Pupils dilated. Hardness of hearing. Hunger without desire to eat. Blackness of outer parts. Blueness of the whole skin or cyanosis. Blue-black swelling here and there over the body. Hot sweat. Bed feels hot. Drowsiness; deep and heavy sleep with stertorous respiration; with open eyes. Stools of hard round, black balls., Bluish appearance of the face. Face very red, bloated, distorted. Painlessness, complains of nothing, asks for nothing. Ailments accompanied by sopor.



(1) Coma. Drowsiness.

(2) Chilliness.

(3) Dryness, in mouth, throat, eyes, etc.

(4) Thirstlessness. (rarely thirst)

(5) Skin cold, dry, not disposed to sweat. Blue spots on skin.

(6) Thinks she has two heads.

(7) Objects look larger, distant.

(8) Red sweat: red like blood.

(9) Nosebleed, blood dark.

(10) Tongue adheres to roof of mouth.

(11) Saliva like cotton.

(12) Abdomen enormously distended.

(13) Stool soft yet is unable to expel it. Faintness during or after after stool or fetid diarrhoea; stool bloody.

(14) Fatigue on slight exertion.

(15) Great soreness of all parts on which one lies.

Mind: Profound coma.

Lying silent, immovable.


Difficult comprehension.

Slowness of ideas.

Dwells with inclination to lie down.

Dreamy state, with drowsiness and falling of eyelids.

Delirium and stupidity.

Great sleepiness with giddiness, as if drunk, so that she does not know where she is, and walks with the eyes shut.

Absent minded and insensible, as if intoxicated.

Insensibility and giddy vanishing of thought.

Slow movement of ideas, he dwells long on his answer before giving it and often he answers not at all.

Frantic drunkenness.

Dullness of senses, thoughtlessness, with slowly returning consciousness.

Delirium with violent vertigo, strange gestures, improper talk, with loud tone and voice and total sleeplessness.

Thinks she has two heads.

Stupor and insensibility.

Unconquerable sleep.

Gives answers wholly irrelevant to the question put to him.

Short time seems very long to her.

Awakens and knows not where he is.

Laughter, with stupid expression.

Laughter, everything seems ludicrous, talks loudly to herself.

Changeable mood.

Sleepy with all complaints. (Op. Ant-t.).

Stupid state (Ph-ac. Op.).

Soporous condition, as if intoxicated (Op) with loss of motion and sensation.

Coma of typhoid.

“When aroused she remembers nothing, looks dazed; looks about and wants to know who the people are around him and what they are doing. It is a state in which patients answers questions slowly after a long interval, and then look confused again. They give an answer that has no relation to the question asked, or answer correctly.”.

“It is also useful in typhoid, but where there is great weakness, sliding down in bed, and nervous trembling, Phos.ac. is a better remedy. Nux.Mos. does not relate so completely to the general image of a typhoid as does phos-ac.”.

Confusion, coma, unconsciousness, inability to think; indifference to everything.

Head: Vertigo as if drunk.


Head feels full and as if expanding.

Brain feels loose.

Temples sensitive to touch.

Head drops forward while sitting.

Eyes: Sensation of dryness in eyes.

Contracted pupils.

Illusions of vision; objects appear too distant; look larger.

Dilated pupils and immovable, or contracted with sensation of fullness in eyes. Distressed look.

Lids heavy, stiff.

Drooping of eyelids.

Ears: Bussing. Very deaf, as if stopped up.

Over sensitive.

Nose: Oversensitive to smell.

Nosebleed of dark, black blood.

Face: Pale; blue margins around eyes.

Suffering expression.

Lips and jaw compressed.

Face red, swollen.

Foolish expression.

Lips chapped; dry.

Mouth: Great dryness in throat and mouth without thirst.

Dryness of mouth, tongue and throat, dryness so great tongue sticks to the roof of mouth, yet without thirst.

Cotton-like saliva; decreased saliva.

Offensive smell from mouth.

Tongue; dry, white; dry as if leather-covered.

Whitish, yellowish, doted with red papillae.

Tongue paralyzed.

Stomach: Fullness of stomach and loss of appetite.


