CARBO VEGETABILIS homeopathic remedy signs and symptoms from the Key to the Homeopathic Materia Medica by Alfred Pulford. Find the common uses of CARBO VEGETABILIS…


      Sluggish, torpid, turgid, cold especially knees even when well wrapped up in warm bed, with desire to be fanned.


      Distended, puffed, veins lazy and relaxed, desires to elevate feet and let blood out. Signs of decay and putrefaction. Desire to lie down and sleep. General coldness especially of nose, but more especially of knees, heart and circulation weak. Anxiety; anxious at night, fears, ghosts. Indifferent. Mind confused, unable to think, not affected by anything. Indolent, weak, tired, as if one would faint or collapse from exertion. Face purple or pale, flushes to roots of hair after a little wine, but soon grows purple again. Desire coffee, sweets and salt. Averse to digestible things; milk causes flatulence. All stools are putrid, the more thin dark bloody mucus the more Carb-v. Sleep full of awful anxiety. Cold with all complaints except coryza. Suffers from both heat and cold, like Mercurius Burning: with all troubles; internally, cold to touch externally, reverse of Arsenicum Sweat offensive. skin sluggish, lazy, almost dirty dusky. Odors fetid. In collapse face and tongue cold, also breath. General atony, muscles tired, relaxed. Pulse almost imperceptible, rapid weak. Child restless, strikes, bites, kicks, like Lycopodium Aggravation: abdominal flatulence; exposure to hot damp air, reverse of Dulcamara; change of weather especially to warm damp sultry. Amelioration: belching and flatus, Sanguinaria cough.



      Indifferent to music, which one loves; restless in company. (L): Anxiety on closing eyes. Passionate and peevish forenoons. Anger. Anxiety 4 to 6 evening, especially noticed in face. Fatigue from exertion of Mind, comes home with purple face, lusterless eyes, sunken countenance, tired in body and Mind.


      Objects vibrate. Turning around in head. Faints especially at meals, morning, in bed, after rising and after sleep.


      Cold, from being heated; sensitive to cold air while walking in cold air; constriction from pressure of hat when heated, amelioration uncovering; pain in occiput lying on either side, amelioration fanning; pain in occiput during and after menses, constricting eyes; pain in vertex on touching hair; pressing pain in occiput after supper, to eyes, and in suboccipital region, and in vertex on touching hair; tearing rending, and in occiput, amelioration warm room; pulsating during inspiration. (L): Constriction as if in armor; pain on lying from suppressed sweat; occiput aggravation pressure of hat. Ache: from suppressed catarrh; mostly occipital; can neither move, turn over, lie on side nor be jarred from a sense as if head would burst, as of something grasping occiput; occipital, as if it was drawn back to pillow or as if it could not be lifted from pillow, like Opi.; painful throbbing during inspirations, as when compelled to take a deep one it comes out with a sharp moan; comes on every time one takes cold in cold damp weather, entering a cold damp place or becoming chilled; feels at one’s best when the nose is discharging; of school children who are sluggish, slow to learn, suffer from night terrors, who will not sleep or go into a dark room alone; aggravation pressure of hat, the sense of pressure remaining after hat has been removed; from every exertion, wants to sit or lie around, but not in the dark; chronic, when all symptoms have been suppressed; amelioration belching; in vertex if hair is touched. Scalp feels too tight. Forehead: cold sweat appears first on; feels cold to hand, pain if wind blows on it, wants it covered. Hair falls from debility after confinement, like Sepia Feels heavy as lead. Hot, even though almost lifeless. Throbs painfully on breathing.


      Contractive sense during headache; aching pain evening, after lying down; draw and stare during pain in occiput. Myopia after exertion. Near – sighted, reverse of Carb-an. Lusterless, deep set, pupils do not react to light. Asthenopia from overwork, black floating spots, like Lycopodium Itch around. Aggravation from steady use for any length of time.


      As of a weight in and before. Discharge acrid, excoriates, ichorus, offensive and watery, especially after malaria, measles, especially scarlet fever; chronic when all symptoms have been suppressed. Deaf after some old trouble as after exanthematous disease.


      Epistaxis from jarring or straining at stool; pain in posterior nares on blowing Nose, coughing or sneezing. Cold, especially in collapse. Coryza: always suffering from it; every time one takes cold or disorders stomach, like Nux vomica, or if one goes into a heated room, feverish, yet cold with all other diseases or complaints. Epistaxis: face pale before and during; blood dark, rather fluid; nights; recurrent in persons overtaxed by anxiety, especially the aged. Varicose veins. Catarrh: aggravation evening; in warm moist atmosphere, or South West or South winds. Sneezing: frequent constant violent, formication and tickling; ineffective attempts, formication in left side.


