Evidence of Caustic Causation of Cancer

Evidence of Caustic Causation of Cancer…

“There is a principle which is a against ALL INFORMATION, Which is proof against ALL ARGUMENTS.

And which cannot fail to keep man in EVERLASTING IGNORANCE.


A LONG series of tests have been carried out on patients who have biopsy proven cancer growths of various body localizations and of various cellular types.

In all these tests the same conditions have invariably been found.

It must be realized that the continuity of cancer cell proliferation in any body localization requires the continuance of the cause of which the growth is the manifested effect. As the only avenue of ingress to the cancer site of the cause is, in the large majority of cases, the blood and tissue fluids, the continuity of action of the cause determines the fact that this cause must be in the blood and tissue fluids or arise from something in these fluids when deposited at the site of the cancer growth.

That is to say the cause or source of the cause of cancer cell evolution and proliferation is in these fluids. Also it must be understood that this source of the cancer cause or the cause itself can only be present in the blood of cancer victims under abnormal circumstances, otherwise if present under normal circumstances the whole of mankind would be in danger of cancer destruction.

It has been found after thorough tests carried out on a long series of cases that there is a consistent abnormality in the urine and also in the blood of all cases, without exception. Moreover these consistent urine and blood abnormalities correspond in degree to the clinical cancer states. I wish to recall the fact that urinary excretion is one of the principal avenues through which the body endeavours to remove abnormal constituents of the blood, whose retention must destroy the whole blood chemistry and so destroy life. The kidney excretion is therefore an index of the blood condition. I stress this well known fact so that the invariable urinary state of cancer subjects found in my long series of investigations may receive its proper consideration.

The urinary examination of cancer cases has invariably shown a complete absence of phosphates and chlorides and the invariable presence of the carbonates. This can have only one interpretation, namely the presence in excess of the carbonates in the blood and tissue fluids. When it is realized that mineral salts are present in the blood and tissue fluids as chlorides, phosphates and carbonates a true indication can be drawn of what the cancer urinary results portray namely there are excessive carbonates in the blood and tissue fluids and deficiency of chlorides and phosphates. But this conclusion has far greater significance when known together with the blood conditions which have also invariably been found with cancer:

The blood conditions are:

(1) marked excess of carbonates.

(2) a corresponding marked deficiency of phosphates and chlorides.

(3) deficient red cell oxyhaemoglobin.

The inference drawn from the blood and urine tests is that there is marked deficiency of free chloride and phosphorus in the blood and tissue fluids for combination as acid radicals, ‘with the alkaline mineral salts absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract. To prevent a fatal alkalosis, the alkaline mineral salts thus absorbed combine with the free CO2, of the blood and tissue fluids to form the excessive carbonates found in cancer cases. The prolonged and continuous ingestion and absorption of alkaline salts over and above the Provision of the free acid radicals of chlorine and phosphorus for combination, must sooner or later end in the condition that further ingestion of alkaline salts can only combine with the free CO2. Moreover the supply of free plasma CO2, for this purpose must result in deficient oxyhaemoglobin in the red corpuscles.

This inference founded on definite proven facts in connection with cancer cases their blood and urinary analyses pointed conclusively to the mineral salts and their metabolism as the basic causation of cancer.

First and foremost the urinary and blood analyses proved beyond refutation that

(1) There is excess of blood and urinary carbonates.

2) There is deficiency of blood phosphates and chlorides and complete absence of urinary phosphates and chlorides.

The normal metabolism of mineral salts, ingested and inhaled was then considered. Apart from the biochemical salts normally present in food, the only source of ingress to the body of chemical mineral salts is through the gastrointestinal and respiratory tracts in the food and water ingested and the air inhaled.

Since cancer has afflicted mankind from time immemorial and the incidence of cancer has undoubtedly increased in modern civilization, there can be no doubt that although the incidence has increased, the cause of cancer cannot be wholly associated with conditions of modern life. That is to say the cause of cancer is age old but its presence is greatly increased under modem conditions of living.

