ZINCUM homeopathic remedy signs and symptoms from the Key to the Homeopathic Materia Medica by Alfred Pulford. Find the common uses of ZINCUM…


      Weak, tired, nervous, excitable, oversensitive, feet excessively restless and fidgety, constantly in motion, especially p.m. while sitting and often for hours after retiring to bed.


      Docile, irritable when aroused, like Silicea Fear. Taciturn, peevish, especially p.m. Easy anger. Hasty eating and drinking. Child apt to cry out during sleep but not so shrilly as Apis. Face cold, pale, sickly, often wrinkles. Hunger; averse to meat, especially veal. Thirst. Pulse quick p.m. Pains press, prick or cramplike, like Platina Always chilly and sensitive to cold. Like Arsenicum and Hepar Single muscles twitch. Tremble, often shakes whole body as of lost nerve control. Skin bluish. All functions slow. Aggravation after wine; after dinner; toward p.m. cold; and stimulants, especially alcoholic Amelioration discharges appearing also eruptions.



      Mania from suppressed eruptions; somnambulism after suppressed emotion; start from sleep during menses; torment every one with one’s complaints; uneasy when exanthemata is slow to appear. (L): Shriek on waking; taciturn p.m. Repeats question before answering, child repeats question before answering, child repeats everything said to it. Scream: jerks through body, not so shrilly as Apis; during sleep with convulsions. Child: cross especially evening; springs up in bed, gnashes teeth, eyes roll up. Wails, moans during sweat and vexation. Half smiling loquacity. Sensitive to talking of others, to noise and crumpling of paper. Anxious, screams, restless, especially night, before attack and during convulsions, very cross and irritable before attack. Mental lethargy, tends to convulsions, often a sense of paralysis, limbs have to be rubbed. Delirium, twitch, cold limbs, hands tremble. A marked indication is a suicidal tendency or a fear of arrest for crime.


      When standing on a height; after pressing pain at root of nose. Especially after wine. Occipital while walking, as if about to fall to left.


      Occiput hot, forehead cold, during fever; pain in forehead draws during exertion; pain tears in frontal eminence after dinner. (L): Pains tear in sides, to temples. Rolls head from side to side, bores it into pillow. Hydrocephalus, very valuable in different forms following cholera infantum, or even idiopathic or tubercular, roaring in head, starts rom sleep in fright, occiput hot, photophobia, muscles tremble, constant motion of feet; has cured even after convulsions have set in, many brilliant cures have been reported. Convulsions, face pale, no heat except perhaps in occiput, reverse of Belladonna Ache: pressive, also in a small spot on forehead; amblyopia; over eyes to occiput; violent in overtaxes school child, slow pulse, even suspected beginning meningitis. Meningitis; from suppressed eruption or during dentition, always characterized by hyperaesthesia of all special senses, tremble twitch, squint, even convulsions; after Belladonna, Bryonia and Gelsemium, Belladonna having flushed face, hot head rolls it, eyes flash, carotids throb, Bryonia is docile, stupid, purple, sleepy, amelioration quiet, Gelsemium is drowsy, thirstless, dark flushed face, Helleborus has little fever, cold limbs, tosses head or rolls it from side to side, pupils dilate, unconscious can hardly be aroused, but i reflexes are abolished then Zincum met. comes in; little fellows who hand on for weeks; Phosphorus should be considered in badly treated cases and tubercular cases after scarlet fever. Brain affections, shake, tremble, hippocratic face, limbs deathly cold to knees and elbows, pulse weak, rapid, intermittent, uncountable.


      Sore, bruised, during menses. (L): Dry a.m. and p.m.; inflame during menses; lachrymation evening and night; sore bruised pain, inner canthus, also stitch pain; tarsal tumor; aggravation wine. Marked affinity for inner canthus, Graph outer. A repeated long attacks of inflammation of cornea, here Zinc-s. is preferable. Closely related to Euphr. Strabismus: after brain troubles or scarlatina; strange drawing as if strabismus was coming on. Stare, roll upward. Pterygium: smart, sting, tear, itch, burn, aggravation inner canthi; right, to cornea, or left, to pupil, from inner canthus, conjunctivitis, leathery yellow spots, corners thick. As if one had wept much. Lids: distressing thickening; entropion, lashes rub against ball, red, tears, inflame; ectropion; granular lids. Vision blurs, headache, brain fag, neuralgic pain, to occiput.


      Drawing pain behind, to jaw. (L): Hearing acute to voice when talking. Tears, stitches, right deep, near tympanum.


