The basis for all successful treatments is: believe in your own vital resistance powers! Have the energy to rebuild the components of your valuable blood-stream! Most people have in that respect unlimited reserves, as Barker rightly points out. These two uterine cases have been treated surgically, as well with Radium as with Roentgen-rays.

Clinical control-tests in the treatment of women.

The more miraculously are construed human organs by Nature, the more difficult is, of course, their right treatment, if applied too late by the negligence of their owners. When in time observed and treated in this natural way, troubles, swellings, etc., need not become cancerous; they remain benignant, retrograde and disappear in reasonable patients.

To operate organs away or to damage their finely constructed blood-vessels by rays is no natural art. Such radical therapeutical means are rather desperate steps to remove unhealthy local parts from a totally afflicted body before its humoral regeneration.

By naturally regenerating important gifts of Nature, namely organs where you observe in time changes, you simply support still existent vital resistance powers of Nature against threatening and eventually dangerous diseases.

Cited are clinical cases, where radical treatment was impossible or unsuccessful, where patients made no timely observations, where cancer was already evident. In such cases results of the natural treatment are the most convincing. The more, when it has been applied to such organs of the body, which are secondary points to the humoral curative attack, which starts in the primary nutritional-digestive system.

Therefore as first examples for sceptical and prejudiced readers those organs are selected, for which every reader must have the highest respect. For their mucous walls and glands were and are of the utmost importance for the very existence of all of us. Only a few people reflect on the miraculously fine construction and combination of tissues, blood vessels, glands, mucous membranes, skin and nervous in the womb and in the mammary system.

The natural food of the baby is dependent on the mothers food digestion blood glands. The wombs diverse functions and the healing of its mucous membranes after lesions, etc., equally depend on sound blood formed by regenerative digestion of proportionate food.

The latter and organ-food control and prevent cancer, as clinical control tests have proved.

In these most important female organs troubles and swellings are rather frequent (see pp. 52-60, 78, 298 ff. in Chronic Constipation, by Ellis Barker), but natural treatment in time by energetical patients will nearly always prevent malignant growths.

The natural humoral treatment.

Irritants, patent medicines, secret remedies are excluded. Dietetical treatment for alterations in the blood-components is already a great success in most severe skin-diseases (i.e. psoriasis, acne, ulcers, etc.). Pure organ food (i.e. liver extracts) is also already employed in most severe blood diseases (i.e. pernicious anaemia). Great changes in the blood- composition, especially after ray-treatment, have been proved in cancer-patients. There haemoglobin and erythrocytes are generally not normal. But generally such symptoms need not yet be cancerous, when swellings are observed.

Patients in whom cancer has not been proved, should, however, conclude from troubles combined with alternations in their blood, that they may be already in a state demanding preventive steps against eventual cancerous developments. They can dismiss any fears of a progress of their troubles, when humoral regeneration starts at once.

Witts calls “nutritional anaemias” conditional “deficiency diseases”. In pernicious anaemia liver extracts have generally no lasting curing effect, when not applied continuously.

In proven cancer organ-food from liver can favourably influence the anaemia, but the growth of the tumours is not stopped (Finsterer). Physicians may therefore call their patients “cured” in consequence of a normalization of the haemoglobin, etc., but their diagnosis may be erroneous in case the cancerous stage is found only later. Equally anaemia and a tumour may be found, but cancer may not yet have developed.

A normalization of the enzymatic-hormonal functions of the stomach, duodenum, etc., and changes in the nutrition arrest not only tumour-formations, but also anaemic states and general liver troubles.

Liver pills only stimulate and neither regenerate the liver nor do laxatives regenerate and normalize intestinal digestive powers.

The importance of the correlations between the stomach, intestines and liver are evident. The latter becomes damaged, when the formers mucous membranes are inflamed or overstrained.

Patients suffering from liver troubles can therefore improve their state by a natural nutritional and enzymatic-hormonal regeneration of their digestive tract. For liver agents are produced in the stomach and duodenum.

The importance of duodenal secretions has been studied by Bickel, Eroes, Florey and Harding, Gutzeit, Kellogg, Kuhnau, Manwarring, Moldowan and many others. The best natural duodenal extracts I know so far are those of Bellas; effects of his peroral organ-food J. B. 5, with known components are cited below. Its taste is similar to Liebigs meat extract, but more bitter. I tested it on myself for many months. It is entirely harmless.

Blumenthal employs secret organotherapeutic remedies of a Swiss concern in the form of three (!!!) injections p.d. The injections of spleen, etc., by Fichera had generally no acknowledged effect in cancer as well as insulin-injections do not cure diabetes.

