Children diseases – Chafing of infants

Homeopathy treatment for Children diseases – Chafing of infants from the Homeopathic Therapeutics by Lilienthal. Homeopathic remedies for the treatment of Children diseases – Chafing of infants…

Calcarea-carb [Calc]

For fat, fleshy, leucophlegmatic children.

Carbo-veg [Carb-v]

Much rawness of the affected; a general disposition to excoriation, especially in very warm weather.

Chamomilla [Cham]

The excoriations irritate the already irritable child, which cries much and wants to be carried about continually.

Graphites [Graph]

The affected parts discharge a quantity of transparent glutinous fluid, especially between thighs and behind ears.

Hepar [Hep]

Intertrigo extends by means of pimples which arise just beyond the raw surface, these become involved in the excoriation and new pimples appear a little farther beyond.

Lycopodium [Lyc]

Offensive and bleeding excoriations.

Mercurius-sol [Merc]

Excoriations much worse at night, which are raw and bloody, depriving of sleep.

Psorinum [Psor]

Skin dirty, greasy looking; itching of excoriations (<) in bed and from warmth; neglected waifs.

Sepia [Sep]

Skin very delicate, the least injury tends to ulceration.

Sulphur [Sulph]

Much itching of the skin in general and of the parts affected, especially excoriation of anus and adjacent parts.

Samuel Lilienthal
Dr. Samuel Lilienthal (1815-1891) was from Germany, and became a pioneer homeopath in America. He received his Doctor of Medicine Degree from the University of Munich in 1838. After he moved to the United States, he was hired as Professor of Clinical Medicine at New York College for Women, and also as Professor of Mental and Nervous Diseases at the New York Homeopathic College.
Dr. Samuel Lilienthal was the author of many great books including “Homeopathic Therapeutics”. For many years, with the support of Dr. Constantine Hering, he was the editor of the North American Journal of Homeopathy. Dr. Lilienthal passed away on February 2nd 1891 in San Francisco.