Rolling: Rumbling and gurgling in abdomen.

Distended abdomen.

Stool; Putrid, colliquative diarrhoea.

Putrid bloody diarrhoea.

Urine: Scanty, high coloured and clear.

Pulse: Small. Weak, Intermits, the interval long. Pulse accelerated.

Limbs: General restlessness in the muscles, with vertigo.

Anxiety in body with disposition to trembling.

Pain in the neck, bones, and generally as if after taking cold in copious perspiration, with pressing to the forehead.

Loins and legs as if bruised and weak; after slightest exertion weakness with inclination to lie down.

Sweat red or bloody.

Bluish spots on the skin.

Heaviness of head.

Pain in forehead and occiput; great soreness of all the parts upon which one lies (Bapt. Pyrog.); tendency to bed sores.

Fatigue, must lie down after the least exertion.

Heaviness and coldness of legs.

Pains better from warmth.

Sleep: Irresistibly drowsy.

Sleepy as if intoxicated; coma, lies silent, immovable; eyes constantly closed (Op. stertorous).

Generalities: Oversensitive to light; of hearing; of smell; to touch.

Complaints cause drowsiness and sleepiness.

Vanishing of thought while talking.

Blue spots on skin (Arn).

Complaints from suppressed eruptions.

Skin cold, dry; not disposed to sweat.

Sensitive to cold damp air.

Bleeding from inner parts.

Dryness of inner parts.

Restless, must move about.

Chilly, pale face,.

Full feeling in upper part of chest, preventing a deep breath.

Haemorrhage of typhus; dark blood.

Fetid flatus.

Faintness during or after stools.

Chilliness and thirstlessness.

Aggravation: Cold, wet windy weather. Weather changes; cold food, water and cold washing. Carriage driving. Lying on painful side. Motion. Jar. Touch. Pressure. Rest (backache). Lying down (Head); on side lain on. Evening and night (Dry mouth). Night (Diarrhoea). Open air. Milk (Diarrhoea).

Amelioration: In dry, warm weather; warm room; wrapping up warmly. Warmth. Pressure. Rest (Headache).

Compare: Bell. Hyosc. Lyc. Nux-v. Op. Phos. Phos-ac. Puls. Rhus- t. Stramo.

Dose: 30th, 200th, 1000th.



(1) Profound cerebral congestion resulting in paralysis of brain. Totally unconscious and oblivious to all around. No response to light, touch, noise.

(2) Dropping of the lower jaw.

(3) Stertorous breathing; slow and sighing.

(4) Body bathed in hot sweat (Stramo).

(5) Face dark, brownish red or blue.

(Helleb face is pale cold, with cold sweat).

(6) Pulse full, slow (Helleb: small, weak almost imperceptible).

(7) Progressive stupor. It is only in the beginning of Opium state that the patient can be aroused from sleep. The stupor goes on until no amount of shaking can bring the patient to consciousness. Stupor and coma, complete stupor.

(8) Painlessness with ailments, complains of nothing, asks for nothing.

(9) Open mouth and eyes and rigidity of muscles. This may alternate with delirium. Hallucinations of sight, fear of small and hideous animals and attempts to escape.

(10) Involuntary stools. Retention of urine.

(11) Sleepiness, with acute hearing, clocks striking and cocks crowing at a great distance keep patient awake.

(12) Bed feels hot and she cannot lie on it.

(13) Must be uncovered.

(14) Heat aggravates, cold ameliorates, intolerance of heat.

(15) Stupid comatose sleep with rattling, stertorous breathing.

(16) Face red and bloated, eyes blood-shot and half open.

Mind: Unconscious, eyes glassy, half-closed, face pale, deep coma.

Drunkenness, with stupor, eyes burning and dry.

Imagines parts of body very large.

Thinks she is not at home.

Delirious Talking, eyes wide open, face red, puffed up.

Dullness of senses and at intervals sopor, with snoring.

Sees animals.

A frightened expression of face.

Great sensibility to sound, light, and faintest odors.

Dull stupid, as is drunk.

The stupor is complete; he cannot be roused or only with great difficulty; lies speechless, with open eyes and stiff limbs.

