Case of Pneumonia

A Case of Pneumonia quickly treated with Pulsatilla confirmed by the observation that rocking ameliorates….

Sometimes ago, I was attending a little girl stricken with pneumonia. The child did not seem to improve, when on the fourth day of her illness her mother informed me that the little patient had had a trying restless night.

She would not remain in bed and could not be quieted unless when rocked. If the mother stopped rocking the child or rocked fast she would wake and cough and bed to be rocked again, but enjoining that it should be done slowly.

In the light of this new symptom, I found many other indications for Pulsatilla, such as thirstlessness, chilly sensations, although wishing to be uncovered and weeping aloud, and I gave it in the 200th potency.

Within a few hours the child began to improve and convalescence set in so rapidly afterwards that some of the neighbours began to doubt whether she had pneumonia at all.

Previous to that time, however, they had all accepted the diagnosis without question, for the disease was epidemic in that neighbourhood that season.

Only last month, I had another opportunity of realising the worth of the keynote system.

Bender P
Dr. P. Bender, author of "The Physical Examination of the Patient"