Frequently in former times simply “old age”, not “cancer” has been certified as the cause of death. Without fighting naturally auto-intoxication also the vitharmonical nutrition and regenerative metabolism are mightless. Very badly contaminated patients deciding too late for a self-control are vitharmonically regenerable only to a limited extent.

The timely blood-regeneration prevents and arrests malignant growths.

The basis for this peroral vitharmonical humoral therapy is the enzymatic-hormonal-vitaminal regeneration of the whole digestive and blood-system, combined with an elimination of the auto- intoxication (self-poisoning), with an anamnesis of and consequent change in the individual diet and in the mode of life, under consideration of constitutional factors.

The clinical test-cases confirm that this therapeutical basis is right in a great variety of cancer cases. But decades may pass, until not only exceptions of the medical profession acknowledge such facts threatening to rob the surgeons and radiologists of a part of their clientele.

This peroral vitharmonical humoral therapy should be not secondary to the other treatments now applied, but should be primary. Logically sound or regenerated blood is fundamental for any healing therapy.

The laity is at liberty to choose.

the further neglect of the basic nutritional-digestive factors by a sole or combined surgical and radiologic treatment with only local, i.e. temporary effects and generally without lasting regenerating, life-prolonging results according to the sad statistical facts, as cited, or the vitharmonical, i.e. total humoral regeneration with a lasting rebuilding of the body and its permanently important defensive forces.

or the latter as main as fore- and as after- treatment in combination with operation or ray-treatment as eventual after- treatments.

As cancer never attacks healthy organs, regenerated sound blood supplying all organs and depriving them from unhealthy cells and tissues, means eo ipso a natural preventive and regenerative defence against cancer and other diseases.

A regenerated humoral system of not neglectful patients increases their own defensive forces and resistance powers to such an extent, that malignant growths will not only be prevented, but arrested and diminished without mutilating operations.

Self-confidence and well-founded hopes from the clinical control-tests as well as the firm belief in the self-control for strengthening these defensive forces are justified for thoughtful, energetical readers.

At present die in Great Britain within ten years three-quarters of a million people from cancer. It means that all least two millions have already now a pre-disposition for cancer.

The fighter for “Public Education in Health”, Sir George Newman, started his campaign in the same year, 1924, as did Ellis Barker.

The number of death cases from cancer in the United Kingdom as in other countries has increased, however, in the last decade considerably.

The reason for no lasting results in the present treatments of cancer is the same in all countries: surgeons, ray-specialists and cancer-researchers generally look down contemptuously on food and digestion though the formation of blood and cells mainly depends on these two factors. Barker has statistically proved that the physicians and surgeons are the heaviest sufferers from diseases of the digestive system; therefore many of them are hardly authorities to impartially judge in the interests of their patients this nutritional -digestive therapy for an humoral regeneration.

Already, 1909, the Director of the Ross Institute and eminent British research worker, J.A. Shaw-Mackenzie, was engaged in experiments with intestinal extracts (Lancet, June 5th, 1909), but he did not get the necessary funds to continue his work on cancer.

The regeneration of the mucous walls in the digestive tract to prevent and arrest a contamination of the humoral system, the duodenum, etc., have been at that time less considered, also not yet sufficiently the question of the right nutrition and diet.

Shaw-Mackenzie (similar to E. Freund and others) rightly declared in 1930 “proliferation diminishes as lipolytic and proteolytic power increases”– It means: growths are arrested, if our body gets back normal powers to rightly digest proportionate proteins and fats.

I feel it my duty to mention the merits of the late Shaw- Mackenzie, who complained on October 15th, 1927, of the “scratching terms” on his important blood-researches.

This clinically confirmed therapy enables every patient to consider in the first place his constitutional factors, his former and present nutrition, digestion and life, to regenerate at home his digestive tract and blood, to arrest the entrance of toxic substance from the mucous walls of his digestive tract into his blood and to get rid of various digestive troubles and of benignant or malignant growths, when acting vitharmonically in time. Such simple, when timely, means prevent and arrest cancer.

Before consulting finally a physician, the patient should ascertain what thorough knowledge his adviser, deciding on the patients life or death, has on nutrition, diet and digestion without irritants, laxatives and patent-medicines as well as on blood-regeneration.

What stages should the reader distinguish ?.

1. Who is afraid of cancer can get rid of this fear early and timely within a comparatively short time vitharmonically under continuous self-and blood-controls.

2. Who thinks to belong to the about two million or more of English people in a pre-cancerous stage — without diagnostic symptoms at present– can vitharmonically avoid in time dangers caused by his present mode of life.

3. Who notices in time any symptoms of a sub-normal or contaminated state of is blood, and at the same time other troubles or even the start of one benignant or eventually malignant growth, can vitharmonically arrest them without knife and rays.

