Forehead feels as if compressed on going into a warm room. Tiresome pressing headache first in crown, then in forehead, heaviness and fullness worse on movement. Hemicrania with violent pain over left eye with nausea and vomiting; especially from sleeping in rays of sun; commencing in morning, increasing till noon and disappears when sun declines.


Type. Catarrhal. Nervous. Neuralgic. Rheumatic. Congestive. Gastric. Uterine.

Location: Forehead. Right side of forehead. Left side of forehead. Over eyes. Over right eye. Over left eye. Occiput. One side of head. Temples. Vertex. Brain. Root of nose.

Character of pain. Shooting, beating, drawing, stunning, stupefying, pressive, aching, dull, boring, burning, crushing, cutting, lancinating, sore, bruised, stitching, tearing.

Causes: Exposure of head to cold; to dry currents of air; a current of air; anger; contradiction; chill; cold; cold drinks; fright; heat; suppression of eruption; abuse of tobacco; exposure to sun.

Extension. Root of nose, behind eyes.

Aggravation. Morning; afternoon; evening; draft of air; anger; from becoming cold; from taking cold; having a coryza suppressed; on coughing; excitement of emotions; after fright; from becoming heated; light; from looking sideways; from looking upward; before menses; during menses; suppressed menses; mental exertion; motion; moving head; moving eyes; music; noise; strong odor; stooping; upright, erect position; school girls; shaking head; during sleep; exposure to sun; while talking; smoking tobacco; touch; during urination; vexation; while walking in open air; warm room; cold weather; dry cold weather; exposure to wind; wrapping up head; speaking; drinking; rising from a recumbent position; on hearing others talk.

Amelioration. Lying in a dark room; nosebleed; copious urination; open air; on closing eyes; cold application; washing head with cold water; lying.

Attending Symptoms. The extremities feel cold, the pulse is often small and often scarcely perceptible; the features denote anguish and suffering; the face exhibits a death-like pallor or else looks bloated, mottled, or dark red.

Patient lies as if unconscious, sometimes chokes, moans and complains, thinks he is going to die.

Every motion or noise is unbearable, pulse irregular, even intermittent.

Nausea, vomiting, sanguine plethoric persons.

Young and plethoric women in whom the menses are too profuse and protracted.

Increased secretion of urine.

Fear and anxiety of mind.

Great nervous excitability; gets desperate and declares that he cannot bear the pains.

Burning unquenchable thirst.

Bitter, greenish vomiting, with anguish and fear of death.

Vertigo. Vision obscured. Inclination to vomit.

Symptoms. Piercing and throbbing in head, forehead or temple as if from an abscess.

Pain from draft of air.

Pain in bones of head as from air blowing.

Headache accompanied by pains in limbs as if beaten.

Pain in bones of head as if scraped.

Head feels as if brain would move or rise, worse during motion, talking, drinking, or in sun-light.

Head feels as if it would burst with fullness of brain.

Heaviness and pressure in forehead, as if there were a weight pressing on brain which feels as if it would press outward through forehead; brain throbbing with internal soreness and pressing outward.

Pain especially in temples with a sensation as if brain were loose with wobbling on motion, as if it struck sides of scalp skull.

Pressing, bursting headache as if eyes and brain were forced outward.

Headache from suppression of a cold.

Forehead feels as if compressed on going into a warm room.

Tiresome pressing headache first in crown, then in forehead, heaviness and fullness worse on movement.

Hemicrania with violent pain over left eye with nausea and vomiting; especially from sleeping in rays of sun; commencing in morning, increasing till noon and disappears when sun declines.

Headache after drinking.

Pain in head in small spot with redness of lobule of ears.

Deep headache in brain over left eye.

Violent stupefying headache with fullness in forehead.

Fullness and heavy feeling as if everything were pushed out of forehead.

Violent headache, patient loses consciousness and lies as if had fainted.

Drawing pressing pain in trigeminus, shooting, wandering intermittent, then constant.

Congestion, rush of blood to head, pulsation of cerebral arteries, throbbing of brain.

Sensation as if scalp were swollen and numb, is sore to touch.

Headache from suppression of perspiration.

Bursting headache, at some time perspiration on head and thorax.

Burning headache as if brain were agitated by boiling water.

Sense like water in brain.

Tense, numb sensation in temples, zygoma and mastoid processes, as if head were screwed together or tightly bound.

