I treated him with Calcarea Carb, Cina, and Merc. sol. with relief but a dose of Sulph 1000 won the laurel for Homoeopathy. Inspite of such brilliant cures our brothers in the old school fail to find truth in Homoeopathy.


Homoeopathic medicines, if carefully employed in the treatment of leprosy, will doubtless perform wonders. I have used Graphites, Calcarea carb, Anacardium, Arsenic Alb and Sulphur in the treatment of this disease with excellent results. As it is a constitutional disease of a chronic character with numerous general and local symptoms it would not be very difficult for a careful observer and a diligent student of Homoeopathy to cure lepra.


I need not give you a textbook picture of this drug because you can read it for yourself in any good materia medica. However, I do favor the account given of it in Anshutzs New, Old and Forgotten Remedies. For instance, at the bottom of page 111 the author was suddenly seized with a terrible pain in left breast; it extended over the entire region of the heart and down the left arm to the wrist.


Magnolia grandiflora Alternating pain between the spleen and the heart; oppression of the chest with inability to expand the lungs; suffocated feeling when walking fast or lying on left side; crampy pain in heart; tendency to faint; sensation as if the heart had stopped (Dig.); pain around heart with itching feeling. John M. Pain in back over spleen, shooting to chest, worse on exertion, causing cramp in heart.


Among these are many of the most prominent members of the royal families of England and other countries, and among the great men of the past who were treated homoeopathically were statesmen such as Disraeli, Bright, Bismarck. There are scores of homoeopathic hospitals throughout the world. The London Homoeopathic Hospital has more than two hundred beds.


Forehead feels as if compressed on going into a warm room. Tiresome pressing headache first in crown, then in forehead, heaviness and fullness worse on movement. Hemicrania with violent pain over left eye with nausea and vomiting; especially from sleeping in rays of sun; commencing in morning, increasing till noon and disappears when sun declines.


No words of consolation will pacify the child, the more you console her the more she is raged. If you give her a doll to play she will throw it away on your face. These modalities are very characteristic of this medicine. In addition you may have green diarrhoea with colic, fluent coryza and one cheek red and hot while the other pale and cold. Constipation is contraindicated in Chamomilla.


Swelling, induration and redness all were less to a marked degree. These are the instances of seasons, imparting symptoms to the already existing disease whatever their nature may be. The latter then call for interpolation of the seasonal remedies provided symptoms agree. Among the common seasonal remedies the follow are noteworthy.


Consequently patient is aggravated during the whole or part of the night, particularly insomnia. The nocturnal pains increase and decrease gradually, as in Stannum and Strontium carbonicum. They are erratic in nature. The patient is obliged to change position frequently. He looks with terror at the approaching night. He wakes up tired both physically and mentally.


In old incurable cases when we give a remedy that fits the whole condition, the result is one of three things: first, aggravation of the symptoms with advance of the disease; second, no action, and third Euthanasia. Unless the inner nature of the remedy corresponds with the inner nature of the disease the remedy will not cure the disease but simply remove the symptoms which it: covers; that is, suppress them.