The Examination of the Patient

Each symptoms possesses a meaning and must be considered and interpreted from a logical and associative point of view. The physician must reason from generals to particulars and trace disease to its source. There is never room for conjecture or hypothesis with the Homoeopathy….

Case of Pneumonia

A Case of Pneumonia quickly treated with Pulsatilla confirmed by the observation that rocking ameliorates….

Case of Marasmus

A Case of Marasmus, solved with Cina which was confirmed by the strange sleeping position of the child….

Case of Rheumatic Shoulder

Not seldom after I had failed to grasp what a patient meant I would later come across the very symptom in our Materia Medica, he had attempted to describe. …

Case of Dysmenorrhoea

Case of Dysmenorrhoea. Neuralgic dysmenorrhoeic pains obliged her to lay up in bed three days every month-a serious matter to a woman obliged to earn her living-ev…

Case of Gonorrhoeal Rheumatism

A greater familiarity with the provings of Rhus and Pulsatilla would have shown me that former had also aggravation from heat although less frequently than amelioration and that Pulsatilla, had caused occasionally a decided thirst, and for large quantities too, but usually the thirstlessness was the characteristic….

Case of Angina Pectoris

Occasionally after studying a case we give a different remedy to the one we had first thought of. This change in our decision often comes through the discovery, perhaps at the last moment, of some new symptom which may have been extracted by cross questioning or volunteered by the patient when he sees how anxious you are to find out all about him….

Case of Tonsillitis

Case of Tonsillitis where I was confused between Lachesis and Lac caninum and the alteration of sides helped me decide the remedy….

Case of Congestive Headache

Case of Congestive Headache which shows the need for asking additional and at times leading questions to differentiate between two closely similar remedies….

Case of Dyspepsia

Case of Dyspepsia which shows that patients can at time confuse symptoms as normal occurrences and withhold such information from the physician….

General Remarks

Many other indications need to be considered for remedy selection like time modalities, speed of motion that aggravates or ameliorates, gait and mannerism of the person etc….

Case of an Unobservant Patient

Case of an Unobservant Patient. Sometimes the patient reports the symptoms incorrectly, thus prolonging the sufferings….