The great advantage of the peroral regenerative cancer treatment on basis of nutrition and metabolism is the fact that it is entirely harmless. Whoever prefers in advanced cases to be treated by surgery and ray-treatment, can combine these methods with a nutritional and digestive regeneration by a pre-treatment of this kind.

THE invitation of the Editor for this contribution has been gladly accepted by the author, who considers Ellis barker j. as the pioneer of the striking thesis “cancer originates from chronical auto-intoxication and a deficiency in vitamins”. This basic statement should be completed on basis of proven clinical experiences by the generalizing thesis:.

“Deficiencies, or in many cases excesses, of food-components lead insufficient enzymatic-hormonal functions in the digestive tract.”.

All food is the basis for the composition of the blood, in respect to favourable, life -prolonging effects (Rockefeller !) or to life-shortening results (diabetes, gout, cancer, etc.) A man of sixty years has generally compelled his digestive system to extract during life-time fifty to sixty thousand or more pounds of solid and liquid food.

This quantity has naturally required from the organism a considerable variety of enzymatic, hormonal and vitaminal digestive forces in the digestive tract forming the blood. In such case the organism is prevented from producing sufficiently or from employing usefully the necessary fermentative and hormonal agents, especially when vitamins are insufficiently supplied.

The great British pioneer, Professor E. H. Starling, found out many decades ago, that infinitesimal quantities of hormones have widespread results and the great research-chemist Willstaetter considers life as the regulated co-operation of enzymatic influences. If we add to these proven theses the above of J. Ellis Barker, confirmed by Sir Arbuthnot Lane, we arrive at the bottom of the whole cancer problem.

The resistance power of the human organism can only stand limited deficiencies or excesses in the nutritional factors and in the blood components. When an exhaustion occurs in vitaminal, enzymatic and hormonal agents, supplied to and produced by the organism at normal nutrition and at no requirements overburdening the glands and secretions of normal organisms, a pre-cancerous state sets in.

One fourth or one fifth of the population of civilized countries is in such state. Only about half of these people will pass, however, from this pre-cancerous state into the stage of actual cancer, because their natural resistance power safeguards them many years from this malignant disease.

Where, however, the pre- cancerous state with its beginning contamination of the blood is accompanied by lesions or by weak spots in the tissues, where former lesions occurred, actual formations of cancer are favored and will spread.

The least dangerous spot for such attack from the contaminated blood is the visible skin, where prompt treatment is easier and an effective durable cure in time is possible, provided the right nutrition and the functions of the whole digestive tract are carefully kept in order.

But far more important are the non- visible skins, mucous membranes and tissues covering the inside of the body the most important tracts and organs.

The pre-cancerous state, caused by wrong nutrition and overstrain of the enzymatic and hormonal forces of the total digestive tract, by deficiencies or excesses of blood components, may exist in the organism without any trouble to the patient for decades, until one day cancerous new formations of the tissues suddenly become apparent and troublesome in the stomach, intestines, liver, breast, uterus, etc.

But even then at the first signs of such troubles the last dangerous cancerous state will not be reached, provided the normal enzymatic and hormonal forces of the total digestive tract are restored and a total transposition (Umstellung) of the nutrition takes place, thereby producing a regeneration of the blood with its former deficiencies or excesses of its components.

The many examples cited by J. Ellis Barker, a pioneer in nutritional advice, by Dr. Erwin Liek, by Professor Freund in Vienna on the influences of the bacterial flora in the intestines, by the Auler and Salzborn diets, by the great homoeopathic physician Schelegel and others clearly prove the importance of nutrition, diet and the whole digestive tract on the cancer problem.

A successful treatment is, however, only possible on individual lines, i.e. on an anamnesis of the fore-life of the patient, to find out deficiencies or excesses of nutritional components in the blood.

On such diagnosis depends the successful treatment, especially when cancer has already advanced and contaminated the blood of the patient. Such success has been achieved in a great many cases, where surgeons considered the patients inoperable or ray-specialists were not able to lastingly improve the cancerous state.

At the same time, when the radical chance of the nutrition takes place, the enzymatic and hormonal producing powers of the organism have to be strengthened without chemicals. This treatment with pure organ-food is also individual, dependent on the constipation, diarrhoea and other observations in and of the patients.

In some cases the stomach or pancreas or duodenum or the large intestine or the liver have been afflicted more or less, in many cases the organism has been weakened by artificial laxatives. Natural treatment with homoeopathic doses of natural enzymatic and hormonal agents without chemicals nearly always leads to a diminution of pain and to a general improvement of health, until by and by the cancerous new formations retrograde or disappear.

It must be, of course, understood, at the contamination of the blood, which enters into the tissues and nerves, cannot be reduced at once. Such treatment requires generally several months and in advanced cases naturally longer time. But it is a fact that this regeneration of the total digestive tract by restitution of the normal enzymatic-hormonal functions, combined with right nutrition, has been successful even in a considerable or very high percentage of moribund hospital cases, where surgery and ray-treatment had been unsuccessful.

Further, the preventive effect has been proved by animal tests, when the enzymatic-hormonal functions of the whole digestive tract had been strengthened before inoculating the animals. They did not develop cancer, whereas the control animals died from cancer.

But mice and rat cancer tests are generally not comparable with human cancer. As the successful treatment of human cancer patients, given up by surgeons and ray-specialists, has been clinically proved, that nutrition and regeneration of the whole digestive tract in reasonable patients, leads to a general improvement and to a retrogression of tumours. It means that the Barker-thesis of 1924 on cancer has been correct.

The great advantage of the peroral regenerative cancer treatment on basis of nutrition and metabolism is the fact that it is entirely harmless. Whoever prefers in advanced cases to be treated by surgery and ray-treatment, can combine these methods with a nutritional and digestive regeneration by a pre-treatment of this kind. It improves in every case it least the composition of the blood and increases the resistance powers of the organism.

If after such pre-treatment large tumours are removed by surgeons or ray-specialists, the danger is greatly diminished, that contaminatory parts of the cancer tissues spread during or after operation or ray-treatment in a humoral system,which has without such humoral regeneration mostly not sufficient resistance powers to prevent recurrences or metastases.

For such humoral system has been enormously strengthened to combat invaders, when nutrition and metabolism have been vitharmonically regulated by regeneration of the enzymatic-hormonal functions, which prevent metastases in not too badly contaminated cases.

Will Dyes