Regeneration of the pancreas is some times also required in cancer, but chemically treated pancreas preparations, as insulin, are of little purpose. Sellei successfully employs various extracts of digestive and other glands in severe skin diseases and da Costa had good results in cancer of the skin by employing pancreatin ointment.

The problem is, what alterations in diet, what enzymatic hormonal agents and what dosages are individually needed. Its solution depends on the patients fullest information. We must know, what functions of the organs had been mostly afflicted by former individual nutrition.

The timely self-control by the patient as important factor.

The timely control by the patient is the first thing to consider. Not only meat, but also animal fat (Bierich, Freund, Roffo) play an important role. The importance of diet has been proved by Auler, Ellis Barker, Freund, Liek, Salzborn and clinicians in Athens, Genoa, Toulouse, etc. Without the patients self-control hardly a complete success can be expected.

Lord Horders admonition (British Medical Journal, 1932, II, p. 116): “Control is a fitter word than cure” is well founded. To get antagonism under control is possible, to promise a cure for life-time is impossible without the patients own control.

Clinicians and hospital doctors can control a patient only a limited time; his continued self-control of the metabolism is therefore the basis for a true cure to be controlled again by the physician.

If we go through the surgical literature of local cancer treatments, we frequently find the proud expression “cured” but mostly this surgical term is limited to three or five years.

The peroral humoral preventive and curative treatment on a nutritional and enzymatic-hormonal basis of the total digestive and blood-forming system does, contrary to surgical and ray- treatment, not attack the body only locally, but in the total organism.

When tumours slowly retrograde by such peroral regeneration, their cancerous tissues connected with and fed by the formerly contaminated humoral system undergo a change to normal cellular formations.

A very large tumour, not removed by surgery or not molten away by ray-treatment, can, of course, not be absorbed by the humoral system within a short period. It may be absorbed even only to a limited extent.

The main point is, that the tissues change their dangerous character and do not remain cancerous, i.e. detrimental to the whole organism.

By surgical and ray-treatment the cancerous poisons are not removed from the total organism, as the cited statements of authorities and statistics show.

The peroral regeneration by diet and a regenerated metabolism, however, removes by and by in the cancerous swellings the cancerous cellular formations and purifies the body from cancerous poisons. That has been proven by careful pathological investigations, i.e.,.

“no cancerous tissues have been found” or

“no malignant cell had preserved its vitality”.

“homogeneous necrotic tissue took the place of the old tumour”. They will confirm after sufficiently long humoral regeneration that “no trace of living cancer cells has been found” (I). Surgeons and pathologists can control such process of a transformation of the formerly cancerous cells by excisions before and histological examination after operation.

These clinically controlled facts of humoral regeneration are especially important with female patients detesting an operation of their breast and suffering from uterine troubles, provided they act promptly in time and carefully observe their body and state of health.

General Clinical observations and results from control-tests.

The first observation in regenerable patients with good vital resistance powers is an improvement in the general and local state of health. This fact is confirmed by a great many physicians.

This starting regeneration proves to the patient that he owns life-prolonging vital powers in spite of surgeons considering the case inoperable or demanding a dangerous operation without previous humoral regeneration and in spite of ray-specialists refusing humoral regeneration before ray-treatment.

It has been confirmed by clinicians, that even cachectic cancer patients improved their poisoned state and could leave their bed. Almost always within a short time pains have diminished or ceased without morphia.

Generally the appetite and weight have increased. The further growth of tumours has been arrested and then a retrogression started. Cailliau and Picot declared the effect of pure organ- food J. B. 5, as curative and preventive.

Any damaging or harmful effects by natural organ-food have not been observed.

Indurations or swellings of the female breast.

Geoffrey Keynes rightly wrote in the Lancet (1935, I, p. 492):.

“Many women would prefer a reasonable alternative and would seek treatment earlier if it were available”.

All women suffering from mammary, uterine, ovarian, vaginal and other troubles should in time pass at least two to three months under a strict constitutional, nutritional and digestive self- control at home before deciding to deliver their valuable body to the knife, radium or roentgen-rays.

When having the necessary energy to carry out written individually worked out directions referring to their nutritional regeneration and to keep themselves under strict self-control in this respect, they can judge themselves within a few weeks of their starting regeneration.

New examinations as probably undertaken frequently before, need not be repeated, as long as own observations clearly show progressing improvements in general health by strict diet and a complete regenerative metabolism. It is, of course, desirable, that the patients self-control is every month impartially controlled by their unprejudiced, far-sighted familys doctor.