4. Who suffers already from one proven progressing cancerous growth, can with the necessary prompt energy still arrest it in most cases vitharmonically and even cause its retrogression, frequently without knife and rays.– This statement refers also to a part of inoperable cases and of patients receiving the radiological consolation-treatment.

5. Who has been found inoperable or has neglected the progress of such first growth or of symptomatic troubles for not a too prolonged time has still hopes — to be dependent on each individual constitution and vital energies– to arrest the malady by the vitharmonical therapy. Surgical or radiologic after- treatments depend on the humoral regeneration, the extent and the retrogression of the growth.– Inoperable cases can become operable.

6. Who, however, has neglected the progress of one growth to such an extent, that his contaminated blood may have carried already the poisonous elements to other easily attachable locations or organs of his body with the formation of metastases, can generally only arrest or reduce pains or other troubles. This statement refers also to part of the operated or ray-treated cases.

We can only expect sometimes in such body sufficient natural defensive resistance powers for a complete humoral regeneration, to finally prevent death from cancer.

By the cited clinical test-cases a limited number of patients under 6 have been lastingly improved, whereas even in such cases as under 5 about 30 to 50 per cent. have prolonged their life under non- individual hospital treatment without knife and rays. This fact gives hopes that about 75 per cent. of such cases are not hopeless, when the required individual nutritional and digestive transposition at home can be afforded and is energetically carried through.

The cases under 4 can be saved under equal circumstances to about 80 to 85 or more per cent. For even in inoculated rats, which to control in their right nutritional regeneration is most difficult, such percentage recovered from proven malignant growths.

The cases under 3,2,1, are generally easily regenerable and to be made apt not to succumb to grave cancerous attacks, provided the patients thoroughly study and completely describe their past and present state of health and conscientiously follow corresponding written advices, not being content with the satisfactory results of the first prompt regenerative self- control at home during a few months, but continue to lead a healthy life. It is even possible to continually control any eventual dangers by blood-tests for an immediate arrest of later new troubles.

The professional readers need only to follow up the various successes in foreign clinics to consider the other food in southern climates, to convince themselves, how an harmless regenerative nutritional and digestive treatment has succeeded in patients before or after dangerous and unsuccessful radical treatments by knife and rays.

They know that about 65 per cent. of the present cancer patients treated without humoral regeneration generally succumb in spite of the best — local — surgical and ray-treatment, which does mostly not prevent cancer-death from metastases and recurrences in the — total — organism.

The non- professional readers can easily conclude from the above cited control-tests in the same literature, what life- prolongation by an energetical nutritional and digestive self- control can be attained vitharmonically.

Conclusions for self-observers.

The readers of the Lancet of October 22nd, 1932, know from Professor P. Bull, that after the age of 40-50 everyone, even if his previous health has been of the best, must consider the possibility of getting cancer, which need not show at the onset any special symptoms and may already originate from indigestion.

As every seventh or eighth person in Great Britain dies from cancer, it is “the worst thing that can be done by one imagining himself to be suffering from early cancer to give up hope at once and hide the disease”.

The vitharmonical prevention and control of cancer, as above described, means for energetical readers determinedly desiring life-prolongation, a simple, harmless, individually arranged nutritional digestive treatment at home. In a comparatively short time a general regeneration of the blood components, i.e. of the total humoral system starts.

Required is in the first instance character, energy, self- confidence, self-control.

The aim is: the attainment of a long life without troubles by a clinically proven humoral regeneration-cure of only months. A timely vitharmonical fore-treatment can prevent not only growths, but also mutilations by the knife and dangerous blood-alterations by rays.

Alone the intelligent patient– eventually guided by his far- sighted, unprejudiced experienced family doctor– can in time observe and naturally control alterations in his state of health, the influences of agreeable or disagreeable food, digestion, indigestion, very regular normal evacuations (without laxatives), alterations in complexion and outer skins, any warnings, troubles, pains, swellings in his body (and especially in his inner organs), depressions, tiredness, loss of activity and other symptoms of failing vitality– and the favourable changes regarding former symptoms and troubles as a consequence of his vitharmonical blood-regeneration.

General considerations for readers over 40 years.

All of us have to reflect on the following facts, when we desire to evade chronical diseases in progressing age without being yet warned by pains, but only by occasional troubles:.

Not only the sexual glands cease by and by working.

It is no miracle, if the glands of the whole digestive tract with their important enzymatic and hormonal functions strike one day in their correlative digestive and blood-forming activities.

One must consider such strike a natural consequences, when the owner has overburdened constantly this important tract or demands from it to form normal blood and glands by unproportionate food.

The total organism with all its organs, glands, tissues, mucous membranes, skins, etc., suffers or reacts in consequence of irregularities leading to humoral damages.

