Homeopathy treatment for Dyspepsia from the Homeopathic Therapeutics by Lilienthal. Homeopathic remedies for the treatment of Dyspepsia…

Weakness of Stomach

Abies-nigra [Abies-n]

Total loss of appetite in the morning, craving for food at noon, and exceedingly hungry and wakeful at night; pain after a hearty meal, but abstinence from any particular food does not relieve the dyspepsia; belching and acid eructations, frequent vomiting SENSATION AS IF SOME INDIGESTIBLE SUBSTANCE HAD STUCK IN THE CARDIAC END OF THE STOMACH (Lact.ac.; sensation as if all food lodged under upper end of stomach). Continual distressing constriction just above the pit of stomach as if everything aware knotted p or as if a hard lump of undigested food remained there, (<) whenever his vital energy is below part; hypochondriasis; constipation.

Abrotanum [Abrot]

CHLOROSIS; disturbed distention; weak sinking feeling in bowels; food passes undigested;distended abdomen;great weakness and prostration; gnawing hunger, craves bread boiled in milk.

AEsculus-hip [Aesc]

HAEMORRHOIDAL PATIENTS; Heartburn, waterbrash., empty eructations, burning pain in stomach after eating, lasting from one meal to another;nausea, vomiturition, or vomiting empty eructations or bringing up thick phlegm; PRICKING IN HEPATIC REGION, with between shoulders and whole length of spine; bloatedness of abdomen; colic around navel and incisive pain around navel; incessant desire to defaecate, provided by pressure behind, with pruritus and sensation of ulceration of anus; bilious temperament, lassitude, confusion of ideas; hypochondriasis.

AEthusa-cyn [Aeth]

Violent vomiting of frothy white substance, REGURGITATION OF FOOD AN HOUR OR SO AFTER EATING, or painful contraction of stomach of such severity as to prevent vomiting; tearing, m rending pains in put of stomach, extending to oesophagus; soreness and painfulness in both hypochondria; weakness and drowsiness, speech, impeded, slow; breath short, interrupted by hiccough, pustules in throat, making patient nearly frantic, with burning in throat and dysphagia;sensation as if stomach were turned upside down, with burning feeling chest.

Agaricus-musc [Agar]

Epigastric pain, commencing to be felt about three hours after eating, and daily renewing itself about the same time after a meal; burning, changing to a sensation of deep pressure, with nausea, vomiting and feeling of obstruction in throat; stitches in hypochondria and around navel; borborygmi, colic, constipation; during the paroxysm, convulsive motions of face and extremities; lips cyanosed; nervous persons, vertigo, with pale face and tendency to fall forward; nearly amaurotic weakness, with muscae volitantes; very drowsy after meals.

Aletris-far [Alet]

DYSPEPSIA FROM GENERAL DEBILITY; nausea, disgust for all food, the least food causes distress in stomach;l frequent attacks of fainting, with vertigo; slow digestion;flatulence, constipation, sleepiness.

Allium-sativum [All-s]

Long-standing dyspepsia, especially in old fleshy people whose bowels are disturbed by the slightest deviations from the regular diet; weight in epigastrium immediately after a meal; cough, which seems to come from the stomach; dry cough after eating; GLUTTONY, COMPLAINTS OF THOSE WHO EAT TO EXCESS; pressure as from a stone in stomach, (>) by bending and pressure with hands.

Alstonia-const [Alst-c]

ATONIC DYSPEPSIA, with loss of appetite, great debility and

prostration, when recovering from severe acute affections or from malaria(Compare Chin)

Alumen [Alumn]

Sinking sensation at epigastrium, after eating; nervous exhaustion with inactive bowels and tremulousness of lower extremities; pulsation at the pit of stomach, sensation of constriction as of a cord; sudden violent pains with nausea, deathly faintness and prostration; cold sweat.

Alumina [Alum]

DRYNESS, hence deficient of gastric juice in stomach; irregular or excessive appetite; derangement of stomach and oesophagus, so that even small portions of food are swallowed with difficult, tingling itching at tongue, loss of taste, heartburn; potatoes disagree; acrid. salty taste of all food;saliva salty, mouth feels dry; aversion to meat and craving for indigestible things; chronic indurated engorgement of glands; STUBBORN CONSTIPATION FROM INERTIA AND DRYNESS OF RECTUM; PRURITUS ANI.

