Therapies which have Proved Successful

Therapies which have Proved Successful…

(1) Complete abstinence from all foods, drugs, etc., preserved, cooked, or impregnated with chemicals- mainly those of soda.

(2) increased removal of blood carbonates by increased excretion through the skin, kidneys, and intestinal tract.

(3) The most favourable results have been obtained with the use of Condurango. Not one, but hundreds, of medicinal agents have been tried, but in none but Condurango have I been even remotely satisfied. Even with this agent I realize that the cure is not at present known. It must be remembered what is the chemical sequence leading up to the local tissue site-production of the carcinogenic agent. Potencies of caustic soda low and very high have been essayed with the hope that the law of cure would materialize its action. But any possibility of such a means of cure is only to be expected when the caustic cause has ceased. Homoeopathy is no different to allopathy in effecting a cure in the pathology of cancer- the cause must be eradicated.

What is in Condurango which, combined with complete chemical abstinence, has produced the best curative results in proven cancer cases? I do not know. I do know, however, that when Condurango was first used by me alone without strict chemical abstinence I failed utterly to get any results. That is to say that when I permitted the cancer patient still to ingest, or inhale (by tobacco smoke) the chemicals, I failed utterly to obtain the results which followed later when complete abstinence from these sources of the blood carbonate source of the carcinogenic cause was associated with the often repeated ingestion of Condurango. Also, I was unable to obtain the results by complete abstinence from chemicals alone as when this was combined with Condurango medication.

Somehow I feel that in the near future-now the blood carbonate source of the local carcinogenic agent, and its origin is known-the cure for the human scourge of cancer is in sight.

I may not find it, probably I will not, but I hope sincerely that the results of investigations carried out under great strain in a world of orthodox medical thought, which has not been the least source of that strain, will eventuate in putting out for ever the burning flame of cancer, which otherwise, if not checked, will make the whole of mankind its victim. This, I do not believe, is the purpose of Creation; consequently I do believe that the victory over cancer will soon be an established fact.

Edward Henty Smalpage
Edward Henty Smalpage (1895-1962), was an Australian doctor. He netered medical school at Sydney at age 16. He went into Military service after that. After leaving services on medical grounds (epilepsy), he cleared FRCS from England in 1921. In 1940 he published the book Cancer, it's Cause, Prevention and Cure.