The basis for all successful treatments is: believe in your own vital resistance powers! Have the energy to rebuild the components of your valuable blood-stream! Most people have in that respect unlimited reserves, as Barker rightly points out. These two uterine cases have been treated surgically, as well with Radium as with Roentgen-rays.

Clinical control-tests in the treatment of women.

The more miraculously are construed human organs by Nature, the more difficult is, of course, their right treatment, if applied too late by the negligence of their owners. When in time observed and treated in this natural way, troubles, swellings, etc., need not become cancerous; they remain benignant, retrograde and disappear in reasonable patients.

To operate organs away or to damage their finely constructed blood-vessels by rays is no natural art. Such radical therapeutical means are rather desperate steps to remove unhealthy local parts from a totally afflicted body before its humoral regeneration.

By naturally regenerating important gifts of Nature, namely organs where you observe in time changes, you simply support still existent vital resistance powers of Nature against threatening and eventually dangerous diseases.

Cited are clinical cases, where radical treatment was impossible or unsuccessful, where patients made no timely observations, where cancer was already evident. In such cases results of the natural treatment are the most convincing. The more, when it has been applied to such organs of the body, which are secondary points to the humoral curative attack, which starts in the primary nutritional-digestive system.

Therefore as first examples for sceptical and prejudiced readers those organs are selected, for which every reader must have the highest respect. For their mucous walls and glands were and are of the utmost importance for the very existence of all of us. Only a few people reflect on the miraculously fine construction and combination of tissues, blood vessels, glands, mucous membranes, skin and nervous in the womb and in the mammary system.

The natural food of the baby is dependent on the mothers food digestion blood glands. The wombs diverse functions and the healing of its mucous membranes after lesions, etc., equally depend on sound blood formed by regenerative digestion of proportionate food.

The latter and organ-food control and prevent cancer, as clinical control tests have proved.

In these most important female organs troubles and swellings are rather frequent (see pp. 52-60, 78, 298 ff. in Chronic Constipation, by Ellis Barker), but natural treatment in time by energetical patients will nearly always prevent malignant growths.

The natural humoral treatment.

Irritants, patent medicines, secret remedies are excluded. Dietetical treatment for alterations in the blood-components is already a great success in most severe skin-diseases (i.e. psoriasis, acne, ulcers, etc.). Pure organ food (i.e. liver extracts) is also already employed in most severe blood diseases (i.e. pernicious anaemia). Great changes in the blood- composition, especially after ray-treatment, have been proved in cancer-patients. There haemoglobin and erythrocytes are generally not normal. But generally such symptoms need not yet be cancerous, when swellings are observed.

Patients in whom cancer has not been proved, should, however, conclude from troubles combined with alternations in their blood, that they may be already in a state demanding preventive steps against eventual cancerous developments. They can dismiss any fears of a progress of their troubles, when humoral regeneration starts at once.

Witts calls “nutritional anaemias” conditional “deficiency diseases”. In pernicious anaemia liver extracts have generally no lasting curing effect, when not applied continuously.

In proven cancer organ-food from liver can favourably influence the anaemia, but the growth of the tumours is not stopped (Finsterer). Physicians may therefore call their patients “cured” in consequence of a normalization of the haemoglobin, etc., but their diagnosis may be erroneous in case the cancerous stage is found only later. Equally anaemia and a tumour may be found, but cancer may not yet have developed.

A normalization of the enzymatic-hormonal functions of the stomach, duodenum, etc., and changes in the nutrition arrest not only tumour-formations, but also anaemic states and general liver troubles.

Liver pills only stimulate and neither regenerate the liver nor do laxatives regenerate and normalize intestinal digestive powers.

The importance of the correlations between the stomach, intestines and liver are evident. The latter becomes damaged, when the formers mucous membranes are inflamed or overstrained.

Patients suffering from liver troubles can therefore improve their state by a natural nutritional and enzymatic-hormonal regeneration of their digestive tract. For liver agents are produced in the stomach and duodenum.

Will Dyes