Notice in the pre-natal stage the over-anxiety produced in the minds of pregnant mothers; that anxiety disturbs their psychology and leaves its impress on the coming child. The physician should not so disturb, but rather reassure, the mother. The state is a normal one and should be so recognized.

Yes, to save health that has been marred but, even more important, to save health which has been provided from the first. “The Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.” We are sure that in the beginning man was created free from disease and was provided with a resisting power capable of overcoming the disorders that might enter to weaken or destroy. The coming in of disease– the lack of ease–never injured or rendered inactive permanently the laws implanted for protection. The battle between health and disease has been going on ever since lack of ease entered and will continue as long as man lives.

Health implies wholeness. A healthy man is one in full control of all functions of his being. To so live in such freedom insures health for the whole man.

Hence we are glad to call attention, through the Bureau of Pediatrics, to some defects in the physicians work in caring for the early life of children, and to direct thought to laws provided, the keeping of which will insure stronger men and women.

Our attention was drawn to a comment made by Dr. R.F. Rabe in a recent journal. Dr. Rabe cited the treatment of a three-year-old by an Old School paediatrician, a treatment, Dr. Rabe stated, that is unfortunately copied by many of our own School. “This fact,” said the good doctor, “has long caused me to doubt the future of our own School.”.

We recognize that such neglect of principles is responsible for much failure, but we must not doubt.

“Truth crushed to earth shall rise again.” Our failures should be stepping stones to higher ground, better prescribing. We must be true to principles and allow truth to demonstrate what may be brought to pass when these principles are followed. Why such neglect in our prescribing? Are we taking the needed time to study the Organon, and are we going back to the “beginnings”?.

Notice in the pre-natal stage the over-anxiety produced in the minds of pregnant mothers; that anxiety disturbs their psychology and leaves its impress on the coming child. The physician should not so disturb, but rather reassure, the mother. The state is a normal one and should be so recognized.

After the pre-natal stage the first requirement is the application to the eyes of the infant of the preparation to “prevent disease.” Should not cleanliness in a simple form be the necessity, rather than the poisonous preparation?.

The defect is that we are missing an opportunity of helping our patients see that health was provided in the beginning and is still in effect. We need to observe and follow.

Early in life the removal of organs whose functions is not clearly known is advised, so the child is deprived of necessary parts.

Then comes vaccination and other “shots”; all administered in a way contrary to natural laws.

Why not follow the normal avenues in the administration of remedies? Surely we would thus avoid many bad after-effects.

And so we go on because we have not the courage to obey laws of health. And how is our patient? Years later newly-named diseases follow. Are we really healing the sick or are we encouraging distrust in all all-wise Creator?.

What avenues of health were provided “in the beginning”? Most simply we refer to them:.

A breathing system providing for respiration, so that a sufficient amount of fresh air is supplied and the state air purified or carried away.

A circulatory system to care for a fresh supply of good blood to all parts of the body. “There is life in the blood.”.

A digestive plant to care for food required and for the changing of it into a usable form for the assimilation of nourishment.

A nervous system to convey and convert messages over the entire body. A muscular system to carry out the wishes of the man.

A generative mechanism for the re people of the earth.

All of these controlled by that living vital force, the man.

So the baby is equipped and what do we expect in and from him? What do we as physicians advice the parents for the babys development? Are we thoughtful and truthful in following what we have been taught, or are we being influenced by unproved methods?.

Love must be truly expressed through obedience to Gods laws. We must ever remember that our ways are not His ways, and that only through revelation of His Son do we know the Truth. So it is that only in Truth may we teach Truth, and wholeness be the result in the future generations.



DR. A. H. GRIMMER: There is one thing that we have to face in meeting some of the obligations that Dr. Lewis paper implies. For instance, she says the first requirement is, when the infant is born, to shoot a poison into his eyes, that more or less harms the delicate organism. I am convinced that a great deal of the necessity for glasses in after life is due to the universal use of silver nitrate; it is compulsory by law — religion has no operation in it. The only thing a homoeopath can do is souse in, as quickly as he can, strong doses of Natrum Chloride and follow it up.

Regarding tonsillectomy, that is not so compulsory, except by propaganda; but it deprives the child of one of the defensive mechanisms that is so very important to his life. I think in recent years even the best members of the old school, themselves, have repudiated the idea of the universal tonsillectomy in children. And so it goes on down the line. Those so-called “immunizing” shots that pervert and poison the blood stream we dont know for how long in after life ! What trends of disease are laid from many of these animal extractives! I would almost as soon be bitten b a rattlesnake as I would to submit to some of these things that are put into our infants!.

The paper is well taken, but we have to meet, the homoeopaths of this day have to meet, these things. We do have remedies that in a degree mitigate the effects of these things, and Thuja is one of them, one of the best of them. Pyrogenium, Malandrinum, and Variolinum are all remedies that we will need, if we can in any way overcome the effects that are produced by such things.

DR. EDWARD WHITMONT: I think we do not even yet sufficiently know the chronic effects of vaccination. Speaking of the effects thirty or forty years later, it was only during the vaccination scare that we had in New York City several months ago that they got vaccination conscious with old, chronic patients. There was one particular instance which was a revelation to me. A young lady of twenty-eight years of age, who had been ailing since her childhood, had had several attacks of septicemia, recurrent tonsil abscesses, had had her tonsils removed several times, was indifferent, apathetic, unable to do any work for years.

She had been under Conium previous to the smallpox scare for about a year and had made steady progress. During that epidemic, I checked on this point with everybody. I learned she had had a very intense vaccination reaction twenty years ago. She therefore received a dose of Variolinum 1M. Believe it or not, the most impressive change in her chronic picture occurred. It hadnt been touched much by any previous remedy. There was no symptom to speak of upon which to give the Variolinum except the history.

Margaret C. Lewis