Case of Dyspepsia

Case of Dyspepsia which shows that patients can at time confuse symptoms as normal occurrences and withhold such information from the physician….

A short while ago, in a case of dyspepsia, I could not well decide between Sepia and Phosphorus I asked the patient, “Do you feel anything peculiar in the stomach or abdomen?”

She answered, “No”. But upon enquiring if she felt any sense of emptiness in the stomach or bowels, she replied, “Why yes! if I do not eat enough I have an emptiness or gone feeling in the stomach, but is not that natural, if you are several hours without food?”

They thus often withhold important symptoms through mistaken ideas. And how often will patients make answer “yes” to the query whether the pains are aggravated or ameliorated by motion, showing their lack of reflection which in some other instances, may prove a serious drawback to the solicitious physician.

Bender P
Dr. P. Bender, author of "The Physical Examination of the Patient"