In the first instance female patients may seriously consider p. 214 and p. 365 in Barkers New Lives for Old; also great gynaecologists condemned a frequently not justified too early surgical treatment.

In the Mayo Clinic, 74 per cent. of the patients suffering from breast cancer with metastases died within five years of course, they had not undergone a humoral regeneration. In December, 1933, in the Marie Curie Hospital of London, there were alive only one of ten breast cancer cases treated 1926-8 and only 45 of 69 treated 1929-33.

Disappointing surgical and radiological results can be prevented or greatly improved by such timely nutritional and biological treatment at home in not too neglected cases. An example where the operation of the breast had been refused and the treatment by rays did not give the desired results, may be cited:.

Adenocarcinoma of the right mamma in size of a mandarine. Aged 35 years. Operation refused. Ray-treatment of tumour and axillaries. Then tablet and ray-treatment. After one month: pains completely cease, tumour movable and smaller, general state of health “splendid”, appetite increased (2).

In this case the radiologist did not yet stop his ray-treatment; in another cases, cited later on, he finally applied only the peroral treatment.

If in such cases the patients control themselves in time nutritionally and refuse as well operation as ray-treatment before the humoral regeneration, the diminution of the tumour may take a longer time. But, as said before, the main point is, that the humoral system is regenerated in due time to prevent great dangers by a further contamination of the blood starting from the first-operated or ray-treated induration or swelling in the breast.

Not rarely in cases of breast cancer after a satisfactory first operation of one breast new cancerous appearances within a comparatively short time show the futility of the first local treatment against the general disease (see the citations from Professor Paul and others). If, then, further surgical and ray- treatment is refused, the nutritional and digestive regeneration has shown the following results:.

Age 50 years. First operation of cancer in the left breast in 1930. In January, 1935, induration in size of an hazel-nut, i.e., metastase at the right breast and axillaries. A second operation was refused. Organotherapeutic treatment J.B. 5. General health improved in February. Severe former gastric troubles cease. Appetite increased. Induration reduced. In October, 1935, no induration. General state strengthened. No further stomach troubles. The patient considers herself cured, but continues to take the tablets as preventive means. (2).

An apparently more severe case, reported upon also by an experienced radiologist, was similar:.

Age 65 years. After the operation extensions in the axillar cavity and glands with complete swellings. Heavy pains in the trachea. Distinct cachexia. Ray, tablet, psychical-treatment. After forty-days “surprising” improvement, locally as well as generally. Nearly complete disappearance of the adenes, complete restoration of the trachea, the pains cease, restoration of appetite, weight and bodily strength. Tablet treatment is continued. (3).

That even in advanced age large breast tumours can be reduced with prolonged peroral treatment, is apparent from the following cases:.

Age 71 years. Tumour size of a mans head. Treatment August till

December, 1932: tumour has the size of an apple. Metastases are not found (4).

Age 70 years. Inoperable breast cancer. Dimension 13 by 15 cm. Treatment 3 1/2 months. Tumour reduced to 9 by 8 cm. (1).

The nutrition in all these cases differed from usual British food; already 1924, J. Ellis Barker pointed out the big difference in the food of different climates.

Such results give justified hopes to women in despair, when they apply in time self-control, to delay or to avoid operations or ray-treatment and to strengthen their own vital powers. My warnings above, that it is dangerous to wait and may be then useless to treat too late too contaminated and very cachectic cases, may be repeated.

For example only highly contaminated cases have been treated by the roentgenologist Hesse (5), who apparently did not yet consider the very important nutritional basis and the damaging effect of ray-treatment on the blood-composition, but combined his ray-treatment only with the enzymatic-hormonal regeneration of the digestive tract.

For patients who decided to undergo ray-treatment and notice its damaging effects on their general health and their humoral system suffering nausea, etc., or by becoming refractory to ray effects, the nutritional and digestive regeneration at home before, during and after the blood-altering ray-treatment is of the greatest importance. Even Hesse writes on his desolate hospital cases:.

“Mammary-recurrent-tumours, having been frequently ray-treated, always again responded to the Roentgen-treatment after J.B. 5 application. In such cases one expected resistance against rays at continuous equal ray-doses” (5).

Lesions, bleeding, cancer of the womb.

Married and unmarried women suffering from uterine troubles should read at once pages 313-16 of Barkers Cancer, Surgeon and Researcher, and page 368 in New Lives for Old (John Murray). I fully agree with his treatment:.

“Cancer of the uterus is terribly frequent. In the first place it should be observed that the uterus is placed in the cavity containing the bowels and is surrounded by them. It is only natural that a poisonous bowel poisons the uterus as well.”.

Female patients have to consider before operation or ray- treatment the statistics on results.