Ambra [Ambr]

Sour eructations; aching in a small spot on right side of abdomen, in hepatic region sensation as of a spoiled stomach and regurgitation stomach after midnight; frequent tenesmus, but no. tool, with considerable anxiety;wants nobody around her, she must lie down on account of giddiness and sensation of weakness of stomach, (<) from warm drinks, especially warm milk uneasy sleep, must get up; MENTAL WORRY.

Ammonium-carb [Am-c]

Pressure in stomach after eating and at night, the clothes feel oppressive;burning and heat in stomach, vomits all his food, afterwards sour taste in mouth; continual thirst, no appetite, except for bread and cold food, (<) from warm food; cannot eat dinner without drinking; inclination to stretch limbs. Suitable to old stout women who lead s sedentary life.

Ammonium-mur [Am-m]

Lymphatic subjects without energy; ALL MUCOUS SECRETIONS INCREASED AND RETAINED, bitter eructations, thirst for acid; regurgitation of food, hawking up of sour mucus; nausea after a meal; heat and fulness in stomach; epigastric pain sets in IMMEDIATELY after eating;heaviness of liver, bloatedness of liver, bloatedness of abdomen; stools soft, glairy, or hard followed by tenesmus, and always covered with mucus; burning and smarting of anus after every stool; lassitude increased by the least exercise; no sleep after e A.M.; constipation alternating with diarrhoea.

Anacardium [Anac]

FLATULENT DYSPEPSIA. PROSTRATION OF NERVOUS SYSTEM AND FUNCTIONAL LANGUOR OF STOMACH, often from excessive mental labour, exhaustion of nerve force, hence CONSTANT DESIRE TO EAT, which gives ease momentarily, but the hunger is never assuaged, and pain and distress may be again relieved by eating; he has to get up at night to eats breathing; flatulence from emptiness; tasteless or sour eructations.

Angustura-vera [Ang]

PARTICULAR AVERSION TO MEAT AND GREAT LONGING FOR COFFEE; desire some thing or another and is disgusted with everything brought to her; bitter taste in mouth; bread tastes sour; bilious eructations and loss of appetite; often slight desire for stool. Craves warm drinks (Cascar., Cedr., Hypericum)

Antimonium-crud [Ant-c]

Overloading the stomach and GASTRIC DERANGEMENT IN CHILDREN, WOMEN AND OLD PEOPLE, thickly coated white tongue, with anorexia, slow digestion and foetid eructations, often followed by Diarrhoea particularly after acid wines or new beer; habitual sensation in stomach as if overloaded, excessive crossness, even hypochondrias with suicidal tendencies; dryness of mouth with great thirst, (<) at night; constipation alternating with diarrhoea; helminthiasis; caused by overeating, hot weather, bathing, during measles;metastasis of gout and rheumatism.

Antimonium-tart [Ant-t]

Disgust for food, frequent nausea and relief by vomiting; aversion to milk, whiskey or tobacco, desire for apples, fruit, acid, or for any cold drink; violent hiccough, without vomiting, belching relieves; pressure in pit of stomach, dullness of head and anxious, difficult breathing, great precordial anxiety with vomiting of mucus and bile; violent cough after eating, causing vomiting of food; bitter taste in mouth, like rotten egg’s, (<) at night (Arnica and Graph only in the morning.)

Argentum-nit [Arg-n]

NERVOUS DYSPEPSIA; Sharp stinging pains soon after taking food, with copious tasteless eructations; the stomach seems as if it would burst with wind, with great desire to belch, which is accomplished with difficult, when the air rushes out with great violence, or vomiting of stringy, glairy mucus, after taking any fluid, it appears as if it were running straight through the intestinal canal, without stooping; loud rumbling in bowels; time seems to pass very slowly; moral stooping; loud rumbling in bowels; time seems to pass very slowly; moral and nervous disturbance, especially after dinner; (<) from anything cold, from candy, sugar, or sweetmeats; child cries with pains during eructation.