      Cold, with pain in occiput; upper lip quivers. (L): Heat with anxiety; drawing pain in jaws; jerking pain in zygoma; upper lip twitches. The sufferings, like Aconite and Ant-t., are all expressed in the Face. Cadaveric. Cyanotic. Brown or blackish, lips cracked. Pale, with epistaxis. Cold sweat covers. Greenish or yellowish, or very pale, sunken, almost hippocratic. Tearing jerks in upper jaw bone. Metastatic mumps: in girls to breasts, in boys to testes; after being chilled; brings them back and cures. Even before the haemorrhage the face is cold, lips pinched, nose pointed and drawn in.


      Gums indented. (L): Gums bleed on sucking them, or detach from teeth and bleed easily; cold during chill; pressing pain in palate; gums sore when chewing. Stomach ache: white spots that grow purple, aphthous ulcers that run together, spread, become one solid mass, ooze black blood, to throat. Tongue: dry and black in late stage of typhoid; cold in collapse of cholera, yellow, fissured, breath cold. Odor offensive in weak persons or in fever. Gums: Mouth and, sensitive when chewing; sore pain during day; recede, spongy; pustules. Saliva constant, copious, stringy.


      Molars draw, tear. Rigg’s disease, gums recede and bleed. Rattle in mouth. Gums: bleed on cleaning Teeth, like Mercurius, pain and sensitive when chewing; have a blackish exudate; ooze black blood. Loose, rapid decay.


      Pain on blowing nose. Oesophagus as if constricted or contracted.


      Spasmodic constriction; nausea from heat or sun; pain after flatulent food or from lactation; burning, to back. (L): Distension and pain amelioration belching, reverse of China. Nausea an hour after waking morning qualmish. Vomit after chill. Food all seems to turn into gas; always belching which temporarily amelioration. As if raw, ulcerated. Disordered: by mince pie, hearty and indigestible food and fat food, after Pulsatilla failed; simplest food distresses; antidotes effects of putrid meat or fish, rancid fat, salt and salt meat. Of great value in excessive flatulency, aggravation lying. Contractive cramp nights, to chest, abdomen distended. Dyspepsia: flatulent, sour eructation, drumlike distension, aggravation 1/2 to 1 hour after eating, inertia of Stomach, all, even the simplest, food disagrees, cannot digest it; or, acid, heartburn, surface of body cold, pulse weak; aversion to milk, reverse of Lachesis Gastralgia: nursing women, excessive flatulence, sour rancid belching, vomit food; burning ache. Sensitive, burns, to back, like Bism., excessive flatulent distension. Feels tense and full. In all Stomach troubles and adynamic fevers, in hot weather, from abuse of ice water and Summer beverages. Eructations; severe, almost constant; frequent, empty, all day; preceded often by transient pinching in abdomen. Cold, amelioration hard pressure and rubbing. Desire coffee, sweet and salt things.


      Pain, to lower limb; drawing in hypochondria, to legs; tension in hypochondria on walking. (L): Distension after dinner; pain, to lower limb; flatus accumulates in left epigastrium, more toward back, pains squeeze. Audible rumbling and moving about, like Lycopodium Pain: taking cold; in liver from a bruise. Colic: aggravation car or carriage riding; amelioration passing flatus; pressive in hypogastrium; after stool.


      Flatus a.m. on waking; perineum itches on touch; musty odored moisture on perineum nights; pressing pain during flatus; tingles during stool. Cholera: infantum, stool watery, mucus, may be mixed with blood, putrid, sinks from exhaustion, cold, pale, cold sweat, nose, face and lip pinched, putrid flatus; Sulph. worn in stocking said to be best preventive of cholera; asiatic, stupor, neither vomit, stool nor cramp, collapse. Itch: burns, raw of and about anus; round about anus in children, excoriates, parts raw bleed and infused, red. Lies in bed, involuntarily oozes a thin bloody serum like fluid. Diarrhoea: brown yellow or slimy, odor putrid, often involuntary, generally with typhoid, tongue limbs and lips cold, pulse weak, aphonia, tends to collapse, desires fanning. In hot weather infants chafe, parts raw. Flatus copious, putrid. Urging but only flatus passes which amelioration. An ointment made from plunging a wine cork into a clean fire then while still glowing plunging the cork into vaseline is regarded as a sovereign remedy for anal irritation and piles.


      Offensive, putrid.