Forced to the conclusion by the above mentioned blood and urinary analysis that cancer causation is Associated with mineral salt metabolism, this and mineral salt ingestion by mankind has been investigated.

Apart from biochemical salts ingested as part of the chemistry of food materials, mankind has added to these foods from time immemorial, common salt or chemical sodium chloride. Moreover, with modern civilization this sodium salt ingestion has been added to by other mineral salts such as sodium bicarbonate, sodium sulphate in the preparation and preservation of food materials and as the tons of laxative mineral salts, used in all civilized communities.

The question now to be considered is what happens to these chemical mineral salts when ingested and also what happens to the mineral salt fumes which are inhaled in tobacco smoking?.

We will consider sodium bicarbonate as an index of all the mineral salts because any man and woman who has taken bicarbonate of soda, in the many medicinal products which it enters into or unadulterated has had experience of the direct result.

Sodium bicarbonate in the stomach becomes hydrolyzed to a gas, carbon dioxide and caustic soda. This caustic salt must rapidly be neutralized by combination with a free acid radical such as chlorine or phosphorus. If these are not available in the contents of the gastrointestinal tract, the caustic must be excreted, deposited or absorbed. If deposited, the body protects itself by secretion from the tissue fluids of serum containing the free acid radicals therein contained. There can only be one purpose for these free acid radicals and that is this protective combination with caustic salts. When, however, through prolonged excessive sodium salts ingestion, as is the habit in modern civilization, there is present the caustic mineral salt without sufficient free acid radicals of chlorine and phosphorus for protective combination, there must be present another protective acid radical or the tissue would rapidly be destroyed by the continuous ingestion of the chemical salts. Under these circumstances the protective agent is the free carbon dioxide of the blood and tissue fluids. With this the caustic combines to form the mineral carbonates. By excretion the mineral salts are removed from the body that is the mineral chlorides, phosphates and carbonates are replaced from the gastrointestinal tract so that blood isotonicity remains constant, but with deficient free chlorine and phosphorus brought about by prolonged excessive chemical mineral salt ingestion and inhalation, the mineral chlorides and phosphates of the tissue and blood fluids become deficient and isotonicity is maintained by an excess of the carbonates. Then the chlorides and phosphates being deficient are not excreted and the only mineral salts excreted are those of the carbonates.

This is exactly what is found to occur in cancer patients.

The basic necessity required to bring about this condition of the blood and tissue fluid chemistry is an excessive intake of mineral salts with deficiency of supply of free chlorine and phosphorus for protective chemical combinations.

After a complete survey of the dietary of mankind, more especially that of man under civilized modern conditions it is found that the vast proportion of all food stuffs is adulterated in preservation, cooking or before ingestion by one or other of the salts of sodium. No other mineral salt enters to any degree into the dietary of mankind, and moreover sodium as common salt has entered into the adulterated dietary of mankind from time immemorial. Salt or sodium chloride is necessary for human life since it is the chief source of chloride for the production of hydrochloric acid in gastric digestion. But the habits of all civilized mankind, of all countries, soon reveal the fact that the majority do not know the taste of a large part of the food materials ingested, but only that of the sodium chloride, with which they are impregnated, in the process of manufacture or as a preface to ingestion. When this excessive sodium in take, due to its atomic weight, replaces calcium, magnesium and potassium from the tissues and tissue fluids, intestinal excretion becomes deficient and the common complaint of civilization deficient intestinal excretion brings about the further ingestion of untold Quantities of sodium and other mineral salts as mineral laxatives. These sources of mineral supply to the human body which have become the routine habits of mankind, which habits have become greatly accentuated under civilized condition of food preservation and preparation, can have only one result namely a deficiency of chlorine and phosphorus for protective combination with the sodium hydrate and product of the hydrolysis of them all.

Edward Henty Smalpage
Edward Henty Smalpage (1895-1962), was an Australian doctor. He netered medical school at Sydney at age 16. He went into Military service after that. After leaving services on medical grounds (epilepsy), he cleared FRCS from England in 1921. In 1940 he published the book Cancer, it's Cause, Prevention and Cure.