Arnica [Arn]

After a meal sensation of impending apopletic congestion of brain, with throbbing headache and drowsiness sensation of lassitude pit of stomach frequent eructations, smelling of sulphuretted hydrogen, especially in the morning; bad taste when waking up; sour taste constantly in mouth, all that he eats tastes sour;thick brown tongue; repugnance to milk, meat, fat soup, wishes only for vinegar; complete loss of appetite; after eating, nausea or vomiting; fulness of stomach and pressure and from stone cramps., stitches, burning; tendency to diarrhoea or Lienteria;heat in head and coldness of other parts of body; fullness in epigastrium with flatulence and distention of abdomen after a meal; feeling of indolence in the extremities, restlessness and disturbed sleep, cannot find a soft place or an easy position to sleep; dullness of had, especially forehead, and over the eyes; obscurity of sight, especially when moving head or walking; furunculosis.

Arsenicum [Ars]

Dyspepsia, with heartburn, and belching up of acid burning fluid, which seems to excoriate the throat; red and irritated tongue, which feels heated and tough to patient, as if scalded; burning heat in stomach and abdomen; epigastric swelling, with painfulness to pressure and even top contact; sensation as if stomach were full of water; nausea, vomiting, and diarrhoea specially after drinking cold or acidulated water; RELIEF FROM HOT DRINKS;sensation of emptiness in stomach so that he wants food, and still does not feel like eating when set before him; disgust from animal food; sensation of faintness, excessive sudden weakness, cold extremities cold skin. Dyspepsia from immoderate use of ice, vinegar, acid, or fermented liquors, from abuse of tobacco, from ice-cream or ice-water in hot weather.

Asafoetida [Asaf]

Enormous meteorisms of stomach, and great difficult of bringing up wind (Argentumnit); rancid eructations, flatus passing upward, none down; profuse salivation with greasy taste; burning in stomach and oesophagus; pulsations in pit of stomach, with faint feeling; pressing, cutting-stitching pains in spells, not regular four food, appetite for wine; watery offensive Diarrhoea or a obstinate constipation; physical and mental over sensitiveness; hysteria.

Aurum [Aur]

Hypochondriasis, with thoughts of suicide; immoderate appetite and thirst (Anac), with qualmishness in stomach;relishes his meal,, but appetite not appeased; aversion to meat, wants milk, wine, coffee, burning and pressure in stomach with hot rising; pressure in hypochondria as from flatulence, worse after food, drink and motion; eructations of gas relieve attacks of palpitation;l piles.

Baptisia [Bapt]

Great sinking at the epigastrium, with frequent fainting; irritation of stomach showing itself by violent pains at short intervals over the whole cardiac region, with anguish and a burning sensation; TONGUE BROWN IN CENTER AND RED AT EDGES; nausea, with want of appetite and constant desire for water; frequent small diarrhoeic stools, but excessively foetid; pain in liver. Excessive prostration os strength, after typhoid fever, with general debility, trembling; weak, soft pulse; atony of all functions and indefinable malaise.

Baryta-carb [Bar-c]

Nausea early in the morning;sourish eructations daily a few hours after dinner; pain and pressure at the stomach’s from a stone, relieved by eructations. even when fasting a soreness is felt at the stomach; gnawing pains in stomach not aggravated by pressure; the pressure of food into the stomach is painful, as if it passed over a sore spot; sensation of weakness in stomach disappearing after eating.

Belladonna [Bell]

Face flushed or very pale;eyes red; putrid taste in fauces also while eating and drinking, although food tastes natural; nausea in throat; painless throbbing and beating input of stomach; feeling of emptiness in stomach, hard pressure in stomach after eating.

Berberis [Berb]

Offensive metallic odor from mouth; mouth and fauces dry and sticky, especially in the morning relieved by eating, before dinner chilliness; after eating solids belching for hours, and soreness, continuing all night; heartburn; pressure in stomach as if it would burst, pit stomach puffed up (Calc); great thirst or aversion to drink,; (<)after alcoholic drinks.