Delirium, mild or furibund, with loud talking, laughing or singing; attempts to escape; face dark red besotted; sighing.

Complete stupor from which the patient cannot be roused or only with the greatest difficulty, and then falls back into unconsciousness or gradually increasing wild delirium followed by gradually increasing coma.

Lies speechless with eyes half-open and limbs stiff. Mild delirium or loud talking.

Stupefaction and dullness.

Stupid indifference; imbecility.

Stupefaction of senses.

Illusions and frightful fancies.


Loquacious delirium, with open eyes and red face; furious delirium.

Stupor, must lie down; snoring sleep and half open eyes.

Complete loss of consciousness and sensation with relaxation of the muscles.

Patient wants nothing.

Unable to understand or appreciate his sufferings.

Thinks he is not at home.

Delirious talking, with wide open eyes.

Stupid indifference to pain and pleasure.

Insensible pupils.

Extreme drowsiness and coma, which stertorous breathing.

Insensibility to external impressions.

Drunkenness with stupor as from smoke in brain.

Dull stupid, as if drunk.

Fear or impending death.

Easily frightened.

“Typhoid, stupor, can scarcely be aroused; speechless; eyes half- open; mild delirium or loud talking, fury, singing, desire to escape; the darker-red the face, the more it is indicated.”.

“Talks only when arouses.”.

“Loquacity is rare.”.

“A condition of stupor in which the patient will say nothing and do nothing.

“The opium patient, when not too stupid, rouses up as if startled, rouses up with the appearance of awful fear or anxiety.”.

Wants to go home.

Complaints of nothing, wants nothing.

Picking of bed clothes during sleep (Bell. Hyos. while awake).

Bed feels so hot she cannot lie on it (Bed feels hard Arn. Bry. Pyrog.).

He neither knows his relatives nor the most familiar objects.

Stares on surrounding objects with watery eyes, without comprehending what occurs or recognizing his relatives.

Head: Headache worse moving eyes.

Vertigo, must lie down.

Head heavy.

Weight in occiput.

Bursting feeling in head.

Fainting and vertigo with every attempt to leave bed.

Eyes: The pupils are dilated and insensible to light. Contracted pupils.

Eyes feel too large for orbits.

Eyes glassy, protruded, immovable.

Staring look.

Red, half-closed eyes, dilated, immovable pupils.

Eyes burning, hot and dry.

The lids hang down as if paralyzed.

Eyes half-open and turned upward.

Sensation of dust in eyes.

Lies speechless with open eyes.

“Open eyes.”.

“Watery eyes.”.

Ears: Acuteness of hearing.

Nose: Loss of smell.

Face: Face besotted, dark (brown) red, hot, dark red and hot. Red. Pale; clay-coloured, sunken countenance and eyes with red spots on the cheeks.

Bluish, purple swollen face.

All the muscles of the face are relaxed and the lower lip hangs down.

Trembling, twitching and spasmodic movements of the muscles of the face. Corners of the mouth twitch; distortion of mouth.

Hanging down of the lower jaw.

Veins of the face are distended.

Red puffy face.

Red bloated, swollen, dark suffused, hot.

Looks intoxicated, besotted.

Hanging down of lower jaw.

Flushed; pale; earthy.

Mouth: Tongue: paralyzed, difficult articulation, purple; black; white.

Black dry tongue without thirst.

Tongue quivering, coated dirty yellow.

Ulcers in mouth and on the tongue.

Tongue almost clean, with hard, bright red edges and cracked lips.

Tongue dry without thirst especially in the morning; black tongue; paralysis of tongue; difficult speech, stammering.

Mouth dry. Saliva lessened. Dry throat.

Stomach: Distention of the abdomen: hard, with tension and pain from pressure.


Hard bloated tympanitic abdomen.

Stool: Diarrhoea, extremely offensive or water; involuntary stools.

Constipation; black fetid stool; no desire to go to stool; round hard, black balls; feces protrude and recede (Thuj. Sil).

Urine: Retention or suppression with somnolence.

Breathing: respiration slow, deep drawn and sighing; stertorous, rattling or loud and difficult; interrupted, intermittent, with moaning.