A sound organism needs vitharmonical food with right proportionate and varied components.

The organism after an eventual fight for decades against nutritional deficiencies (vitamins, mineral salts, etc.), or excesses (meat, animal fat, heavy dishes, hot drinks, alcohol, salt and other spices, etc., as well as against toxins), is no further enabled to serve his owner and governor with the required quantities of digestive enzymes and hormones.

All secretions, all enzymatic-hormonal functions of all organs are apt to diminish from overstrain or in age or in consequence of wrong food.

The “filters to poisons”, i.e. the wonderfully fine mucous membranes, glands and tissues in the digestive tract, after irritations and damages, discontinue to retain blood-poisoning components from the circulation in the total humoral system.

Blood not normally equipped with proportionate components does generally not get rid of damaging components nor of poisons nor of invaders by the normal channels; it must seek other outlets through the skin or through the mucous walls.

Then various weakened tissues, glands, etc., become afflicted and show the manifestations of disease.

Naturally the contaminated blood seeks weak irritated spots, scars or lesions as outlets and attacks to the organism.

These from then the basis for malignant growths.

Therefore finely construed tissues as, i.e. in the breast, uterus, etc., are more easily subject to such cellular alterations under the influence of humoral changes caused primarily by auto-intoxication, wrong diet and metabolism. There is generally no difficulty to avoid, prevent or stop in the various organs an increase or spread of such growths in time. That depends entirely on the patient, his constitution, his fore- and present life, his timely and thorough observations and his complete survey on and control of such facts.

Natural vitharmonical nutrition and regenerated metabolism, assisted by pure, natural organ-food and mineral quantities of stimulants, lead then to a retrogression or disappearance of the indurations or growths, which need not assume malignant character, when detected and treated in time.

Repeated examinations for immediate radical treatments or previous temporary vitharmonical regenerative self-control at home?.

If the above observations and considerations are made in time by the patient, examinations and diagnosis– which can err– an opening of his body by the surgeons and a blood-damaging radiological treatment, i.e., radical therapies frequently spreading the malady in the humoral system ought to be postponed by sufferers comprehending the intimate connection between food, blood, glands, tissues, nerves, etc., and acting accordingly.

Even repeated examination by the physician frequently can miss a right and definitive diagnosis on our troubles of the inner organs without the surgeons knife or roentgen-pictures, the correctness of which on the location of benignant or malignant tissues being rather uncertain. We have to consider that almost two-thirds or more or all cancer cases refer to inner organs and that according to Sir James Mackenzie generally only 5 to 10 per cent. of the diagnoses are right.

Frequently written nutritional digestive instructions will suffice, to arrive at desired self-controlled by intelligent and energetical patients.

The reader may judge the question of examinations by studying pages 44, 131, 166, 18-70, 197, 269, 324, 342, in New Lives for Old, and may compare his observations with the statement of the reputed Professor Kellogg, cited on pages 70-1 in Chronic Constipation of Ellis Barker.

Intelligent energetical self-observers with the necessary self- control of an individually worked out vitharmonical treatment can arrive at home within six to eight weeks or earlier at own conclusions on the start of favorable effects, provided they started their regenerative treatment in time.

Whatever of an after-treatment an already cancerous patient may therefore choose in emergencies, the first fore-treatment as preceding non-risky preventive and curative step he should consider, is an humoral and glandular regeneration at home starting from the whole digestive system, before he delivers himself to the risky knife or rays. This advice refers equally to great consumers of meat and animal fat as to vegetarians.

Where a really healthy, nutritionally very varied, but less civilized and more primitive mode of life prevailed, naturally fear of cancer and preventive means of regeneration are hardly or less required.

But how many people negligently say: “I just eat and drink the ordinary things,” because they have not been taught in time to feed their organism with the right, varied, proportionate components for blood and glands and have not taken the necessary interest in self-observations and in self-control of their most valuable property, i.e. of their body.

Summary for the medical profession and for the laity.

Constantly rages also in an healthy community of blood- components a civil war.

Permanently struggle in our total liquid life-stream strong defensive vital forces against various anarchic forces and toxins produced in or introduced into our body.

Healthy mucous walls of our inner organs with their glands, enzymes, hormones form, however, a barrier against the various blood-contaminating aggressors.

The destructive forces of wrongly nourished persons try in progressing age to overwhelm the blood-components forming normal sound cells. Morley Roberts has given a wonderful description of this fight in Cancer and Evolution.

Often people do not notice this inner struggle, frequently they notice it late (generally not too late), because they do not reflect on constitutional factors and neglect self-observations, self-control, candid medical advice and the right, timely steps against destructive symptoms.

Generally we are not warned in time by pains, sometimes only by minor troubles. These most of us underestimate or treat them in a palliative way.