Bismuth [Bism]

Headache alternating with or attended by gastralgia. Sweetish and metallic taste;copious and continuous section of a thick saliva, brown and of a metallic taste; sensation of excoriation in mouth; selling and sensitiveness of gums; burning he in throat, great thirst for cold beverages; HE VOMITS THE SMALLEST QUANTITY OF WATER, ALTHOUGH THE STOMACH RETAINS EVERYTHING ELSE; COUGH WHEN STOMACH IS EMPTY; soon after eating, burning and pressure in stomach, circumscribed on a narrow point and forcing patient to bend backward l; nausea; eructations of a bad odor;vomiturition and vomiting; loud borborygmi and flatulency; of a bad odor;vomiturition and vomiting; loud borborygmi and flatulency; malaise in lower abdomen;constipation, or watery, foul-smelling diarrhoea; urine abundant and limpid. Distress extends from stomach through to spine, with burning in spine opposite epigastrium.

Bovista [Bov]

Nausea in the morning vomiting of a watery fluid;l relieved by eating breakfast; SENSATION OF A LUMP OF ICE IN THE STOMACH; pressure and fulness in pit of stomach; tension in temples, mental anguish.

Bryonia [Bry]

DYSPEPTIC AILMENTS DURING SUMMER HEART, especially moist heat (Ant. cured_; acute, recent cases, caused by high living, or where fruits produce painful bloat in of stomach; dry mouth and throat; yellow coat on tongue; aphthae; empty or bitter belching; everything taste bitter, coat on tongue;l aphthae; empty or bitter belching;everything tastes bitter, coat on tongue; aphthae; empty or bitter belching; everything tastes bitter, coat on tongue; aphthae; empty or bitter belching; everything tastes bitter, hence desire for stimulants; GREAT SENSITIVENESS OF EPIGASTRIUM TO TOUCH; pressure of clothing produces pain, but not always oppression of breathing; nausea and faintness on rising from a recumbent position; distention distention in intestines rather than in stomach; after a meal, sensation of fulness in stomach or as if a stone lay there, (<) moving; waterbrash; icteric tint of the skin and eyes; congestive headaches; obstinate constipation, differing from Nux by the absence of desire, without result, intolerance of vegetable food, (<) in summer.

Cactus-grand [Cact]

CARDIAC DYSPEPSIA indigestion; constrictive feeling at scrobiculus cord’s extending to hypochondria, impending breathing; palpitations, felt even in temples, (<) ascending and walking; rumbling in stomach precedes palpitations.

Cadmium-sulph [Cadm-s]

Extreme tenderness of pit of stomach; spots or burning soreness in stomach and abdomen; saltish, rancid belching, cold sweat on face;cutting in stomach; nausea and vomiting of yellows or black matter.

Calcarea-carb [Calc]

Chronic dyspepsia, with sensation of pressure and contraction, worse during night and after sleeping; strumous dyspepsia, with

its difficulty of assimilating fats (Eryngium); DISGUST AND REPUGNANCE FOR MEAT AND TO WARM OR COOKED FOOD, DESIRE FOR COLD VICTUALS; no appetite, continual thirst, thirst at night for cold water, but it disagrees;;taste acid, bitter or putrid tongue covered with a thick whitish-yellow coating; salivation, which eases stomach;after a meal general heat, palpitation of heart, fulness and bloatedness of stomach, which is sensitive to touch; eructations, without amelioration; oppression, debility and somnolence; obstinate constipation, or scanty, hard, dry stool in lumps every three or four days, or diarrhoea in scrofulous persons; urine muddy and smarting when passing;hemicrania in the morning when waking up; damp cold feet; sweats easily and nearly always cold; ill-humor and anger.

Caladium [Calad]

Throbbing and beating in epigastrium, with debility and languor, obliging the patient to lie down, and fainting sensation when getting up; FLUTTERINGS FROM A BIRD in the stomach causes nausea; burning in stomach, not relieved, not relieved by drink; frequent eructations of very little wind, as if the stomach were full of dry food; acrid sour vomit, making teeth feel too long; version to cold drinks; wants only warm beverages (Ars); restless and starting in sleep.

