Left side motionless (moves the right).

Closed room especially if overheated are insupportable.

Inclination for open air.

Cold washing relieves.

Pains suddenly migrating from one part to another.

Burning, stinging like bee-stings and soreness.

Numbness of external parts.

Skin very hot and red.

Red spots on abdomen and other parts; burning, stinging.

Skin; pale, waxy, almost transparent; dark blue almost black.

N.B. Those predisposed to miscarry should not receive Apis except in high potencies.


Swelling or puffing of various parts, oedema, red rosy hue, stinging pains soreness, intolerance of heat, and slightest touch, and afternoon aggravation. Extreme Sensitiveness to touch, general soreness, constrictions.

Aggravation: Heat, touch, pressure, late in afternoon, after sleep; closed heated rooms. Right side. Morning. Evening. Night. From getting wet. Lying down. closing eyes (vertigo). About 5 P.M.

Amelioration: Open air. Uncovering. Cold bathing. Pressing (Headache). When sitting erect. After sleep.

Compare: Ars. A. Arn. Bell. Gels. Lyc. Lach. Phos. Rhus t. Puls. Sulph.

Dose: 30th, 200th, 1000th.



(1) A peculiar sensitiveness of the surface of the body. Even if the patient is lying in a stupor and you touch him, as when you try to feel his pulse, he will show that he is disturbed thereby. Oversensitiveness to touch, to clothing.

(2) All symptoms are worse during or after sleep.

(3) Worse on left side of the body.

(4) Troubles at climaxis.

(5) Suppression or non-appearance of discharges always aggravates.

(6) Patient nervous, anxious, loquacious, jumping from subject to subject.

(7) Fear of being poisoned, refuses the medicine when offered.

(8) Sleepiness and yet inability to sleep.

(9) Vertigo, on closing eyes, on sitting or lying down; with paleness.

(10) Delirium of a low muttering type.

(11) Coldness of the extremities and trembling of the hands and body.

(12) Tongue comes out trembling or catches in the teeth; coated dark brown; blisters on tip of tongue.

Tongue dry, red or black, cracked on tip and bleeding.

(13) Dropping of lower jaw.

(14) Lips crack and ooze dark blood.

(15) Delusion that they are under some super human power.

(16) Diarrhoea with horribly offensive stools. Hard formed stools are also very offensive. Putrid, offensive, yellow, watery stools which are often involuntary.

(17) Lies in a stupor with lower jaw dropped.

(18) Dark haemorrhage from bowels or nose. Thick, dark blood from nose.

(19) Distention of abdomen with extreme sensitiveness to all pressure.

(20) Tongue red, dry and tremulous.

(21) Rapid, prostrating cases with extreme sensitiveness of the abdomen and the loquacity. Later stages of typhoid.

(22) Haemorrhages from any orifice of the body; blood dark; with general hypersensitiveness.

“Lachesis is useful in typhoid with epistaxis of dark blood mostly in the morning.”.

Mind: Loss of consciousness; muttering; stupor.

Sunken countenance, dropping of lower jaw.

Loquaciousness with mocking jealousy, with frightful images, great tendency to mock, satire and ridiculous ideas.

Want of self control and lasciviousness.

Felt as if she was some body else and in the hands of a stronger power.

Distrust, easily affected to tears.

Thinks herself under super human control.

Complete insensibility.

Quick comprehension; mental excitability, with almost prophetic perceptions.

Delirium, fears she will be damned.

Delirium at night, muttering, drowsy, red face; or slow difficult speech and dropped jaw.

Great loquacity, frequently jumping from one subject to another.

Delirium worse after sleep; cannot bear pressure of neck-cloth.

Thinks she is dead and that preparations are being made for her funeral; thinks herself pursued by enemies.

Fears the medicine is poison.

Talks, sings, whistles, makes odd motions.

Proud, jealous, suspicious.

Fears being poisoned.

Dread of death, fears to go to bed.

Restless and uneasy, wants to be off somewhere all the time.

Nightly delusion of fire.

Derangement of the time sense.

Repeats same thing.

Complete insensibility.

Delirium at night.

Much muttering during the evening fever.


Confusion as to time.

Great mental activity; ideas crowd rapidly.

Loquacious in the evening..

Constantly changing from one subject to another with mocking jealousy, satire, ridiculous ideas, frightful images (Hyosc).


Great sadness and anxiety on waking in the morning.

Sentences are sometimes only half finished: she takes it for granted that you understand the balance and she will hurry on.

Talks continuously.

Talk rapid, changing from one subject to another.

Most extraordinary loquacity, making speeches in every select phrases, but humping off to most heterogeneous subjects.

One word often leads into the midst of another story.

The mere touch of the skin with the finger or had is unbearable.

Oversensitiveness to touch.

Delirious talk when closing eyes.

Low muttering delirium.

Head: Tearing, sticking headache extending into the eyes, always worse in the morning.

Headache over eyes and in occiput, morning.

Bursting pain in temples.

Throbbing temples, pale face.

Feeling in back of head as if pressed asunder.


Eyes: Over sensitive to light.

Redness of the eyes.

Pain in and above the eyes.

Ears: Sensitiveness of sounds.

Hardness of hearing.


Dryness in ears.

Ear Wax too hard, pale.

Want of wax.

Nose: Point of nose red.

Bleeding of the nose, blood dark morning.

Nosebleed, dark in typhus.

Face: Expression of pain with sopor.

Features distorted.

Livid grey complexion.

Face pale with headache.

Dry lips, cracked and bleeding.

Red face; bloated red face.

Lower jaw hangs down, coma.

Lips dry, cracked, bleeding.

Lower lip swollen.

Heat and redness of face.

Face purple, mottled, puffed.