      Retention from standing on cold pavements. Chronic cystitis, especially of the aged, cold face, limbs an sweat. Enuresis: aggravation after first sleep morning; Causticum and Sepia evening. Urine: suppressed in cholera; reddish, turbid; dark as if mixed with blood, like Terebintha


      Cold sweat on male; pressing pain in uterus during stool; hard erectile tumour, blue, pricks. (L): Strong odor to menses. Leucorrhoea: greenish yellow, excoriates, aggravation morning; feels best d. Female, sore, itch, burn. Internal organs feel heavy, hang down, cannot stand on feet; Carb-v. differs from Sepia in bearing down of rectum and vagina in that it has a strong odor to the menses which Sepia has not. Haemorrhage: dark oozing. Varicose veins bluish, burn. Menses: ooze from period to period, blood putrid, dark even black, small clots and much serum; early, copious, thick, corrosive, offensive strong, itching before. Placenta retained, dark oozing; prevents mechanical interference. Prepares woman for confinement, especially if relaxed, run down, tired. Prostration or great debility from nursing child.


      Catarrh after measles; air passages tickle a.m., after waking; hoarse aggravation wet weather; aphonia on exertion. (L): Recurrent irritation; rough; aphonia evening. Colds in nose locate permanently in larynx. Aphonia: vocal cords relaxed; regularly every evening. Hoarse: very especially in damp evening air; Causticum morning Rough; deep rough voice, painless, fails on exertion. Catarrh, chronic, raw, sore, especially of the aged. croup: last stage of membranous; highest grade, pale, face bluish, pulse small, intermits, no cough, dyspnoea, whistles, insensible, or, rare muffled cough, semi-comatose or constantly restless, clings to persons.


      Dyspnoea amelioration belching, desire to be fanned, due to flatulence causing the impediment. Asthma: sits propped up in a chair by open window, desires fanning as fast as possible, face pale, nose pinched, limbs cold, pale as death; comes on in night, no warning, wakes suffocated, springs out of bed and goes to open window, desires fanning; especially of aged, weak, flatulence, especially with bluish skin; after whooping cough; occipital headache and desires fanning. Dyspnoea: aggravation turning over in bed and dropping off to sleep, like Lachesis; cold copious sweat, exhaustion, cadaverous aspect, in weakly people who give right out, this remedy must be given.


      Hard spells, only amelioration after masses of sputa are raised. Whooping: compliments Drosera especially in the beginning, or, when the case is confused and no other remedy indicated, or, if it remains only partially developed, it may not cure the case permanently but nearly always brings out indications for another remedy to follow, more clearly; face; red, gags, vomits; filling up and rattling breathing before which presages a hard time of it. Rattles, retches, vomits, from tough thick purulent yellow mucus, great relaxation, in worn out or aged people, or if worn out from coughing or prolonged exertion. Dry hacking, chest rattles, does no good, exhausted, strangles, suffocates, sweats.


      Weak on waking. (L): Weak morning on waking. Stuffy as if weak, suffocates, unable to lie, as if one could not get another breath, like Apis. Sore, as if beaten from coughing. Little whistlings that increase with every cold. Pneumonia: old, badly treated cases, bronchitis remaining, hepatization does not clear up, bad places in lungs and bronchial tubes, Chest weak; or, in third stage, fetid expectoration, cold breath and sweat, desires fanning, dyspnoea excessive, tends to collapse; especially after Ant-t. has failed. Burns: internally, cold to hand externally, reverse of Arsenicum; as from glowing coals; in region of heart, awful anxiety in Chest; pain or as of great weight on, like Phosphorus Palpitation: pounds like a great machine, shakes whole body. Weak sense, like Phosphorus, Stann. and Sulph. Haemorrhage from lungs, pain in Chest burns, oppression, desires fanning constantly, cold sweat, skin cold. Heart weak, from fatty degeneration, cold sweat, tends to haemorrhage, desires fanning. Weak, fatigued, especially on walking, like Lachesis


      Pains press, amelioration lying on pillow. Cervical muscles tear, press. Pains draw.


      Cramp in sole evening after lying down; fine eruption on hand; fulness of veins on letting leg hang down; heavy feet after dinner; pain bores before chill; top of shoulder burns before menses; upper lain on draw; sore bruised pain in elbow morning in bed; tearing pain in wrist on grasping anything, and in hip, to sacrum; lower stiff evening after a nap. (L): Blue; eruption on hands itches; drawing paralytic pain in lower. Cold hands and feet and especially knees, sweat with no amelioration. Tip of toes ulcerate. Ulcers, varicose: on lower, very valuable, especially on legs above ankles, indolent, thin discharge watery, or thick and bloody, ichorous, burn, limbs swell; burn at night, offensive discharge, purple all around. Gangrene, senile: toes and, wither, parts dusky, blisters ooze bloody watery fluid, burn like fire; humid, Secale dry. Excoriating sweat between toes, numb. Feet icy cold to knees. Numbness of limbs lain on.