Congestive headache, vision obscured, pressing and contracting pains in the upper part of forehead, face swollen, pale, “Aconite will cure many headaches caused by exposure to the sun.”

Sensation as if a ball were mounting in the head and spreading a coolness over it.

“The headache is characteristic- pressing from within outward, sometimes throbbing. Its location is the forehead and temples, involving the eyes and the upper jaw. It is aggravated by motion, stooping and noise, and relieved by repose. Head and face are hot, especially internally, and covered with hot perspiration.”

Headache with increased secretion of urine.

Headache, as if the brain were moved or raised; worse during motion, drinking, talking or sun light.

Beating and shooting in the head.


Type. Catarrhal. Congestive. Gastric. Menstrual. Nervous. Uterine. Neuralgic.

Location. Brain. Forehead. Over eyes. Occiput. One side of head. Right side of head. Left side of head. Temple. Vertex.

Character of pain. Boring, digging, bursting, burning, crushing, cutting, drawing, dull pain, jerking, lancinating, pressing, shooting, sore, bruised, stitching, stunning, stupefying, tearing, throbbing, cramp-like, piercing, hammering.

Causes. Tuberculosis; overlifting; brainfag; exercise in the open air; bathing; chill; intellectual labour; malaria; abuse of spirituous liquors; strain; injury; suppressed eruptions.

Extension. Back, eyes, occiput, above root of nose, forehead, upward, vertex.

Aggravation. Day time; morning; morning in bed; morning on waking; forenoon; after noon; evening; night; from cold air; from draft of air; open air; loss of animal fluids; on ascending steps; from binding head; from blowing nose; coition; from becoming cold; on getting head cold; from taking cold; suppressed coryza; on coughing; living in damp houses; after eating; exertion of body; after fright; mechanical injuries, jar; lifting; light; daylight; looking fixedly at anything; looking upward; while lying down; lying on painful side; before menses; during menses; after menses; mental exertion; motion; violent motion; moving head; noise; after nursing infant; every day; fourteen days; after perspiration; suppressed perspiration; during pregnancy; from external pressure; raising head; reading; from lying; school girls; sexual excesses; after excessive pollutions; onanism; shaking head; sitting after sleep; spirituous liquors; while standing; stepping heavily; stooping; straining eyes; exposure to sun; talking; smoking tobacco; touch; while walking; while walking in open air; after walking in open air; while walking rapidly; warm room; washing hand; changes of weather; cloudy weather; cold weather; damp cold weather; getting wet; getting wet while sweating; wine; worm complaints; wrapping up head; writing; hot sun; looking up; tuberculosis; thinking about it.

Amelioration. Open air; on closing eyes; cold application; while lying down; motion; external pressure; sitting; touch; vomiting; while walking; with the warm weather; from wine; tight bandaging.

Attending Symptoms. Empty eructations.

Nausea. Vertigo. Cold sweaty hands and feet.

Icy coldness in and on the head especially at the right side with pale puffed face.

Head feels hot and heavy with pale face.

Cold hands and feet.

Leucophlegmatic Temperament.

Desire to lie down.

Anxiety, fearfulness, melancholy, difficulty in thinking.

Dilated pupils, dimness of sight.

Profuse menstruation.

Falling off of the hair.

Trembling of the lower eyelids.

Awakens in the morning stupid and unrefreshed.

Tendency to nervousness.

Nightly sweating of the head.


Symptoms. Frequent aching in one side of head always with empty eructations.

Violent headache every morning with albuminuria.

Sensation in occiput as if pressed asunder.

Headache better by tight bandaging, pressure and cold application.

Headache after bathing.

Painful feeling of fullness in forehead and beating in temples.

Heavy, pressing frontal headache with belching and nausea.

Clinching, tearing on scalp and in muscles of head, worse from washing, better from rubbing or scratching.

Creeping in occiput followed by warmth, rising from nape of neck and into head; worse on rising and at noon after eating, better on lying down.

Headache better by binding anything around head.

Headache better closing eyes, better vomiting mucus and bile, lying down, better tight bandaging, pressure and cold applications.

Heavy pressing frontal headache with belching and nausea, must close eyes, worse from mental exercise, stooping and walking in open air, better from rising up, in warmth and lying on back.

Hemicrania, left side, stitches in temple and downward into teeth; worse on awaking, from motion, noise and talking; better in evening.

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