Case of Marasmus

A Case of Marasmus, solved with Cina which was confirmed by the strange sleeping position of the child….

A boy, three years old, had many symptoms simulating marasmus, but I could not discover any tubercular deposit.

The emaciation had been steady and progressive inspite of the good appetite, the other symptoms being grinding of the teeth during sleep, undigested stool, etc.

While I was examining the boy for the second time, the father came into the room. He asked me if I could explain the cause of the strange position the child assumed during the sleep, lying on his elbows and knees with face downward.

Thus by the merest accident I obtained the clue of the remedy. Shortly after the administration of Cina 200, the boy slept on his side as formerly, grinding of the teeth ceased and he began to gain flesh. He did not pass any worms; if he did they were not noticed by the mother.

I saw this child a few days ago and he seemed to be strong and healthy again.

Bender P
Dr. P. Bender, author of "The Physical Examination of the Patient"