Within five years died 70 per cent. women suffering from inoperable cervix cancer and about 30 per cent. in operated or partly operated cervix cases of the Mayo clinic.

According to the Marie Curie Hospital statistics 263 deaths from 501 cervix-cancer-cases occurred 1929-33, and in December, 1933, were 148 cervix-cases dead out of 215 cases treated 1925-8. In December, 1933, lived 5 corpus uteri cancer cases out of 12 cases treated in 1925-8 and only 45 out of 69 cases 1929-33.

The average five years survival rate is therefore without a previous humoral regeneration very low indeed. Referring to above citation from Barker and my introductory explanations I am positive, that very different statistics of breast, uterine and other cancer cures will be available, as soon as nutrition, enzymatic-hormonal digestion, former constipation and auto- intoxication, etc., are considered in time in all such cases.

That is a question of self-control by the female world thinking at present, that luxatives effects suffice. No! Natural digestion and metabolism are necessary and not artificial irritants. The total removal of old slags poisoning the organism and a complete humoral regeneration at home are required. Uterine troubles, immediately treated in this way humorally, are generally not dangerous.

It is, of course, difficult or even hardly possible to induce average surgeons to wait with or abstain from operations and rarely roentgenologists or radiologists will postpone ray- treatment, to start with a humoral regeneration.

One must already be satisfied, if they employ at all and do not look sneeringly at a blood-regenerating therapy not intimately connected with their special profession.

It is from the monetary standpoint comprehensible, that specialists do not like to dispense with their art in diseases at present under their control. But there are good exceptions to the rule, I am glad to say (see above citation of Sir James Walton).

Without blood-altering ray-treatment the following, from the surgical standpoint unsatisfactory, from the radiologists standpoint ineffective, and from my standpoint at last successful results would in all probability have been still better (see J. Ellis Barkers experiences on surgical and ray-treatment), if neither operation nor ray treatment would have been employed.

These two uterine cases have been treated surgically, as well with Radium as with Roentgen-rays. At last the radiologist employed the enzymatic-hormonal treatment. It will be noted that all three first treatments did not prevent recurrences or metastases.

Uterine cancer (trachelos). After operation new formations. Radium and Roentgen-treatment. After a short time new formations with metastases in the scar. Pains. During two months combination of tablet, Radium and Roentgen-treatment: metastases have disappeared, pains have ceased, general state of health “excellent”, increase of weight (2).

Uterine cancer, as above Biopsy. Electro-operative. Radium Roentgen-treatment. Retrogression. After a short while: new troubles, mattery bleedings, pains. Now tablet, with Radium-and Roentgen-treatment were combined. After one month the mattery bleedings ceased. Increase of weight. Without other therapies the intake of tablets is continued as sole treatment (2).

It may be especially pointed out, that the nutrition also in these cases greatly differed from that in Great Britain.

The belief in and the mobilization of our natural vital reserves.

As above pointed out I am firmly convinced, that in all not too far advanced and specially in not neglected cases a pre-treatment at home according to strictly individual nutritional and digestive directions should be applied before any surgical or ray-treatment starts.

Such delay of the latter treatments for one or two months by reasonable patients means no danger, but generally proves already the starting regeneration by totally altered metabolism.

The basis for all successful treatments is: believe in your own vital resistance powers! Have the energy to rebuild the components of your valuable blood-stream! Most people have in that respect unlimited reserves, as Barker rightly points out.

How would it have been otherwise possible to prolong the life of undernourished, emaciated, cachectic, inoperable lethal cancer patients by hospital and organ-food without surgical or ray- treatment?.

When noticing under an individual metabolism-treatment the general improvement in your health, it means, of course, only a start in your regeneration. Common sense, patience, self-control and confidence in our vital powers is required to then thoroughly regenerate our humoral system for all nerves with their enormous length and for all tissues, skins and mucous membranes with their enormous extent of surface.

Always may one energetically keep in mind: “Nothing is more dangerous for a patient (especially in a precancerous or cancerous state) than too rapid a recovery,” or his sticking to the former unhealthy food. The example cited by J. Ellis Barker in New Lives for Old on page 29, “that meal was the turning point; he went down steadily” may be a warning for many without self-control.

Every one in not too neglected or too contaminated cases is able under the right written directions on basis of the patients complete information to command at home the start of his regeneration and the prolongation of his life under his self- control.

His life will generally be shortened under one-sided local directions, by not employing preventive regenerating means, by want of self-control, by using irritants, chemicals, poisons, etc., and most frequently by having employed the knife or rays without a previous nutritional and digestive regeneration.

Will Dyes