ANTIMONIUM CRUDUM homeopathic remedy signs and symptoms from the Key to the Homeopathic Materia Medica by Alfred Pulford. Find the common uses of ANTIMONIUM CRUDUM…


      Sulky, sad, irritable, fretful, entire tongue covered with a milky white coating as if painted or whitewashed.


      Loathes: life, no desire to live, food; cold water, cannot bear it either internally or externally, has an aversion to cold water bathing, child cries on attempting it. Child cannot bear to be touched or looked at, goes into a temper from least attention. Stomach: takes part in all complaints calling for Ant-c., all the symptoms center around it, the complaints all manifested through it; feels overloaded all the time, retches, gags; desires and longs for acids and pickles; thirstless; cannot drink sour wine; eructations taste of ingesta; nausea. Membranes throw out a milky white deposit or exudate, like Kali-m., especially noticeable on tongue. Aggravation : night; wet.



      Sentimental in moonlight, in twilight, during diarrhoea and before menses; thoughts of suicide drive one out of bed; sad before chill. (L): Sulky. Extreme irritability and fretfulness are the key – notes. Both Chamomilla and Ant-c. are irritable, but Chamomilla desires to be carried. Loathes life, especially during lingering fever, contemplates death especially by shooting. Desponds, sad, weeps. Irresistible desire to talk in rhymes or to repeat verses. Startles at least noise, like Borax So busy with oneself that one does not attend to either stool or urine, wants nothing. Eats only when asked.


      Boring pain in temples before menses. (L): Pain from cold bath. Aggravation: cold bath, especially in a river, takes cold from getting wet. Ache: from disordered stomach, especially from candy; from sour wine; amelioration only from prolonged vomiting. Hydrocephalus from suppressed eruption on head, especially with the gastric symptoms.


      Humid spots in outer canthi, touch of sweat pains. (L): Burning pain, sore bruised pain and red, all of outer canthi. Red wart on lid. Chronic: sore eyes of child; valuable in blepharitis, pressure in eyes, red, agglutinate at night.


      Nostrils crack. Corners of mouth and nose, sore, crack, crust. Every inhalation painful. Stuffs when heated in warm room, coryza tends to become chronic when it is aggravation at night, headache which in turn is aggravated when discharge slacks up. Dry, inhaled air burns like fire.


      Acne aggravation near fire; eczema aggravation heat of stove. Red from heat of fire; boil in corner of mouth; suppurating eruption. Eruption: suppurating, long lasting, on cheek; pimples; yellow crusts, pain; honey – colored sores on chin, pain on touch. Hot, red.

Mouth (L):

      Milky white tongue (which is extremely characteristic).


      Gnawing pain after eating. (L): Pain, to head, on touch of tongue; gnawing pain after eating; sensitive tender, cannot bear dental operation, like Hyperic. Valuable for pain in hollow, to head, aggravation cold water.


      Diphtheria, child cross, cries, whines if looked at, especially on waking, nostrils and angles of mouth sore, cracked, crusty.


      Nausea after being overheated, or, after sour wine; vomit during measles, or, from being overheated, or, from sour wine. (L): Metastasis of gout; indigestion after sour food; nausea after bread. Gout and stomach troubles alternate. Nausea as soon as child eats or drinks. Retching and vomiting predominate; Ip. nausea. Vomiting: violent, of bitter bile, slimy mucus or sour curds; renewed by food or drink and contains after nausea ceases; little white curds, child refuses to nurse again, reverse of Aethusa; stomach feels constantly overloaded not amelioration vomits gags, retches on least provocation. Indigestion especially valuable if from sweets, disposition peevish, tongue white, loathes food, nausea, even vomits, aftertaste of food, great thirst especially at night. Gastric fever, continued, tends to assume a nervous type. Bread and pastry cause nausea and cutting pain. slight smell of food disturbs, cannot bear thoughts of it, like Arsenicum Distended, abdomen flat, not amelioration vomiting, even if one has not eaten.


      Pain: region of gall – bladder; rending tearing in hepatic region. Distension increasing as if by screws.