Any irritating intake hurts our inner defensive mucous walls. They become more and more permeable to poisonous elements.

The equilibrium between defensive and destructive forces is by and by destroyed; the latter become without an humoral regeneration a majority. The accumulated poisons in the blood then attack at first weakened or overstrained points in the inner or outer tissues.

Once again the defensive forces try as last means to have concentrated at first the destructive elements in one location of the body. There the poisonous elements become manifest as so- called “cancer” (frequently only after decades of the latent struggle).

The local removal by sole surgical or radiological treatments does not free generally our humoral system from the totality of inner poisons and anarchic destructive elements (see above statistics).

Before such local radical blood-changing treatments of the very first manifestations of swellings, bleedings, etc., our blood almost always possesses still considerable defensive and resistance powers. They must be, however, quickly aided and vitharmonically subsisted by blood-regenerative means.

Almost always at present this is not being done at all nor in time.

During and after such local radical cancer treatments– without a previous humoral regeneration strengthening the defensive powers– the poisonous elements (toxins) frequently spread in the body (see the confirmatory citations in the introduction).

Then the toxins in the non-regenerated blood-stream generally form in the tissues earlier or later new local growths, called recurrences or metastases.

The sad consequence has been formerly — in spite of a first, deluding favourable, only local surgical or radiologic treatment– the by all medical authorities confirmed fact, that then help for the totality contaminated organism was generally hopeless.

This second, life-endangering stage of the so-called “cancer” has been, can and must be avoided by a timely vitharmonical regeneration of careful energetical patients.

All depends on our strengthening in time and continually our defensive vital forces.

(1) by removing old and by not developing new nutritional- digestive and other auto-intoxications without irritating our inner defensive walls, without killing our enzymatic forces by inner disinfectants.

(2) by regenerating our blood from right, vitharmonical food- components and by eliminating wrong blood-components.

(3) by vitharmonical strengthening our total digestive system and by regenerating all our inner defensive walls with their enzymatic-hormonal glands, to again become impermeable to the permanent dangers of destructive, poisonous forces always threatening us in the struggle of life,.

(4) by removing in emergency cases tumours now surrounded within a comparatively short time by regenerative blood with strengthened defensive powers.

We will never end the natural civil war in our body, but we have the power to prevent for us an early disaster caused by such unaided struggle. Our successful vitharmonical defence depends on our timely self-observations and self-control, on our nutritional, enzymatic-hormonal-vitaminal blood-regeneration by our total digestive system.

Medical advisers treating cancer patients ought to be not only local one-sided specialists, but must have full knowledge of the total individuals nutritional-digestive system and of the individual food-blood deficiencies and excesses as well as of the constitutional factors.

Death from old age is a chronical intoxication by poisons originating or not arrested in the vital processes of our organism.– Rockefeller tries by individual dietetical life to avoid such self-poisoning and to maintain vitality in a very high age.

Frequently in former times simply “old age”, not “cancer” has been certified as the cause of death. Without fighting naturally auto-intoxication also the vitharmonical nutrition and regenerative metabolism are mightless. Very badly contaminated patients deciding too late for a self-control are vitharmonically regenerable only to a limited extent.

Such natural vitharmonical regeneration of even moribund cases, of inoperable cancer patients and of people to whom a radiologic consolation-treatment was prescribed, has been confirmed by clinical test-cases– even without operation or without ray- treatment– as above described.

The intelligent reader can therefore arrive at his own logical conclusions for his own energetical preventive-steps.

In 30 to 50 per cent. of even desolate undernourished hospital test-cases an alleviation and vitharmonical regeneration has been possible with only average hospital food. Still greater hopes are justified from other cited cases with other South European nutrition.

A strict self-control of the entirely harmless Vitharmonical blood-regeneration can be applied at home by intelligent, reasonable and energetical precancerous and cancerous patients. Full knowledge of the individual constitution and of the fore- life is, however, necessary, to individually advise the patient.

Readers seriously interested in the prevention, control and cure of cancer should carefully read the leading conservative journal of orthodox medicine, The Lancet, of October 22nd, 1932, where Professor P. Bull published elucidate facts and explanations, specially his conclusions 1,3-7 for the laity.

Professional readers will find interesting pathological proofs and clinical test-cases by Cailliau (1) in the Bull. du Cancer, Paris, 1935, No. 3, the treatment of various cases by Karzis (2) of Athens in the Med. Journal of Athens, 1936, results in moribund cases by Cassan (3), Hesse (4), Jacobs, (5), in the Medical Toulouse, 1935, Deutsche Med. Wochenschrift,1935, Zeitschrift fur Krebsforschung, 1933, as well as stomach cancer cases treated by Ollino-Genua in Acta cancrologica, 1934.

Will Dyes