Capsicum [Caps]

DIPSOMANIA; morning vomiting, sinking at stomach; stomach icy cold or burning in it;dyspepsia from torpor, particularly in old people flatulence and wind colic; heartburn, waterbrash food tastes sour, bitter flatulence and wind colic; heartburn, waterbrash; food tastes sour, bitter while eating worse afterwards; water causes shuddering; purging, tenesmus and thin stools; anxiety and fear of dying; peevish, irritable, angry, foul breath;haemorrhoids, lack of reaction; VERY OFFENSIVE BREATH WHEN COUGHING.

Carbo-veg [Carb-v]

PATIENT PHYSICALLY BELOW PART; dyspepsia after abuse of mercury, or from too high living (Nux v); EXCESSIVE FLATULENCY WITH TENDENCY TO DIARRHOEA; dyspeptic sufferings come on most severely after breakfast sensation as if he would burst open after eating or drinking; nausea every morning from 10 until 11; gastric troubles after drinking wine or ardent spirits to excess; sensation of trembling and weight in the stomach;the thought of taking food cause nausea and disgust; violent spasmodic contraction in epigastric region, better by eructations, which are rancid, sour or putrid, and flatus per anus offensive, moist and burning, worse in warm sultry weather, at night or by fright, chagrin, cold or taking food;GASTRALGIA OF NURSING WOMEN, the whole mouth seems bitter, bitter eructations; milk is insupportable, turns sour; repugnance to meat and especially to fat, to fish, oysters, vinegar; hiccough heaviness and dulness of head; cannot be and pressure around the waits; sensation of

pressure and fullness along the edges of the false ribs in both hypochondria, the diaphragm being pushed out of its place by the accumulated gas, with painful respiration; vertigo and faintness during and after meals; CHRONIC DYSPEPSIA OF OLD PEOPLE; incarcerated flatulence; (>) leaning back with a pillow under part complained of.

Carduus-mar [Card-m]

GASTRIC AILMENTS FROM ABUSE OF ALCOHOLIC DRINKS AND ESPECIALLY OF BEER;gastric catarrh with loss of appetite, frequent eructations, flatulency; burning in stomach, as from acidity; bitter taste, intense nausea, painful retching and vomiting of for, greenish fluid; pressure in stomach with eructations of air, at night on awakening, lasting all day; hepatic region sensitive to pressure; pasty diarrhoea. “Bergsucht,” phthisis of miners, a complex of symptoms of stomach, spleen and kidneys with insomnia, inappetency, mental irritability, languor and general weakness.

Causticum [Caust]

Dyspepsia of arthritic, rheumatic, haemorrhoidal patients. phlegm in throat, but inability to hawk it up; sensation lime being burned in stomach, with rising of air, dryness of mouth, with desire to be constantly swallowing; gums sensitive and easily bleeding;paroxysmal violent pains in pit of stomach, extending into the lower abdomen and radiating into the chest, back, bones of the pelvis; food immediately causes heaviness and cramps; abdomen soft, only bloated by gas; constipation; vertigo when going to stool, which is hard, brown, scanty or glairy; white diarrhoea at night, with tenesmus; swollen painful haemorrhoids, with pruritus ani, relieved by cold water and pressure; worse from eating fresh meat, pruritus ani, relieved by cold water and pressure;worse formatting fresh meat, smoked meat agree bead cause pressure in stomach, fat food causes offensive belching, acids cause in convenience; watery vomiting; (>) when stomach is empty and by lying down.

Cedron [Cedr]

Bitter eructations before rising in the morning, with a dull pain in temples; sensation as of a stone in stomach, of heat and fulness in stomach; distension and disposition to nausea, (<) by rest, (>) by walking and eating; great sensitiveness of precordial region; pulse small and hard, dryness of mouth and fauces; depressed spirits and restlessness RELIEVED BY FOOD AND DRINK.

Chamomilla [Cham]

Great thirst, with dry red tongue; bitterness of mouth, with rising of bile and acrid eructations aggravating all pains;fulness after a meal, and afterwards nausea, vomiting of bitter green masses; heat and heat and pain in head, red face;sensation of burning in eyes; agitated sleep, with great irritation; bloated abdomen, colic, with green diarrhoeic stools; embarrassed respiration.