Profound sleep with loose rattling respiration. Rapid, oppressed and anxious respiration.

Pulse: Slow; or suppressed.

First rapid and strong, then weak and intermitting.

Rapid and weak.

Limbs: Veins of hands distended.

Twitching and movement of arms, legs and hands.

Feet heavy.

Extremities cold.

Must lie down.

Numbness and insensibility.

Body cold; stupor.

Motion of body and uncovering head relieves.

Bed feels so hot she cannot lie on it; better from cold, worse form heat.

Dryness of skin.

Blue spots on skin.

Paleness of skin.

Unconquerable weariness or weariness like intoxication.

Uneasiness with sense of illness both of body and mind.

Heaviness of limbs.

Weakness with aversion to all external objects, persons and things.

Great prostration and depression of spirits.

Weakness with inability for any work.

Marked sinking of strength with inability to move himself.

Emaciation of body.

Small, red itching spots here and there on body.

Heaviness of head.

Great heaviness of occiput, like lead, so that head constantly falls backward.

Inability to hold up the head.

Hot sweat of body.

Sleep: Heavy stupid sleep with red face.

Drowsiness or sopor, stertorous breathing; hot sweat.

Sleepy but cannot go to sleep; face bloated.

Coma vigil.

Stupefying sleep with eyes half open and snoring.

During sleep, picking of bed clothes, groaning.

Stupid sleep, with unconsciousness.

Stupid comatose sleep; with stertorous breathing; half open mouth; distorted open eyes; red puffy face; hanging of lower jaw.

Sleeplessness, with restlessness and delirium or with incomplete visions and fantasies.

Impossibility to sleep, though feeling very sleepy.

Nocturnal alternation of coma vigil and coma somnolentum, with delirium, hot skin, and stupidity.

Stupid sleeplessness with fantasies of dragons skeletons, horrible spirits, ghosts, in a state of half-sleeping and waking.

After morbid sleep stammering; difficulty of moving the tongue; nausea; anxious and frightful dreams.

Stupefying sleep, stertor, especially during expirations; whimpering, sighing, and moaning; suffocative nightmare; insensibility of the organ of touch, sight and smell.

He sits in silence, absorbed in himself; loss of consciousness; dullness of senses; with heavy eyes and extreme weakness.

Internal dullness as if sleepy and drunk; sensibility entirely benumbed.

Delirium: visions; frightful fantasies of mice, scorpions, etc., with desire to run away.

Delirious talk of ghost, devils, spirits, which he says surround his bed and afflict him.

Generalities: Pupils dilated. Hardness of hearing. Hunger without desire to eat. Blackness of outer parts. Blueness of the whole skin or cyanosis.

Blue-black swelling here and there over the body. Hot sweat. Bed feels hot. Drowsiness; deep and heavy sleep with stertorous respiration; with open eyes. Stools of hard round, black balls., Bluish appearance of the face. Face very red, bloated, distorted.

Painlessness, complains of nothing, asks for nothing. Ailments accompanied by sopor.

Reappearance and aggravation from becoming heated.

Bad effects from fright. Fever with sopor.

Fever with stupor, snoring with mouth open; twitches through the limbs and perspiration on the hot body. Hot sweat.

Cold sweat on forehead.

Perspiration of the upper part of body with dry heat of the lower part.

Profuse hot sweat with desire to be uncovered.

Sweat with sleep and snoring.

Heat with inclination to be uncovered.

Coldness only of the limbs.

Rigidity and coldness of the whole body.

Trembling of the whole body with external coldness and twitching of the limbs.

Numbness and insensibility of the body and limbs.

Aggravation: During and after sleep. (Apis. Lach) while perspiring; from warmth. Stimulants. anxiety; fear; reproaches; during respiration; moving, touch; on becoming heated.

Amelioration: From cold. Constant walking, drinking water (dryness and cough).

Compare: Lach. Hyosc. Helleb. ph. ac. Ars. A. Bell. Bry. Carb. V. Gels Lyco. Nux.v. Puls. Rhus.t. Stram.

Dose: 30th, 200th, 1000th.



(1) Abdomen swollen and extremely sensitive.