“Face is purple and head is hot.”.

Mouth: Tongue: Dry, red or black, cracked on the tip and bleeding, on attempting to protrude it trembles, can be protruded only with great difficulty or the tip remains under the lower teeth and does not come out.

Sleeps much with mouth open,.

Mouth dry, black, stiff.

Indistinct nasal speech.

Tongue: Trembles when protruded, or catches behind the teeth: swollen, coated white; papillae enlarged; dry, red, cracked tip; red tip and brown centre; mapped, dry, black and stiff.

Blisters mostly about tip of tongue.

Bad odor from mouth.

Tenacious abundant saliva.

Sensation on roof of mouth as if the mucous membrane were peeling off.

Tongue heavy (Mur-ac).

Cannot open mouth.

Mouth sore, parched, dry.

Tongue dry, red, black, cracked especially on the tip.

fluids escape through nose.

Pain in throat worse empty swallowing.

External throat sensitive to touch.

Stomach: Desire for oysters, wine, coffee.

Great thirst, unquenchable thirst.

Pit of stomach is very painful touch.

Heat is abdomen.

Great discomfort from having the clothes tight around the waist.

Vomiting with copious saliva.

Abdomen distended, painful, cannot bear pressure; hot, sensitive.

Abdomen soft but tender; cannot hear weight of clothing.

Stool: stools excessively offensive.

Stools very offensive whether formed a loose.

Abdomen hard and distended, with rumbling and gurgling in bowels before diarrhoea.

Haemorrhages, blood dark and particles looking like charred straw.

Haemorrhage from bowels with flakes of decomposed blood having form and appearance of charred straw in longer or shorter pieces, together with portions more or less ground up.

“In all haemorrhages from the bowels in the typhoid or typhus fever, when in the bottom of the vessel are seen Black Particles of Blood like Charred straw; there may be epistaxis, with bleeding from the mouth and bowels at the same time.”.

Urine: Almost black.

Frequent, foamy, dark.

Ineffectual urging.

Feeling as of rolling in the bladder or abdomen, when turning over.

Red-brown and copious urine.

Cough: Dyspnoea; cough with slimy bloody expectoration.

Pulse: Small, weak; accelerated; unusual; intermittent, alternately full and small.

Limbs: Stiff neck, moves jaw with great difficulty.

Garlic-like smell at the sweat in the axillae.

Trembling of hands.

Numbness of finger tips, morning.

Uneasiness in lower limbs.

Nightly burning in palms and soles.

Crawls on the floor; spits often; hides; laughs or is angry.

Trembling all over, exhausted, faint.

Tearing pains, pricking; pulsating.

Affected parts bluish.

Ulcers with purple areolae better from warmth.

Very sensitive, cannot bear pressure.

Blue colour of skin.

The greatest sensitiveness, even to touch of edge of bed clothing on throat, to bed-covering on abdomen.

Bed-sores with black edges.

Painful weariness of the limbs, extending from the elbows and knees; relaxation of the muscles, with exhaustion from the slightest exertion.

Weakness with inclination to sleep.

Dullness and bruised pains in the limbs.

Trembling of the limbs and internal trembling, with fever and faintness; evenings.

Fever worse in the afternoon.

Sleepiness with weakness in all the limbs.

Great dullness of mind with bodily weakness.

Complete insensibility.

Heaviness of head, with dullness like lead in occiput, with vertigo.

Throbbing in the head from every movement.

Heat in the head.

Purple spots on skin.

“Typhus fever, especially when the tongue is red or black, dry or in fissures especially on the tip or when the tongue trembles when it is put out, or if, while endeavoring to put it out, the tip remains under the lower teeth or lip and cannot be put out.” Lippe.

Inclination to lie down and aversion to move.

Coldness of feet. Hands are cold.

Generalities: Trouble beginning in the left side of any part of the body, particularly in the throat whether going over to the right side subsequently or remaining on the left side.

Patient sleeps into an aggravation.

Blue-black swelling.

Constipation where the anus feels tight, and as if nothing could go through it.

Profound prostration.

Ill effects of suppressed discharges.

Sensation of tension in various parts.

Can not bear anything tight any where.

Purple colour of face.

Gums swollen, spongy, bleed.

Collar and neck band must be very loose.

Empty swallowing more painful.

Sleepiness yet cannot sleep.

Hot perspiration, bluish purplish appearance.

Rapid onset, intensity, prostration and malignancy.

Fetid discharges.

Black haemorrhages.


Vertigo worse turning to right.

Eyes feel small.

Lower jaw drops.

Tongue catches on teeth.

Much thick pasty saliva.

Thirsty but fears to drink.

Must take deep breaths.

Air hunger.

Cold knees.

Dreams of snakes.

Sleep: Very unhappy and distressed after sleeping.

The mind worse after sleep.

Persistent sleeplessness, sleepless in the evening, with talkativeness.

Restless sleep, with many dreams and frequent waking.

Sleepy day and night.

Sleepiness, without being able to sleep.

Tossing and moving during sleep.

Lively and wide awake in the morning.

Waking in fright at a trifle.

Aggravation: After sleep, in morning, in evening, after eating, from acids or alcoholic drink, from suns rays; from extremes of temperature. During climacteric. Spring. Summer. Change of weather (warm spell). Draughts of air. Cold weather. Cold weather. Cold washing. Night. Morning after sleep. Lying (vertigo). Standing. Stooping. Motion. Contact. Left side.

Amelioration: From loosening the clothes; from eructations; open air. External warmth. By discharges. Sitting bent.

Compare: Op. Phos. Arn. Lyc. Apis. Mur-ac. Bapt. Rhus.t.

Dose: 200th, 1000th.

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