Children Diseases – Colic of infants

Mercurius-sol [Merc]

Colicky pains, relieved by a slimy, bloody stool, passed after much straining.

Nux-vomica [Nux-v]

COLIC, WITH CONSTITUTION (Chamomilla, with diarrhoea), caused by the stimulating food taken by the mother or nurse; large amount of flatus; constipation, with apparent frequent desire and effort to evacuate the bowels.

Opium [Op]

Abdominal troubles, caused by fright.

Physostigma [Phys]

Colic with squirming during nursing.

Podophyllum [Podo]

At attack of colic at daylight every morning, causing an absolute retraction of the abdominal muscles.

Pulsatilla [Puls]

Gastric catarrh from ice-cream, fruit or pastry, partaken by the nurse; child (<) from evening all through the night, peevish, pale, chilly, satisfied with nothing (Chamomilla and Nux v., vehement and angry; Arsenicum, anxious, restless).

Rheum [Rheum]

Violent pain, with cutting; the with seems to rise up into the chest; very sour stools.

Senna [Senn]

The child turns blue during its cries caused by incarcerated flatus; the little patient seems to be full of wind.

Stannum [Stann]

The child’s is relieved by firm pressure upon its abdomen (Cin.); relief can at once be obtained by resting its abdomen upon the shoulder of the nurse.

Staphisagria [Staph]

Sufferings of pot-bellied children, with much colic land humid scald head; pains caused by a fit of charging or indisposition of the nurse; children in bad humor and cry for things, which, after getting, they petulantly throw away.

Sulphur [Sulph]

Pimply eruptions, filled with pus; excoriations; redness about the anus after a stool; it frequently cures the gastric and colicky troubles of children; child dislikes to be washed or bathed.

Veratrum-alb [Verat]

Terrible colic, with coldness of the forehead; very cold feet with the colic; cold sweat on the skin, especially on the forehead.

Samuel Lilienthal
Dr. Samuel Lilienthal (1815-1891) was from Germany, and became a pioneer homeopath in America. He received his Doctor of Medicine Degree from the University of Munich in 1838. After he moved to the United States, he was hired as Professor of Clinical Medicine at New York College for Women, and also as Professor of Mental and Nervous Diseases at the New York Homeopathic College.
Dr. Samuel Lilienthal was the author of many great books including “Homeopathic Therapeutics”. For many years, with the support of Dr. Constantine Hering, he was the editor of the North American Journal of Homeopathy. Dr. Lilienthal passed away on February 2nd 1891 in San Francisco.