(2) Hands and forearms cold.

(3) Involuntary stools and urine.

(4) Happy strange expression of face.

(5) Nervous fidgetiness with sleepiness and inability to sleep.

(6) Muttering delirium.

(7) Trembling tongue, dry shrunken tongue covered with little blisters esp. along borders. Patient cannot put it out.

(8) When coma fails to yield to Opium.

(9) Sliding down to the foot of the bed.

(10) Apathic conditions, unconsciousness, stupor, with muttering delirium, hardness of hearing, inability to talk and put out the tongue which is cracked sore ulcerated or covered with vesicles. Apathy and indifference bordering on unconsciousness.

(11) Tendency to oedema.

(12) Heat with inclination to uncover.

(13) Heat with continuous deep sleep.

(14) Chilliness on moving or uncovering during heat.

(15) Burning hot dry skin all over muttering and unconsciousness.

(16) Alternate dry and hot skin, or cool in some places and hot in others, with occasional spells of sweating.

(17) Heat of room is intolerable.

(18) Oppression of chest with smothering.

(19) Extreme sensitiveness to touch surface of body; very sensitive to touch.

(20) Afternoon aggravation.

(21) Aggravation from heat and amelioration from cold or cold washing.

(22) Red, rosy hue.

(23) Sore feeling of parts. Soreness of all limbs and joints.

(24) Burning stinging pains.

(25) Constipation, sensation in abdomen as if something tight would break if much effort were used.

(26) Want of sweat is characteristic. Partial sweat.

(27) Craves milk which relieves.

(28) Rapid onset.

(29) Sudden shrill cries. Sudden piercing shrieks.

(30) Rolls the head.

(31) Cold nose.

(32) Red mouth or tongue.

(33) Thirstlessness.

(34) Feels as if every breath would be his last.

(35) Air hunger.

(36) Palms hot.

(37) Kicks cover off.

(38) Heat of one part with coldness of another.

(39) Dark haemorrhages.

(40) Restless moving about.

(41) Lassitude and trembling.

Mind: Delirium with or without muttering. Shrill, sudden piercing screams, sleeping or waking. Cannot bear to be left alone.

Premonition of death, thinks it is about to transpire.

Dread of death, sensation as if could not breathe again.

Unconsciousness, absent-mindedness, impaired memory; slow march of ideas.

Dullness, stupor, stertor.


Things fall from hands.

Cannot help crying.

Nothing seems to satisfy.

Very jealous.

Vertigo on closing the eyes or when the sight is obscured.

Inability to fix thoughts on any subjects.

A stupid, unconscious state, with muttering delirium.

Great weakness (physical) and sliding down in bed (Mur-ac.Zinc).

Feels as if every breath would be his last.

Sopor interrupted by piercing shrieks.

Dullness of head, indifference.

Busy, restless, changing kind of work.

Apathy; hardness of hearing.

Happy expression.

Violence, amounting to frenzy.

“In typhoid types of fever Apis is to be selected primarily by the mental state.”


Head: Vertigo on sitting, standing, lying, on closing eyes.

Copious, perspiration of head.

Delirium interrupted by sudden shrill cries.

Boring of head deep into the pillows.


Grinding of teeth.

Brain feels tired.

Burning and throbbing in head worse motion and stooping, better by pressing.

Aching in occiput. Pain in occiput.

Fullness in head.

Head feels swollen.

Puffiness of scalp, forehead, and around eyes.

Musk-like odor of sweat of head.

Eyes: Squinting. Trembling of eyeball, worse at night.

Rolling eyes.

Burning, stinging, shooting pains, sensitiveness to light.

Eyes red with hot head.

Upper lids swell and hang like little sacks over eyes.

Lachrymation hot and scalding.

Ears: Hardness of hearing.

Raises the hand to the back of ears with each scream.

Nose: Tip of nose cold.

Face: sunken; pale; sickly; features distorted; happy expression; dark and much swollen.


Red and hot. Pale and waxen.

Puffiness about the eyelids.

Oedematous swelling of the face and puffed eyelids.

Dark red face.

Swollen, red and hot.

Burning cheeks, with cold feet.

