HYPERICUM homeopathic remedy signs and symptoms from the Key to the Homeopathic Materia Medica by Alfred Pulford. Find the common uses of HYPERICUM…


      Extreme soreness and pain of the nerves, especially the sentient nerves, especially from injury, a tendency to tetanus and lock-jaw, pains shoot upward, especially up limbs, and up and down spine when spine is injured.


      The Essential of this drug is found almost exclusively in the IDENTIFICATION, and amplified largely in the Generals, under Comment. Forgetful. Great soreness. Excruciating pain. Jerking of muscles. Attacks of weakness in change of weather Aggravation cold, to which one is extremely sensitive and worse least exposure; on change of weather from clear to damp; in foggy weather, like Rhus. and before a storm, like Psorinum and Rhododendron



      As if lifted high in the air, anxiety as if one might fall, in accidents.


      Desire to urinate, nightly urging.


      As if elongated; ache, to zygoma or cheek; pulsating in vertex, afternoon. Bursting pain, to cheek and chin, cramp in chin. Apoplexy, after a fall, when jerking or shooting pain appear. Ache after a fall, eyes sore. Hair moist, rest of body burning hot.


      Effects of shaving off a cold sore; Carb-an. also has aggravation. shaving. Eruption: around mouth and on right ear; yellow greenish scabs, cracks, moist. Lock jaw: the remedy and preventive parexcellence; more tenderness around wound than appearance would indicate. Tetanus after traumatic injuries.


      Tongue sore, from lacerated wound, inability to speak from the soreness.


      Injury to dental nerve. Ache, amelioration lying on affected side and keeping quiet.


      Thirst, mouth feels hot. Eructation, nights, prevents sleep.


      Tympanitic distension, amelioration stool. Pain after operation for incarcerated hernia.


      Cholera morbus, stool slimy, sore all over, feet swell, urine scanty; followed by constipation. Diarrhoea, Summer, skin eruptions. Piles, considered by some, when used internally and externally, as a specific for bleeding piles.


      When urethra has been stretched for stone, in a woman, she is in great distress and screams, cries, bathed in cold sweat, head hot; Staphysagria has urinary troubles in hysterical women who faint when the vagina is first stretched by their first intercourse. Female urethra swells, hard, burns, sore, sensitive, especially if caused by uterine pessaries.


      After pains, after instrumental delivery, violent, in sacrum and hips, severe headache. Leucorrhoea, milky, corroding, in a child.


      Hoarse, roughness and scraping in Larynx, upper part of pharynx and nares, in foggy weather.


      Spasmodic asthma from a fall on spine. Asthma from change of weather form clear to damp, or, before a storm, can lie on back only a short time.


      Whooping cough, aggravation 6 to 10 evening great nervous prostration.


      Pneumonia, with bleeding piles, said to arrest and prevent flow, which is a dangerous symptom in such cases.


      Spinal concussion; after injury to spine lies on Back head jerks backward; sacral pain after instrumental delivery; ache after confinement. Injury; spinal from fall on back; to coccyx, bruised, black, abscess forms, from a fall, pain shoots up spine and down limbs; often convulsive movements; women often become nervous and hysterical; effects of spinal concussion; violent pain, unable to walk or stoop after fall on coccyx; feet feel pithy, as if pricked with needles. Sacral region especially itches on undressing.


      Feet fuzzy morning; finger nail lacerated; pain in upper after amputation, or, in hip after confinement; biting stitches in toes. Injury: lacerated tips of finer or toe, or, nails torn off, or, parts pinched, or, from blow of hammer, pains shoot up Limbs; effects of pricking thumbs or finger with pointed instruments, as with awl, brass tack, etc., violent pain up limbs; after severe injury to sciatic nerve, sharp cutting pain darts along nerve ending in a twisting or wrenching sense in foot. Ascending neuritis. Cold, numb while sitting. Feet feel pithy, as if pricked with needles, or, tingle while lying in bed.


      Wakens 4 morning, as if suspended in bed, or, as if lying heavily in bed. Eructations prevent, nights.


      Heat follows, sweat on hands and feet.


      Eruption; sore places after tetter, from hard yellow crusts, itch violently; urticaria like on both hands at 4 evening and in evening; hard dry yellow crusts form on wounds and open sores. Cicatrix: painful, pain shoots along nerve to center of body; or, when an old scar comes in contract with a hard body and is injured, bruised, smashed, torn internally, stings, with no amelioration and tearing pains come in it that run along the nerve toward the body. Itches on undressing, mostly in sacral region. Rough, as if full of hard knots. Hard, dry.


      Convulsions: from injury or wound of sole, finger or palm; crushed and lacerated finger end. The Arnica of the nerves; of the veins; Hamamelis Old cicatrices pain. Injury: In punctured wounds give Ledum at once, it will often, if applied early, arrest, and always modify the occurence of ulceration an sloughing, in the slightest form of lacerated wounds. While Arnica has bruised soreness of the flesh, Hamamelis soreness of the veins, and Hyperic soreness of the nerves, Ruta has bruised soreness of the bones, cartilages, tendons and their insertions and the cartilages about the joints, lingering sore bruised places. Ledum is valuable in the prevention of trouble from accidents to end of finger, or if one steps on a nail, tack or stick, or if splinter gets under finger nail or into foot, or if a nail gets into horse’s foot, pull it out and give a dose of Ledum, it will take care of it; and where dull aching pain remains in injured part, but if pain shoots up limb look to Hyperic. Ledum prevents tetanus in horses that have picked up a nail, but if jerking comes on give Hyperic at once. Wherever the parts are full of sentient nerves give Hyperic. at once; in punctured wounds give Ledum at once. Staph corresponds to lacerating, tearing and stretching fibers. Effects of nervous shock; great nervous depression following wounds. Convulsion from blow on head, top of head throbs; Natr-s. mental troubles following blows on head. Spasms: on child after slight injury; epileptic after a hard knock. In injury: Arnica takes away the bruised soreness, the bruised “black and blue” spots; after a strain of tendons where stiff and lame muscles remain give Rhus; if weakness remains after Rhus. give Calcarea The Arnica soreness is due to inflammation of bones, muscles and bloodvessels; that of Ledum and Hyperic. to inflammation of the nerves. Wounds: yawn, swell up, do not tend to heal, edges look dry, shiny; red inflamed burn sting, pains tear. Staphysagria for clear cut wounds; stretching of sphincters which produce especially coldness, congestion to head, rending tearing pains, also due to tearing parts. All the articulations feel bruised. Injury to nerve with much soreness and twitching of muscles. After a surgical operation, where much cutting has been done, great prostration, coldness, oozing of blood, almost cold breath like Carb-v., after a dose of Stront-c. the congestion will be amelioration one gets warm and has a comfortable night. After chloroform for the vomiting etc., think of Phosphorus Removes effects of local shock. Especially adapted to mechanical injuries. Preserves vitality of torn and lacerated members nearly separated from body. Compare especially Arnica and Calendula

Alfred Pulford
Alfred Pulford, M.D., M.H.S., F.A.C.T.S. 1863-1948 – American Homeopath and author who carried out provings of new remedies. Author of Key to the Homeopathic Materia Medica, Repertoroy of the Symptoms of Rheumatism, Sciatica etc., Homeopathic Materia Medica of Graphic Drug Pictures.