      Diarrhoea after cold bathing or sour wine. Constipation of the aged. Constipation during hot weather. Diarrhoea: constipation alternates with, in the aged who when they suddenly become constipated have hard rapid pulse; from overheating; sour wine; ending in dysentery. Constant oozing from anus with or without piles, stains linen yellow. Pain during stool as if an ulcer had been torn open. Piles: burn, prick, continuous discharge, stains yellow, or sometimes ichor oozes out; troublesome, in old gouty constitutions, always sore and inflamed from a cold wet day, sour wine or food.


      Hard lumps mixed with water.


      Erections interrupt urination. Bladder burns, frequent tenesmus, much mucus, urethra burns.


      Menses suppressed after a cold bath, especially with the characteristic tongue and gastric symptoms. Leucorrhoea, watery, little lumps. Prolapsus, constant bearing down as of something pushing out of vagina, tender over ovaries, especially if menses were suppressed by a cold. Irritable ovaries, pain, especially in hysterical girls, who suffer from unrequited affections, dreamers.


      Aphonia in the morning, after a cold bath night before.


      Violent, shake whole frame, first paroxysm strongest, each succeeding one weaker, ends in hacking which is not a paroxysm, tongue white. Whooping, aggravation looking into fire.


      Copious, may exhaust.


      Pain during heat. Remains sore and bruised after cough.


      Drawing pain, cervical region, on turning head to left side.


      Yellow pustule on thigh; nails do not grow; joints pain after sour wine, gastric symptoms; soles sore bruised aggravation stone pavement. (L): Callosities on sole, horny corns; skin about finger nail cracks; excrescences on sole; drawing pain in left side hip. Acute rheumatism or gout alternating with gastric symptoms. Finger nails horny, split, or horny growths under nail, or if an accident has split nail and it does not readily heal and grows cracked and split. Cracked hoof of horse. Soles become sore on walking, corns inflame and new corns form. Heels sore. Constant oozing from arms stain linen. Wart: on hand; under nail or on ends of fingers. Workmen who have an unusual tendency to thickening of skin of soles of feet, sore to walk on; the callous places are sensitive and have numerous centers of little corns.


      Sleepy days, mostly forenoon, irresistibly so p.m. continued drowsiness of the aged.


      Heat and thirst after sweat. It fairly boils when heated, takes cold.


      Urticaria after meat. (L): Horny warts. Tends to roughness, horny patches. Eruption: chronic urticaria, gastric symptoms and cramps in lower limb: pustules, red areola, bases inflamed, red, sensitive. Ulcerated, tends to grow warts, callosities, bad nails and hair.


      Aggravation exertion in sun. Aggravation sour food and wine and vinegar. Weak: aggravation warm weather, like Selenium; sudden, fainting. For swine: Ant-c., for sheep: Pulsatilla, for the horse: Arsenicum The prostration of Ant-c. is similar to that of Arsenicum, but Ant-c. lacks the overwhelming fear of death and restlessness and thirst, it rather desires death. Child: subject to rash; young people grow fat, like Calcarea, older ones: Graphites Chorea with the characteristic tongue. The sulphur element in Ant-c. is quite strong. Absence of pain where pain could be expected. Moments of great exhaustion. Overexcitable, intense, nervous, hysterical, ecstatic young girls and women who are overcome by mellow light, as comes through stained glass windows, or the yellow light from the p.m. moon. Aggravation: sour wine; cold water internally and externally; cannot stand or look into a fire or open grate; sun’s rays; cold bathing especially in a river; warm weather, it exhausts, like Selenium; cold damp weather; stimulants of any kind; overheating or radiated heat. Amelioration : hot bath; lying down quietly, like Bryonia Antidote: Hepar, Calcarea, Mercurius

Alfred Pulford
Alfred Pulford, M.D., M.H.S., F.A.C.T.S. 1863-1948 – American Homeopath and author who carried out provings of new remedies. Author of Key to the Homeopathic Materia Medica, Repertoroy of the Symptoms of Rheumatism, Sciatica etc., Homeopathic Materia Medica of Graphic Drug Pictures.