Hypericum Perforatum

Homeopathic Remedy Hypericum Perforatum from Keynotes and Characteristics by H C Allen…

Hypericum perforatum  is useful for mechanical injuries of spinal cord; bad effects of spinal concussion; pains, after a fall on coccyx.

Punctured, incised or lacerated wounds; sore, painful ( Ledum – contused wounds, Arnica, Hamamelis ), especially if of long duration.

Hypericum perforatum Injuries: from treading on nails, needles, pins, splinters ( Ledum ); from rat-bites; prevents lock-jaw.

Hypericum perforatum preserves integrity of torn and lacerated members when almost entirely separated from body ( Calendula ).

Injury to parts rich in sentient nerves – fingers, toes, matrices of nails, palms or soles – where the intolerable pains shows nerves are severely involved; of tissues of animal life, as hands and feet.

Nervous depression following wounds or surgical operations; removes bad effects of shock, of fright, of mesmerism.

Hypericum perforatum always modifies and sometimes arrests ulceration and sloughing ( Calendula ). Crushed, mashed finger-tips. Tetanus after traumatic injuries (compare, Phys. ).

Vertigo: sensation as if head became suddenly elongated; at night, with urging to urinate.

Headache: after a fall upon occiput, with sensation as if being lifted up high into the air; great anxiety lest she fall from this height.

Spine: after a fall; slightest motion of arms or neck extorts cries; spine very sensitive to touch.

Bunions and corns when pain is excruciating, showing nerve involvement.

Convulsions; after blows on head or concussion.

Relations. – Compare: Arnica, Calen., Ruta, Staphysagria

In wounds where formerly Aconite, and Arnica, were given alternately, Hypericum perforatum cures.

H. C. Allen
Dr. Henry C. Allen, M. D. - Born in Middlesex county, Ont., Oct. 2, 1836. He was Professor of Materia Medica and the Institutes of Medicine and Dean of the faculty of Hahnemann Medical College. He served as editor and publisher of the Medical Advance. He also authored Keynotes of Leading Remedies, Materia Medica of the Nosodes, Therapeutics of Fevers and Therapeutics of Intermittent Fever.