[ Read before Bureau of Clinical Medicine, I.H.A., June 26, 1947.].


[ Read before Bureau of Clinical Medicine, I.H.A., June 26, 1947.].



I went to tell about some cures I have made where careful case- taking has given me the revealing causes for their ailments, thereby pointing the way to the correct remedy and a cure.

These days it is nothing unusual to find that the stranger in your office has come to you from a clinic or a long line of “Specialists”, so the following cases are all failures of the “Top Notchers” in the medical profession.

Furthermore, I want to offer this comment regarding Chronic Diseases which so many doctors regard as piffling. There is a satisfaction and an inspiration in restoring health and well- being to these cases that have gone through the clinics, laboratory tests, long stays in the hospitals for observation, until their money is all spent and their morale is indicated by the minus sign. And so, as I started out to say, there is a satisfaction and an inspiration in restoring health and well- being to these discouraged human beings.

This work has not made me into a crossword puzzle addict, but I often think there is a comparison in the problems involved.

Case I.

Mr. P.F. was 48 years old when he came to me, back in 1935, after six years of ill-health under old school treatment. A nationally-known clinic had recently given him four hundred and fifty dollars worth of their best. He was an appraised for the H.O.L.C., but had been unable to work for several months, and had made his will and put his house in order.

Without going into his case history, beyond bringing out the point that directed me to the cause of his present condition, I learned that he grew up in Texas in a malarial section and had Quinine for a steady diet all through his childhood and adolescence. Natrum mur. 1M., 10M., 50M. and CM with steady improvement. Back on the job in three months time, and twelve years later is still working for the H.O.L.C.

Case II.

Mr. J. P., age 42, a building contractor, came to me with a sinusitis of several years standing and a history of the usual treatment from the nose and throat specialists without relief. In taking his history he told me that ten years back he had been caught out in a blizzard in Iowa, nearly losing his life from exposure to cold. Of course Dulcamara was his remedy which cleared up the cause, and later Natrum mur. to clear up the suppression produced by the argyrol packs. He now is a well and happy man; and dont miss the point that it was all accomplished by doctoring an individual rather than a diagnosis.

Case III.

H. M., age 42, a banker, came to me about 25 years ago with an aggravated case of sinusitis. He was miserable; I forget how many specialists he had doctored with. While getting his history he said that he would take a fresh cold from having his hair cut, or getting his feet wet, and that he had a covering for his head while sleeping. Needless to say Silica cured this man and converted him into a staunch believer in the homoeopathic law.

Case IV. Back in the twenties a former patient of mine, who had moved to Missouri, but was still teaching singing, wrote me that one of her lady students had lost her voice after a series of local treatments from a nose and throat specialist for sinus trouble. So with this meagre but illuminating history I mailed her Natrum mur. with gratifying results.

I could cite cures following the finding of causes in history taking from diagnoses, too, like a cataract following a suppressed foot sweat, a nervous breakdown from an unfortunate love affair, an insanity from a fright, an epilepsy from a head injury, a tuberculosis from a suppressed eczema. But lets stop here by just pointing out again the moral; that it is easy, if you take the time to get a complete history of the individual before you make that first prescription.


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