Purple colour and burning heat.

Roughness and tension in lips, especially upper.

Upper lip swollen, hot and red.

Lower lip chapped.

Bluish lips.

“The face is either flushed red or more frequently, pale and waxen, wearing a look of anxiety or a happy expression.”.

“Face puffed and dark red, lips dry, covered with a brown crust; tongue feels as if wooden, studded around the edges with blisters and catches between teeth.”.

Tongue: Dry cracked, red, catches on the teeth (Lach) when the attempt is made to protrude it; trembles; whitish or darker coating on the dorsum of the tongue, the edges and tip are red and covered with little blisters and vesicles.

Inability to talk and put out the tongue which is cracked, sore, ulcerated or covered with vesicles.

Trembling tongue which is blistered, can hardly protrude it, dry cracked or ulcerated.

“Prickling sensation in tongue and fauces and very tenacious tough mucus in throat.”.

White dry tongue with diarrhoea. Viscid, tough, frothy saliva.

Fetid breath.

Dryness in throat without thirst.

Burning, stinging in throat.

Dryness of tongue; fiery redness of buccal cavity with painful tenderness.

Rawness, burning and painful.

Stinging blisters along the edges of the tongue.

Tongue red at the tip; swollen, looks dry, glossy; cracked, sore, ulcerated or covered with vesicles.

Dryness of mouth and fauces.

Very tender dry tongue.

Tongue hangs from the mouth.

Tongue red, hot, burning, particularly the tip.

Tongue, dry brown streak down the middle, sides being moist.

Grinding of teeth.

Teeth covered with yellow mucus; brown sordes.

Dryness of tongue mouth and throat (Nux-Mos).

Stomach: Thirstlessness (Puls).

Great soreness of the pit of stomach when touched (Bry).

Soreness of the bowels and abdominal walls, mornings when sneezing or pressing upon them.

Soreness in stomach and abdomen.

Thirst, absence of; insatiable or for little and often.

No thirst with heat, mouth dry.

Craves milk which relieves.

Appetite for sour things.

Sensation of fullness and distention of abdomen.

Abdomen extremely tender.,.

“Bruised soreness of the swollen abdomen.”.

Abdomen sunken in.

On pressing ileo-caecal region gurgling as from fluid.

Stool: Watery foul smelling diarrhoea or constipation.

Constipation or frequent painful foul, bloody and involuntary discharges from the bowels.

Diarrhoea, yellowish-green with mucus especially in the morning.

Stool watery and foul smelling.

Throbbing in rectum.

Stool watery, copious, black.

Slimy mucus and blood.

Frequent, bloody, painless.

Stool with every motion of body.

Anus constantly open.

Olive-green stool.

Urine: Unconscious flow of urine.

Incontinence of urine.

Urine scanty and high coloured.

Red, bloody, hot and scanty.

Scanty, fetid.

Scanty reddish brown.

Scanty, milky, albuminous.

Dark with sediment like coffee grounds.

Cough: Moist cough, but can raise sputa only to the tongue whence it must be wiped away.

Pulse: Weak, intermitting.

Weak, full, soft.

Full and rapid.

Small and trembling, intermitting.

Hard, small, quick wiry frequent.

Intermittent, imperceptible.

Feeble, can scarcely be feet at wrist.

Sleep: Great inclination to sleep but cannot, from nervous restlessness.

Continuous deep sleep.

Restless sleep and incessant dreaming.

Screams during sleep.

Sudden starting during sleep.

Dreams of journeying.

Sleepy but cannot sleep, shrill outcries, finally stupor, as deep as under Opium; but happy strange expression of face during muttering delirium.

Limbs: Muscles relaxed so that patient slides down in bed.

Nervous, restless and fidgety.

Head and whole surface of body hot and dry.

Skin burning hot in some places and unnaturally cool in others.

Skin mostly dry or transient sweat.

Bruised sore feeling of skin.

Roseola on chest and abdomen.

Trembling or jerking of the limbs.

Great weakness.

Cannot retain his position on pillow. slides down.

Pains better while moving or walking.

Trembling, nervous restlessness.

Tired as if bruised in every limb.

Great prostration.

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