      Sudden attack o dry coryza p.m. after lying down; red after freezing; easily frosted; pressing pain at root after vertigo. Almost unendurable pain at root as if it would be pressed into head. Sneezing after cutting tingling. Red long after frostbite. Bores finger into.


      Fuss: during fever, cold, occiput hot. Pull nervously at dry parched lips. Neuralgic pressive pain in malar bone. Pale, wrinkled, unhealthy, sickly, blue rings around eyes.


      Bloody taste during pregnancy. Saliva copious, formication of inner surface of cheek. Tongue dry, parched, shrivelled, looks like leather, also lips.


      Fail to develop. Set, in convulsions. Dentition: anaemia, difficult, child weak, cold, pulse soft, bores head into pillow, tends to squint, cries out in sleep, especially restless feet.


      As from a ball rising from pit of stomach.


      Nausea from wine. Nausea: deathly, faint, numb; headache and, aggravation wine; tormenting, increased by acids, vinegar and lemon juice. Appetite: averse to meat, especially veal, to wine, sweets, cooked or warm food; loathes veal, which causes diarrhoea like Kali-n.; hasty eating and drinking, Belladonna hasty eating and speech; voracious hunger, can hardly be appeased. Thirst a.m. to p.m. Sourish eructations. Troubles aggravation alcoholic stimulants, like Arg-n. Dyspepsia, atonic, as if stomach was collapsed, gone sense 11 a.m., like Sulph., insatiable craving hunger, equally thirsty, hasty eating and drinking, like Hepar


      (L): Cutting pain after breakfast and dinner; pressing pain in hypochondria after eating. The pre-dominant pains and pressure are on the sides. As of a hard tumor in navel region, pains gripe, pressure back as if abdomen was being drawn in to spine. As of a band around. Colic: incarcerated flatus a.m. in bed, pain, loud growling and grumbling; flatulent or lead, neuralgia of bowels, Abdomen retracted, like Plb. Griping after breakfast, cutting after dinner. Liver: enlarged, indurates, sore, flatulent dyspepsia. Results from floating kidney. Press continually on pubis or apply hand to genitals.


      Constipation after wine; all symptoms amelioration diarrhoea; drags while standing; involuntary stool a.m., itching ends in pain. Perineum sore, has to sit sideways in chair. Hot flatus. As from a worm in anus. Cholera infantum, green mucus stools, with tenesmus, like Merc-d., bore head in pillow, restless feet. Diarrhoea suddenly ceasing (see hydrocephalus, under Head). Dysentery, chronic, marked symptoms. Constipation of new born, like Alumina


      Unshapely, thick formed. Hard, small. Involuntary urine and.


      Paralyzed bladder, hysterical subjects, urine retained; urine retained, can urinate only while standing bent backward, legs crossed or knees spread apart, often must learn back against seat with hard pressure, Sarsaparilla can only urinate while standing. Bladder: neuralgia, especially when preceded by nephralgia. Urine: albuminous, heart irregular, haemorrhage, spasmodic respiration; unretainable if feet are not in constant motion, Sepia if mind is not constantly on it, that passed at night, turbid, a.m. and clay color.


      Boring pain in left ovary. All the Symptoms of the female calling for Zincum met. are associated with general restlessness, depression, coldness, tender with general restlessness, depression, coldness, tender spine and fidgety feet. In anterior part of penis and urethra, painful drawing. Child grasps genitalia during cough. Menses: amelioration pain, reverse of Cim. has an intermittent flow where the pain ceases during the intermission but returns as soon as the flow begins again; failure of first, to appear, apt to go into a decline, chorea, jerk, twitch, nape of neck sore, spine burns, limbs crawl, creep. Constantly pressing hand on pubis or applying it to genitalia. Spermatorrhoea, testes drawn up, like Conium but Conium not so irritable, and Zincum met. has temporary amelioration from emission, hypochondriacal, depressed, general irritability. Menses: irregular; vicarious, haemorrhage from urethra, bowels and lungs, feet fidgety. Neuralgia: testes aggravation walking; left ovary before menses amelioration flow, like Lachesis Excites: both sexes; women unnaturally, like Murex and Orig., reverse of Sepia Masturbation from pruritis vulvae.


      Dyspnoea and pain in hypochondria alternate. (L): Dyspnoea before menses. Asthma: amelioration expectoration; aggravation p.m., after eating, from flatus or when expectoration stops.


      Dry morning before menses. (L): A.m. before and during menses, dry; from wine. Drowsy, gapes often. Aggravation sweets, like Spongia Spasmodic, or whooping, especially when child grasps genitals during.


      Bloody a.m., before and during menses. (L): Bloody during menses.


