nat. c., Rhod.

stitching, in knee during – Med.

PAINS in all aponeurosis before – Lach., Rhod.

severe, in deltoid muscle, before; also aggr. from motion and vexation – Rhod.

sharp, shooting upward in knee during – Med.

SUFFERING, terrible, in legs and arms during – Med.

TWITCHING of extremities during – Phos.


SLEEPINESS during, with debility – Sil.

SLEEPLESSNESS before – Agar., Sil.

DREAMS of lightning – Arn., Euphr., Phel., Spig.

of thunderstorms – Arn., Ars., Euphr., Nat. c.

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