Chelidonium [Chel]

Tongue dry and while, sometimes streaky, of narrow and pointed shape; great longing for wine, which does not cause congestion or heat him head as formerly; aching gnawing pain in stomach, with a sense of constriction, aggravated by pressure,. but RELIEVED BY EATING or during the early hours of distention; great desire for milk, which when in health caused flatus, now similarities all her symptoms when drinking it; PREFERENCE FOR HOT DRINKS AND FOR HOT FOOD; gurgling in abdomen, colic, retraction of navel, with nausea; incisive intestinal pains; constipation; icterus; morose disposition; constant pains in lower inner angle of right scapula, extending up into chest and down to liver.

China [Chin]

Dyspepsia from loss of animal fluids, from noxious miasmata; face pale or sallow, tongue foul, white or yellow; continual sensation of satiety, of coldness in stomach, and desire for pungent, spiced, sour, refreshing things, for coffee-beans and for stimulants; extreme slowness of digestion; pressure and cramps of stomach after eating; malaise. drowsiness, fullness, distension; eructations, tasting after the food, and even vomiting the ingesta; desire to lie down; sense of sinking at the epigastrium, relieved by eating, but speedily returning; aggravation from farinaceous food; obstructed respiration; liquid lienteria stools immediately; ill -humor and indisposition to do anything; fruits from belching, DIARRHOEA WITH GOOD, or even increasing appetite, especially after meals (Antim crud., diarrhoea with total inappetency); aversion to fat,. to warm food and drinks, which disagree with the stomach (<) every other night.

Chininum-sulph [Chin-s]

EXCESSIVE REPUGNANCE TO ALL FOOD; selling and sensitiveness of epigastrium; oppression after eating, nausea, desire to sleep; visceral obstructions, especially enlargement of sleep; loss of appetite and food nauseates; hot, bitter, assure eructations, setting teeth on edge; stomach feels weak and empty, (>) by eating; foul flatus.

Cina [Cina]

Desires many and different things; great hunger soon after eating; on drinking with she shudders as though it were vinegar; hiccough during sleep; gnawing sensation in stomach, as from hunger; pressure in stomach at night, causing restlessness;diarrhoea after drinking vomiting of mucus, with weak, hollow, empty feeling in head; grinding of teeth.

Cocculus [Cocc]

Chronic dyspepsia, from abuse of stimulants or from too long studies;confused feeling in head after eating or drinking. Nausea, with vertigo and efflux of saliva, morning nausea and vomiting of food and mucus, especially at night, with sleeplessness, headache and constipation; absolute loss of appetite; burning in oesophagus extending into the fauces, with taste of sulphur in mouth; acid taste in mouth, with aversion t aces; after eating, pains of confusion, of pressure of grinding and squeezing in the pit of stomach;lower extremities seem nearly paralyzed; EXTREME AVERSION TO FOOD, EVEN THE SMELL OF FOOD SICKENS, ALTHOUGH HE FEELS HUNGRY.

Colchicum [Colch]

Appetite for different things, but as soon as he sees them or still more smells them, he shudders from nausea and is unable to eat anything (Cocc., extreme aversion to food, even the smell of food nauseates, although feeling hungry); the smell of fish, eggs of fat meat makes right position qualmishness in stomach and inclination to vomit;violent retching, followed by copious and forcible vomiting of food and then or bile, renewed by every motion; burning sensation in stomach, more frequently than an

Samuel Lilienthal
Dr. Samuel Lilienthal (1815-1891) was from Germany, and became a pioneer homeopath in America. He received his Doctor of Medicine Degree from the University of Munich in 1838. After he moved to the United States, he was hired as Professor of Clinical Medicine at New York College for Women, and also as Professor of Mental and Nervous Diseases at the New York Homeopathic College.
Dr. Samuel Lilienthal was the author of many great books including “Homeopathic Therapeutics”. For many years, with the support of Dr. Constantine Hering, he was the editor of the North American Journal of Homeopathy. Dr. Lilienthal passed away on February 2nd 1891 in San Francisco.