      Anxiety amelioration p.m.; cold after expectoration; pains burn before menses; sore bruised before and during menses. As if cut to pieces, or depressed by quantities of mucus, or heart suddenly burst through Chest. Bronchitis: easy copious frothy expectoration, aggravation night, must sit up; asthmatic, chest constricted.


      Cracking in lumbar region on walking; pain in spine from stimulants; spine burns above small of back while sitting; cramplike pain in cervical region on swallowing; cervical region weak while writing. (L): Aching in cervical region p.m.; while writing; pains burn while sitting. Renal region, cutting, tearing, at times, drawing, pressing, right. As if flatus pressed against coccyx. Spine, irritated, sensitive, especially last dorsal vertebrae, aggravation sitting still and alcoholic stimulants. Rheumatism, muscles, lumbar region to hips and thighs, like Cim., aggravation rising from chair or stooping. Aggravation sitting. Amelioration moving about, like Cobalt., Puls and Rhus.


      Legs formicate, night in bed; reddish spots on legs become covered with crusts; soles itch nights; nervous motion of feet night in bed; wrists numbs during measles; pain from becoming overheated after exertion, or in tendons of patella while walking, or boring in heel after wine, or transverse boring stitching in joints and in thigh above knee; hands rough in cold weather, or stiff from playing piano; sudden weakness of lower, with hunger. (L): Lower, jerk during sleep; wrists numb while lying; pains bore in tibia; sore bruised between toes; feet restless p.m. and while sitting. Feet: fidgety, Sulphur burn, Medorrhinum both. Varicosis: very valuable in the condition that underlies and determines the development of the disease; works well with Pulsatilla especially when Pulsatilla and amelioration some of the more acute symptoms; thigh, into labia; not very often indicated in phlebitis, look more to Vipera. Chilblains swell, pain aggravation rubbing; toes as if frosted, like Agaricus and Pulsatilla, Agaricus aggravation cold, Pulsatilla heat. Stiff transversely across. Lower uneasy nights, like Pulsatilla heat. Stiff transversely across. Lower uneasy nights, like Causticum Tibia burns. Sciatica, pain entire length, aggravation night and walking, fidgety feet. Skin of hand dry, cracked even in dry weather. Sole numb, heel sore, pains cut on stepping. Legs and feet formicate, prevent sleep. Fingers draw out of shape. Ataxia, unsteady, lightninglike pains, like Mag-p.


      Comatose after suppressed eruption. Legs and feet formicate, preventing Sleep. Jerk, scream. Walks. Frequent causeless waking.


      Shake on taking hold of anything cold. (L): During stormy weather. Shiver: chilly p.m.; frequently, feverish, down back.


      Covering unbearable. Wail, moan.


      Anaesthesia after eruption. Scarlatina: too weak to develop rash in eruptive fevers, as measles, depressed pulse and temperature, goes into stupor; is differentiated from Cuprum in that Cuprum’s rash suppression is due to external causes, Zinc’s from physical weakness from within; follows Belladonna well when rash ails to come out and child screams when moved; measles, or skin stupor, convulsions, limbs draw, urine suppressed, like Arum, rolls head from side to side, finally completely unconscious. Bluish red, except about eyes, forehead and chin which are white. Neuralgia after Zoster, like Mez.


      Chorea during menses aggravation p.m. rest and wine, amelioration exercise. Epileptiform convulsions when eruption fails to appear or is repelled; muscle pains, tear stick; twitchings here and there during sleep. Convulsions: face pale, no heat except occiput, reverse of Belladonna; anxious, scream, spring out of bed, gnash teeth, roll head, cross and irritable before at tack, body hot, restless especially at night; spasms from undeveloped eruption, Cuprum if suppressed; from suppressed eruption or fright. Chorea: failure of first menses to appear, movement incessant, especially twitching and especially during sleep, reverse of Agaricus feet especially affected. Anaemia during dentition. Middle of long bones tear draw, weak from sheer pain. Overworked, excitable, like Nux. Tension, drawing. Child’s glands, mind and memory all weak after measles. Creeping, tingling, amelioration pressing and rubbing Irritation in one part of body causes jerking in another. Muscles twitch and jerk, like Agaricus and Ignatia One of our best remedies for trembling, like Causticum; loss of control of muscles, not a paralysis. Epilepsy, young children. Physical exhaustion, cutaneous nerves acutely sensitive, muscles unsteady.

Alfred Pulford
Alfred Pulford, M.D., M.H.S., F.A.C.T.S. 1863-1948 – American Homeopath and author who carried out provings of new remedies. Author of Key to the Homeopathic Materia Medica, Repertoroy of the Symptoms of Rheumatism, Sciatica etc., Homeopathic Materia Medica of Graphic Drug Pictures.