      Wakes from cold limbs. Full of awful anxiety; so anxious one does not wish to go back again. Peculiar sluggish, deathlike, visions. Prostrates. Wakes: in anxiety and covered with cold sweat; with cold hands and especially with cold knees. Anxiety, restless and congestion to head prevent. Yawns, stretches.


      Begins in, and extends from, arm and hand. One sided. Desires cold water, like Ignatia, thirstless during heat, a valuable feature.


      Fever: a sheet anchor in low types of typhoid, or scarlet fever where a typhoid state is coming on, and in the last stage of collapse, and in cholera and yellow fever at time of collapse, cold, cold sweat, prostration, cold tongue, dyspnoea, and desires to be fanned; valuable in low forms, septic, marked tympanitis, diarrhoea, stool bloody, distension, flatulence, flatus putrid it collects here and there in lumps; yellow: last stage, haemorrhage, face pale, headache, trembles, collapse, cold breath sweat and nose, nose and face pinched, low vitality, said to be best preventive and may be worn in stockings and was in favor at Memphis; hectic, long lasting suppuration; cold limbs especially knees. Flushes upward, end in sweat.


      Easy, especially about head and face. Copious: cold, beginning on forehead; before midnight. Does not amelioration, reverse of Aconite, Gelsemium and Natr-m.


      Ulcers during menses. Ulcers: indolent, will not heal, discharge bloody, ichorous, acrid, thin, offensive, pain burns, aggravation nights; low types. Veins: full under skin, crepitate; varicose, tend to ulcerate, bluish livid color, aggravation nights, keep one in torture. Carbuncle: tends to gangrene; bluish, lived, discharge offensive. Haemorrhagica purpura. Scarlet fever, last stage, rattling in throat, vital powers lost, breath foul, limbs cold, must have air, desires fanning, sepsis, sloughing. Prevents collapse due to opening a cold abscess.


      Pains burn in bones during menses; weak on beginning to walk; weary p.m. in open air. (L): Faint on waking. Collapse: stage of various diseases; desire to be fanned constantly, odors fetid; skin appears bluish; breath, tongue and face cold. Never well since that strain or injury or attack of malaria, measles or scarlet fever. Debility after childbirth, hair falls. Distinguished from Arsenicum in many cases by torpor and indolence. An occasional dose of Carb-v. is said to assist Lycopodium Nux is thin, spare, wiry, Carb-v. stout, lazy, sluggish. Stupor in cholera, no vomiting stool or cramp. Weak: a.m., stretches limbs; said to be surpassed by no other remedy. Lies torpid, no sign of reaction. Depression not preceded by erethism or excitement. Glands: Carb- an. has more pronounced induration, and suited to cases that have been opened too soon, and more appropriate to cancer and syphilis than Carb-v. Surgical: septic conditions especially after shock; when reaction does not take place after the shock; when there is no contraction or retraction of blood vessels after the operation; very valuable when there is danger of dying from shock, collapse, this before inflammation sets in, when reaction does not take place, compare Stront-c. School girls or boys, sluggish, slow to learn, suffer from night terrors, will not sleep or go into a dark room alone. Extremely valuable in septic states, when diseases take on a sluggish form, Rhus a typhoid form, when skin appears mottled or mottled. Preeminently a catarrhal remedy. Valuable as a palliative in many incurable conditions, as Bright’s disease, phthisis, cancer, chest weak, dyspnoea. No superior remedy for the haemorrhage of broken down constitutions. Valuable for the aged, veins large and full, limbs cold. Very valuable for lack of reaction from a vital attack, dyspnoea, cold, copious sweat, exhaustion, cadaverous appearance. Haemorrhage: indescribable paleness of body; low types of disease, like pernicious anaemia, purpura, typhoid, etc. Arsenicum, Mur-ac. and Carb-v. have often proved saviours at the brink of death. Faints readily after debilitating diseases. Compatible with and complementary to, Kali-c. compare especially Pulsatilla and Sulph.

Alfred Pulford
Alfred Pulford, M.D., M.H.S., F.A.C.T.S. 1863-1948 – American Homeopath and author who carried out provings of new remedies. Author of Key to the Homeopathic Materia Medica, Repertoroy of the Symptoms of Rheumatism, Sciatica etc., Homeopathic Materia Medica of Graphic Drug Pictures.